June 2022

Bob & Jane Chaya

Bob retired from teaching and coaching and stepped up to being Council 8482’s Grand Knight. At the end of June Bob graduated to the position of Past Grand Knight after accomplished so much during his time as Grand Knight.
Bob dramatically increased our visibility at POP by moving our Monthly Fraternal meeting to the Prince of Peace Community Center. He also established new events and traditions such as First Friday Meals, Drive Through Fish Fry, and Family fun Day just to name a few. Bob’s leadership has helped make all of us better Knights plus he motivated us to successfully earn Star Council.
Those are just the highlights, Bob was involved in and worked at almost every event we held. In his spare time he ushers at 5:00 pm Mass and is on a mowing team. Bob is not planning to rest on his laurels, he is stepping up to be the Faith Director and continuing to lead the First Friday meals.
Jane serves as Sacristan and EMHC at the 9:00 Mass. She is an ACTS
sister and has teamed on several retreats. The last several years she has served as a team member for the Women in the Spirit Retreat that takes place in February. She is a member of the Catholic Grandparents Society, The Catholic Daughters of the Americas and the Serra Club. Of course she does this while working full time. Bob tells me she has been blessed to have been married to her trophy husband, for 26 years. Oh, she also serves as the brains of the team.
Congratulations to our Family of the Month for June, Bob and Jane

May 2022

Steve, Norah and Hunter Beckholt

Steve has faithfully served our Council as Membership Director and Chancellor for the past two years. He and his son Hunter (hopefully a future Knight) worked tirelessly at our fish fry's and other events. Steve has done a great job increasing our membership. Steve and his wife, Norah, are also very involved in the men’s and women’s ACTS retreats. For all he and his family have done for our Council we have chosen to
honor them as Family of the Month for May.

April 2022

Jim and Lori Short

March 2022

Jim and Helen Martinez

Catholic Grandparents Association, Family Retreat, Children’s Liturgy, Stations of the Cross for Kids, and Lecturer, these are just a few of the things Jim and Helen are involved in at Prince of Peace and in our Council. Both Jim and Helen are great role models for
adults and kids as they live out their faith daily. For all they do for our parish and Council Jim and Helen have been chosen as Family of the Month for March.

February 2022

Jim and Mary Vossler

January 2022

Hugh and Theresa McCrea

December 2021

Hugh and Theresa McCrea

November 2021

Ted & Margeaux Gorman

Ted is also a recent addition to our Council. He too has been active in our First Friday meals. His wife Margeaux is no stranger to the parish. She was very instrumental in organizing a major fundraiser for one of our Brother Knights. She also served in a major role in the recent Prince of Peace Gala which raised money for our Mercy Center. For their contributions to our parish and Council Ted and Margeaux have been chosen
as Family of the Month for November.

October 2021

Clay & Faye Evans

Whatever it is our Council is involved in, you will find Clay Evans being involved. More often than not, Faye is right there with him. Monthly staff lunches, ACTS team meeting meals and exemplification ceremonies at St. Andrew Discipleship Center are just a few of the events the Council has held that they were a major part of. For their contributions to our Council and parish they have been chosen to be honored as Family of the Month for October.

September 2021

Dave & Alice Wimberly

These two are the “Batman and Robin” of Prince of Peace. If something is happening at the parish or the Council, they are involved. Dave serves our Council as webmaster, constantly updating and making additions to our website. He also serves as the media guy when we are holding Degree ceremonies in the St. Andrew Discipleship Center. He has manned the table to take credit card orders when we have our monthly meals. The list of things in which he is involved just goes on and on. Then there is Alice. She is only four foot something, but has more energy than a super-collider. It would be a lot easier and take up much less space if I listed the things she is not involved in. If it’s happening at Prince of Peace, Alice is either in the middle of it or she started it. She is a very active member of Catholic Daughters and currently the Court Recording Secretary. For their dedication and seemingly unending service to our Council and parish, Dave and Alice were chosen to be honored as Family of the Month for September.

August 2021

Mike and Pilar Plasczyk

Mike and his son Bryan are new additions to our Council joining back in May. Since joining, Mike and Bryan (until he returned to A&M) volunteered at nearly every function we have had. Mike’s wife, Pilar, is an ACTS sister and has served as a team member on ACTS retreats. For their service to our Council and Parish they have been chosen as Family of the Month for August.

