2018 - 2019

Scott and Lisa Huetteman

Our Family of the Year is Scott and Lisa Huetteman. Scott is the driving force behind our Newsletter, and it was the BEST in the State of Florida this year. He also contributes to the state effort, and assembly publicity. He is always available, always working for the best interest of the Council. Lisa Huetteman is the leader of the new “WELCOME” program (some of you know this as CHRP) for our parish. Lisa and Scott are role models of a Catholic family contributing to our parish and Council.

2017 - 2018

ED Skrobacz

2016 - 2017

Bruce Czaja and Family

Council 14084 Family of the Year for 2017 is the Bruce Czaja Family. The Czaja family has been a critical part of our Knights of Columbus Council. Brother Knights Bruce and son Cameron served the Council as Deputy Grand Knight and Youth Director respectively. As the Deputy Grand Knight, Bruce served our Council with planning and executing events. He also started our Council’s new standing Retention Committee. As the Youth Director, Cameron planned and executed all of our Youth competitions and supervised our participation at District and Regional competitions. Bruce’s wife Nina supported Bruce’s commitment to the Knights and our Council’s social events.
In the parish, Bruce served as a Lector in the parish. He is also active in the parish Toastmasters, which teaches and practices public speaking. Cameron is active in the parish Young Adults Ministry. In the community, Bruce served our nation as a retired Marine working within the US Central Command.
The Czaja Family has had a unique distinction of having a father and son working as an officer and director in our Council. They have displayed the dedication and hard work that made our Council successful. Most importantly, they showed the Domestic Church in practice, setting a good example for Catholic families. They are active in the parish and community and promote the Knights of Columbus. Please congratulate the Czaja Family as the Council 14084 Family of the Year.

2015 - 2016

The Chris Lewis Family

This Brother has been a Knight for 9+ years and his wife has been a member of our Columbiette Auxiliary, since its inception. This Brother is a member of the local Sheriffs Department and his wife runs the family restaurant business, in addition to their Pro Life and parish activities. This Family has been a very important part of our Council this past year and over the past several years due to their work with our Pro Life Ministry. They continue to represent our Council at our monthly prayer vigils. As you know, our Council sponsors a Pro Life Prayer Vigil held at a Tampa Abortion Clinic on the second Saturday of each month. Prayer works as we have evidence of lives saved. Also, they supported and attended the Foundation of Life Gala on 11/14/2015 with a table sponsorship for $1,000. Also, they assisted with our annual 40 Days for Life Campaign. In December, 2015 we presented Life Care of Brandon and the Knights Women’s Center each a check for $5,000 to support their pregnancy centers. This was due to our highly successful past Pro Life Tent Sales. They also played a key role in our Pro Life Baby Shower held in January. We had an outstanding out pouring of generosity from the Parish where we collected three truckloads of baby goods and supplies valued at $7,500. These were distributed to local pregnancy centers. Also, they helped with the placement of 290 Remembrance Crosses in front of St. Stephen Church to commemorate lives lost to abortion. They were also big part of the Council receiving the Culture of Life Award which is the highest award given by the Florida State Council This family is a perfect example of what it means to be a Catholic - to stand-up for the Rights of the less fortunate. They exemplify the first principle of our order, Charity. They clearly Make A Difference for our Council and in our Parish and Community. So please join me in Congratulating the Chris and Jeanne Lewis Family as our 2015-2016 Family of the Year,

2014 - 2015

John Berry Family

On July 1st 2015 Past Grand Knight Ed Sleyzak presented the John Berry family the Family of the Year Award for the Fraternal year of 2014-12015. John in the Chief Counselor of our Squire Circle, he is very active in our Degree teams and he also the Chancellor for the Fraternal year of 2015-2016

2013 - 2014

Alez Czopek

2012 - 2013

Jin English Family

2011 - 2012

Chris and Jeanne Lewis

2010 - 2011

Gene Batronie

2009 - 2010

The Primacio Family

2008 - 2009

The Herb Swwope Family

2007 - 2008

John Monbtaldo

2006 - 2007

Thomas Cumming III