2023 - 2024

Mike and Piedad Verdiguel

2021 - 2022

John and Janet Catchings

2020 - 2021

Jesse and Juanita Tapia

2016 - 2017

Mike and Piedad Verdiguel

Knights of Columbus Council 5052 gratefully recognizes the Mike and Piedad Verdiguel family as our family of the year for 2016-2017. Mike joined the Knights of Columbus in 1979, and joined the fourth degree five years ago. Mike was our Advocate last year and helps with many different events, including family dinners, events at the Historical Park, and the membership committee. He even was the DJ at the Sunday Social! Mike and Piedad are very involved with their grandchildren – including taking care of some of them during the day. It’s fun to hear Mike relate the latest stories about his grandchildren, and we get to see them often at dinners. Mike and Piedad are a very warm and giving couple, and we are blessed to have them in our council! Congratulations on the wonderful family that you have raised!

2015 - 2016

John and Norma Hennessy

John his wife Norma, daughter Kathryn and son-in law Jarred Long have given a wonderful example to fellow Knights of how a family should work together. John was Chancellor this year, Kathryn was the bookkeeper of the Council and Norma the bookkeeper of the Association and Jarred did many dinners including the Lenten dinners. They all worked at various events giving a visual example why they are the family of the year.

2014 - 2015

Ignacio and Thaedra Salazar

Ignacio and Thaedra Salazar are Family of the Year.
As a relatively new member, Ignacio Salazar has gotten really involved in many Council activities. It was not uncommon to see Ignacio and Thaedra working together. At many family dinners we see Ignacio and Thaedra in matching aprons cooking, serving delicious desserts prepared by a family member and cleaning up. This partnership was especially apparent with the golf tournament. Ignacio presented the golf idea last summer and, with Thaedra’s help, has continued to work on the project even after the prolonged rain delay. The tournament’s two charities, Vogel Alcove and Bea’s Kids, were their idea. They also solicited many of our golf tournament sponsors. Our Council is fortunate to have them. We are honored to name Ignacio and Thaedra Salazar as Family of the Year.

2013 - 2014

Matt Jones Family

2012 - 2013

Mike and Susan Schmitt

2011 - 2012

Tim and Carol Dougherty

2010 - 2011

Al and Dee Gonzales

2009 - 2010

Raul and Aurora Paredes

2008 - 2009

Carl and Judy Scamardo

2007 - 2008

Bob and Alicia Langer

2006 - 2007

George and Barbara Brummitt

2004 - 2005

Tony and Jackie Leto

2003 - 2004

Bill and Kathy Gallina

2002 - 2003

David, Barbara, and George Rogers

2001 - 2002

David and Barbara Rogers

1999 - 2000

Jerry and Mike Murawski

1998 - 1999

Jim and Carol Onufrak

1997 - 1998

Tom and Carol Musso

1996 - 1997

John F. Kent Jr. / John F. Kent Sr.

1994 - 1995

Bob and Alicia Langer

1992 - 1993

Bob Stras Family