January 2020

Rick and Bianca McMahon

December 2019

Tim and Theresa Rarick

October 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Dieo

September 2019

Mike and Karen Reiger

July 2019

Dave and Marge Lamb

June 2019

The Womack Family

April 2019

Tim and Theresa Rarick

February 2019

SK Larry and Sue Bucher

Congratulations to PGK SK Larry and Sue Bucher for being recognized as Council 9056 Family of the Month for February 2019.

January 2019

Roland Hanssen

December 2018

The Morelli's

November 2018

Tom and Julia Fletcher

August 2018

The Tribble Family

July 2018

Ralph and Patsy Connelly

April 2018

Gerry D Reyes Family

March 2018

Humberto and Sarah Mendoza

January 2018

Mike and Susan Picio

Thanks for your help with Christ Renews His Parish and arranging the screening of For Greater Glory for our members and families

September 2017

Mike and Karen Reiger

August 2017

Deacon Darrell and Geriann Wentworth

July 2017

Nathan and Rosellen Fenell

Thanks for your support to Council, Squires, Parish and Country

June 2017

John and Lisa McCabe

Within moments of speaking to John or Lisa, you become very aware of their love for our Lord and the Church. John has been involved with several ministries such as RCIA, Christ Life, and CRHP (Christ Renews His Parish). He has shared his powerful personal journey at the CRHP retreat where it has touched many in a profound way. He is employed by the parish and has been heard by him that "it's one of the best jobs" he's had. Lisa is a recent convert to the Catholic faith and has quickly become an active member in the parish. She is also involved with RCIA, CRHP, and especially Christ Life, where she has led many of the classes. Shortly after Lisa's entry into the Church, John and Lisa had their marriage blessed by Father John which was attended by many in the parish who have been touched by their presence.

April 2017

Dick and Bonnie Green

March 2017

Tim and Theresa Rarick

Thanks for being Fish Fry Stalwarts!

January 2017

Eric and Bernadette Kelpinger

Thanks for your support to the Church and School in so many way

December 2016

Ralph and Patsy Connelly

From Church to Council, this couple has been a mainstay for us, and an inspiration to all

November 2016

Greg and Tracy Fick

The Fick family is a familiar sight to anyone who has been around St. Gregory the Great Church, School and Catholic Charities. Thanks for all your good works to community, school and Church!

October 2016

Ben and Stefanie Salazar

Thanks to the Salazars for all their efforts in support of Council activities and our members

July 2016

Joe and Andrea Bernotas

Thanks for your time, guidance and leadership as Chariman- you made ItalianFest a huge success!

July 2015

Bob and Julie Abbate

Thank you Bob for taking care of us Knights!

April 2015

Roland and Lapita Hansen

February 2015

SK Edward W Voorhees

January 2015

Dan Krys

November 2013

SK David Poston

David and his wife Jane Poston are long-standing members of St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church in Virginia Beach. They devote exceptional personal time and resources in a variety of endeavors both as parishioners and as a member of St. Benedict’s Council #9056. Dave has kept a very low profile in helping numerous families get through tough situations as a master electrician… often-times forgetting to leave an invoice for his services, just so the benefiting family has one less problem to worry about. They are also significant contributors to the annual Saints Ball – the largest fundraiser that benefits
St. Gregory the Great Catholic School. These and many other ‘good deeds’ more than qualify them as befitting the title “Family of the Month” for St. Benedict’s Council #9056.

October 2013

Irving Ferguson

SK Irving Ferguson joined the Order slightly over two years ago. Although confined to a mobile device and certain other limitations, Irving has worked diligently in his best capacity along with his mother Ofelina and brother Phillip at numerous KofC and Church events. His enthusiasm for the Knights is so great that his brother Phillip joined the Order a month ago. Irving became a Guard for Fraternal Year 2013-2014, and is a member of the 2013 Class of Virginia Sir Knights who were brought into the 4th Degree two weeks ago.

September 2013

Dan Krys

SK Dan Krys along with his wife Heather (a teacher at SGGCS) and his daughter Hannah (a student at SGGCS) put a total family effort into the first Council Breakfast held in September. Hannah created table signs that gave a real personal touch to help her Dad out, along with a truly massive effort by the 3 of them to help bring a huge success to this now monthly event.

August 2013

Tom Ricapito

Tom and his family are constantly doing behind the scenes work - typical of the 'Get it DONE' positive enthusiasm they bring to everything they do. Here you see Tom with some of his grand-kids during the recent Italian Fest held to help us raise funds for St. Gregory the Great Catholic School.

June 2013

James McLaughlin

The McLaughlin Family was so excited about Jim deciding to become a Knight, they volunteered to help with Council 9056's fun-loving Fish Fry Crew of Knights and Squires on Fridays during Lent, BEFORE he could take his First Degree. Jim became a member of our Order at the end of April, moving on to his Second Degree shortly thereafter. You will usually find them at the 9 AM Mass, and helping out wherever they can around the Parish.

Originally from the greater Boston area, the McLaughlin's are thoroughly enjoying their new home in Virginia Beach.

September 2008

Ed and Nancy Voorhees