July 2021

Ed & Shirley Benedix

Ed and Shirley are long time members of Prince of Peace. Ed has been a brother Knight since 1992. He currently is serving as the chairman of our Retention Committee and is also a Past Grand Knight. Shirley has served our parish as the leader of the Arts and Environment group that is responsible for all the decorations and banners you see in the church at Christmas and Easter. For their dedication to our Council and parish they have been chosen as Family of the Month for July.

June 2021

Dan and Stella Brooks

This wonderful couple are always active in our Council’s most important functions. They both, together and individually, bless us with much needed leadership qualities as well as hands on involvement in much of what the Knights do for our parish and community. Dan is an avid golfer and always plays a role on our Gala/Golf committee organizing this annual event supporting our Mercy Ministry at Prince of Peace. He serves on our usher team at Sunday masses and is always pitching in at Knight events. Stella is equally active, and recently stepped down as the head of our parish’s Blessed Beginnings program for children where she played a prominent role in the development of that program which has become a model for Catholic parishes everywhere. Stella is currently the Financial Secretary for Catholic Daughters Court
of the Holy Family #2597. For their continuous contributions to our Council and parish we would like to honor Dan and Stella as our Family of the Month.

May 2021

Merv and Mary Jane Albert

If I listed all the things Merv and Mary Jane have done for our Council, parish and other organizations, this newsletter would be thicker than a James Michener novel. Merv currently serves as the Associate Diocesan Deputy and is responsible for guiding two Councils, ours being one of them. He played an extremely important part in our recent membership drive. Merv serves the parish as both an usher and Eucharistic Minister. Mary Jane is also involved in parish ministries serving as a Eucharistic Minister. In addition she is also a member of the Catholic Daughters of America, is a
past State Treasurer, is currently the CDA State Newsletter Editor and is the driving force behind the best newsletter in the nation. For their contributions to our Council and parish they have been chosen to be honored as Family of the Month for May.

April 2021

Bob and Janice McCarthy

The McCarthys have been at Prince of Peace for as long as most of us can remember. Bob is a Past Grand Knight of our Council and currently serves as the Faithful Navigator of Assembly #2033. Janice is very involved in the Right to Life group at Prince of Peace and most recently organized the 24-hour Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament held in the Mary Chapel in January. For their continued involvement in the Knights of Columbus and Prince of Peace, we would like to honor them as the Family of the Month.

March 2021

Otto and Jackie Windholtz

If you don’t know Jackie and Otto, you aren’t paying attention. They are both in the 9:00 am choir and serve together as cantors. When not doing that, Otto also serves as an usher. Back in January, Jackie was the driving force behind the 24-hour Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament that was done in support of our pro-life movement. She also served as Chapel Host at the Reconciliation Service held at Prince of Peace. For their contributions to our Council and parish we would like to honor Jackie and Otto as our Family of the Month.

February 2021

Richard Hixon Family

Richard and Joan Hixon were long time parishioners of Prince of Peace. Joan’s untimely death in 2019 left a huge void in the ACTS community as well as many ministries in the Church. Richard has continued to serve his Church, community and the Knights of Columbus. The family has been very active in the Prestonwood Flyers Swim team, Champions Swim Team, home schooling, Knights of Columbus, Scouting and American Heritage Girls. Not only is Richard an EMHC and active in That Man Is You, but he dedicated his time and effort as the Director of the 2018 Men’s ACTS Retreat. His daughters “stole the show” at the first Trunk-a-Ween held at the St. Andrews Discipleship Center by entertaining the kids as giant dinosaurs. When the pandemic hit us Richard became active with a group of men who met regularly in driveways and back porches calling themselves the “Mandate” (notice the play on words in that it was a male audience) who shared praises, intentions, a rosary, and overall prayers for our Prince of Peace clergy and staff. Thank you Richard and your wonderful family for all you do for our Parish, community and the Knights.

January 2021

Brian and Julie Gray

Brian presently serves as the Lecturer of our Council and together with the whole Gray family is responsible for the success of our tamale sales to sponsor our seminarians. Both Brian and Julie are active members of the ACTS retreat and serve as EMHCs. Brian is also a lector at Prince of Peace. Thank you both for the wonderful example you exemplify as a model Catholic family.

