February 2019

Jim & Andi Schier

January 2019

Tim & Kiersten O'Malley

Tim and Kiersten have always been active at Prince of Peace. When I became Grand Knight, Tim accepted the position of Pro-gram Director. He is the first Program Director in a long time and this job required re-establishing the program structure. Tim, I am sure, using his experience as a Past Grand Knight, jumped into effort by working with the various directors under him to bring an organization to the Programs Committee which are responsible for those programs we do each year. He meets once a month with his program directors to discuss upcoming events. If there are any additional needs, he makes sure the Council is informed and supports the director and chairman of the event to make it a success. Kiersten, who is the Worship Associate Director at Prince of Peace, works hard. She has helped your Grand Knight when the Council is doing something at the Church. She was a fantastic help when we hosted the Silver Rose, organizing the request for tables and seating for the 4th Degree Knights. Tim and Kiersten have provided the Council, and especially me, with a lot of help this past year. Thank you Tim and Kiersten.

December 2018

Barbara & Larry Hogan

Family of the Month (December 2018) Congratulations Barbara & Larry Hogan.

November 2018

Deborah & Gary Maly

November Family of the Month- Deborah and Gary Maly

October 2018


September 2018

Alice & Dave Wimberly

September 2018 Family of the Month
The Wimberly’s are the energizer bunnies of Prince of Peace. They are actively involved in many of the ministries with the most recent the fundraiser for St Ignatius serving as co-chairs with the Evans family. They don’t forget the Knights, Alice and Dave have made the gumbo for our fish frys. Dave is our Webmaster and keeps our webpage current. Whenever a request is made to do something on the webpage, Dave gets right on it and either does it himself or works with those who need to provide information. Congratulations Dave and Alice. I wish we could "can" some of your energy.

David Lewis

August 2018

Dee Dee & Fernando Flores

Family of the Month for August 2018 - Congratulations!

July 2018

Mary Jane and Merv Albert

Family of the Month July 2018
Mary Jane & Merv Albert

May 2018

Clay + Faye Evans

April 2018

Bob & Peggy Crisman

March 2018

Frank and Gina Paskett

February 2018

Hugh and Theresa McCrea

January 2018

Dave and Alice Wimberly

December 2017

John and Millie Laube

November 2017

Dennis Coburn and Family

October 2017

Kyle Howard Family

September 2017

Ed and Shirley Benedix

August 2017

Clay & Faye Evans

July 2017

Bob & Peggy Crisman

June 2017

Frank & Gina Pasket

May 2017

Marcos Cardoza & Family

April 2017

Mike + Laura Hebert

March 2017

Michael + Patricia Frazier

February 2017

John + Millie Laube

January 2017

Hugh + Theresa McCrea