December 2020

Bernie and Patrick Boyle

Bernie and Patrick are a very active couple. Bernie is an ACTS sister and has served as a team member on many women’s ACTS Retreats. She is also involved in the Women in the Spirit retreats and is the co-director of this year’s retreat that will be held in February. She currently is working as an administrative volunteer in the offices at Prince of Peace. Patrick is a key member of our Council serving as the Director of Life activities as well as helping our Membership Director. He is an ACTS brother and has served as a team member on ACTS retreats at Prince of Peace and Mary Queen Catholic Church in Friendswood. Patrick also serves as a team member on the Kolbe Retreat team of prison ministries. Congratulations to Bernie and Patrick on being recognized as Family of the Month for November.

November 2020

Joseph and Pam Camp

Joe and his wife Pam have been members of Prince of Peace since 2012. They are both very active in our parish with Joe serving as an EMHC and Pam as a cantor and member of the 9:00 am choir. They are also active in the ACTS community serving as retreat team members. Congratulations to Joe and Pam on being honored as Family of the Month.

October 2020

Tim and Sandra Thibodeau

September 2020

Tyrone and Juanita Berdine

August 2020

Deacon Bill and Teresa Barnes

July 2020

Melinda and Larry La Haie

June 2020

Richard and Cindy Carter

May 2020

Clergy at Prince of Peace

April 2020

Mike and Linda Hecker

March 2020

Dave and Alice Wimberly

February 2020

Deacon Tim & Ellen Hartnett

January 2020

Clay and Faye Evans

Family of the Month for January 2020 - Clay & Faye Evans

February 2019

Jim & Andi Schier

January 2019

Tim & Kiersten O'Malley

Tim and Kiersten have always been active at Prince of Peace. When I became Grand Knight, Tim accepted the position of Pro-gram Director. He is the first Program Director in a long time and this job required re-establishing the program structure. Tim, I am sure, using his experience as a Past Grand Knight, jumped into effort by working with the various directors under him to bring an organization to the Programs Committee which are responsible for those programs we do each year. He meets once a month with his program directors to discuss upcoming events. If there are any additional needs, he makes sure the Council is informed and supports the director and chairman of the event to make it a success. Kiersten, who is the Worship Associate Director at Prince of Peace, works hard. She has helped your Grand Knight when the Council is doing something at the Church. She was a fantastic help when we hosted the Silver Rose, organizing the request for tables and seating for the 4th Degree Knights. Tim and Kiersten have provided the Council, and especially me, with a lot of help this past year. Thank you Tim and Kiersten.

December 2018

Barbara & Larry Hogan

Family of the Month (December 2018) Congratulations Barbara & Larry Hogan.

November 2018

Deborah & Gary Maly

November Family of the Month- Deborah and Gary Maly

October 2018


September 2018

Alice & Dave Wimberly

September 2018 Family of the Month
The Wimberly’s are the energizer bunnies of Prince of Peace. They are actively involved in many of the ministries with the most recent the fundraiser for St Ignatius serving as co-chairs with the Evans family. They don’t forget the Knights, Alice and Dave have made the gumbo for our fish frys. Dave is our Webmaster and keeps our webpage current. Whenever a request is made to do something on the webpage, Dave gets right on it and either does it himself or works with those who need to provide information. Congratulations Dave and Alice. I wish we could "can" some of your energy.

David Lewis

August 2018

Dee Dee & Fernando Flores

Family of the Month for August 2018 - Congratulations!

July 2018

Mary Jane and Merv Albert

Family of the Month July 2018
Mary Jane & Merv Albert

May 2018

Clay + Faye Evans

April 2018

Bob & Peggy Crisman

March 2018

Frank and Gina Paskett

February 2018

Hugh and Theresa McCrea

January 2018

Dave and Alice Wimberly

December 2017

John and Millie Laube

November 2017

Dennis Coburn and Family

October 2017

Kyle Howard Family

September 2017

Ed and Shirley Benedix

August 2017

Clay & Faye Evans

July 2017

Bob & Peggy Crisman

June 2017

Frank & Gina Pasket

May 2017

Marcos Cardoza & Family

April 2017

Mike + Laura Hebert

March 2017

Michael + Patricia Frazier

February 2017

John + Millie Laube

January 2017

Hugh + Theresa McCrea