December 2022

Jack & Christina Madden

Jack is our Community leader, and he and Christina lead quite a few other community activities. They are active in the St. K Parish as well.

November 2022

Richard and Carolyn Dotchin

Richard always helps out at our to big meals, and he is Ed Gleason's go-to guy for many things. Thanks for your work, Richard and Carolyn.

October 2022

Adam Florczak, and son and daughter

Adam and his two children helped a lot with the Italian Night. Thanks, Florczak family!

September 2022

Ron & MaryAnn DiStasio

Ron is a past Grand Knight and he has been our Advocate for many years. He is the State Pro Life Director as well. His pro-life activities include many hours praying near the Manchester Planned Parenthood establishment. MaryAnn also prays there with Ron, and she and their daughter pray for all Pro-life causes. Thanks Ron and MaryAnne.

August 2022

James & Jennifer Gouvea

Jim had been active in our Council but recently he had Jennifer have adopted a baby. Their faith is strong and will make great parents. Thanks for your faith and being adoptive parents.

July 2022

Jerry & Mary Jaggers

Jerry and Mary have been active at St. K Parish for years. Jerry always volunteers for Council activities. He is our fundraiser chairman. Thanks Mary and Jerry for all you do.

June 2022

Chuck & Therese Savio

Chuck and Therese have been active at St. K for many years. Chuck was Grand Knight several years ago. Thanks for all you do Chuck and Therese.

April 2022

Serge & Tina Decoeur

Serge has been very active since joining the Council. He is rising through the ranks of Officers, and is now Warden. Tina works in the Parish office, and both work with the children in Religious Education. Thank you Serge and Tina for all you do!

March 2022

Paul & Mary Dumont

Paul has been active with the Council since he took on the Recorder responsibilities, then DGK, then GK and now he's Recorder again. He and Mary are Greeters and Eucharistic Ministers at St. K, and Paul types up the Prayer Intentions from the prayer boxes every week. The help out at the St. Patrick and Italian Night dinners as well. Thanks for all you do!

February 2022

John & Donna Coughlin

John has been an active Knight since joining us. He is also a Lecturer at St. K. Donna and John have helped us with our Council functions. Thanks for your help!

January 2022

John & Mary Frechette

John and Mary have been active in the St. K parish for years, and John is our DGK. They are Bothe Eucharistic Ministers, and have helped in many of our Council functions. We really appreciate their help.

December 2021

Wayne & Joyce Nadeau

Wayne and Joyce organized and ran our Council Christmas party as they have for many years. Thanks for your hard work and making it a lot of fun for all of us!

November 2021

Pete & Pauline Deichendes

Pete and Pauline donated three cords of wood to our Council, which we gave to three raffle winners as a fundraiser.

October 2021

George & Sharon Gleason

George and Sharon worked three days in a row preparing and cooking the Italian food for our wildly successful Italian Night. Thanks Gleasons for your help and rave reviews of the sauce, meatballs and sausage, and the pulled pork.

September 2021

John & Suzanne Leduc

John and Suzanne have been active at St. Kathryn's for years. They are Eucharistic Ministers. John supports many of our Council functions. Thanks for all you do!

August 2021

Bruce & Shiela Schofield

June 2021

Jon & Kate Mallows

May 2021

Mike & Lynn Amorelli

March 2021

Peter & Dorene Krauss

September 2020

Deacon Ray & Gayle Marcotte

August 2020

Wayne & Joyce Nadeau

June 2020

Jack & Christina Madden

May 2020

Ron & MaryAnn DiStasio

February 2020

Ken & Jennifer Doubleday

January 2020

Ray & Judy Masson

Ray & Judy are active members of the St. K Parish and Ray is our DGK

October 2019

Jim & Jennifer Gouvea

Jim joined us this year and has taken all the Degree ceremonies. HE & Jen are active in St. K's Parish. Jim has helped us out with many activities since joining. Thanks, Jim and Jen.

September 2019

Joe & Evelyn Anziano

Joe and Evelyn moved to Massachusetts, but Joe remains with our Council acknowledging the all the charitable activities we do. Thanks, Joe & Evelyn.

July 2019

Ralph and Rosemary Parker

Ralph and Rosemary have been active over the years as parishioners at St. John XXIII Parish. Thanks for your Faith and Works.

May 2019

Deacon Ray and Gayle Marcotte

Deacon Ray and Gayle are part of the foundation of St. Kathryn's parish. Thank you both for all you do,

April 2019

Peter and Dorene Krauss

Peter and Dorene devote a lot of time to help St. Kathryn's Parish. Dorene is a Eucharistic Minister and Peter is the treasurer for the parish. Peter volunteers often with Council activities, and Dorene gives her time helping at St. Patrick's Day meal prep and for Italian Night. Thanks for all your help. They often attend weekday Masses as well, often with their grandchildren.

March 2019

Coughlin Family

John and Donna Coughlin are our March 2019 Family of the Month. John and his wife Donna are both active members of St. Kathryn's Parish and always help with the readings and Minister Communion at Mass. We are very proud for John and Donna. Thank You so much for what you do! We appreciate it.

January 2019

John & Mary Frechette

John and Mary have been active St. Kathryn Parishoners for years. They are both Eucharistic Ministers and they have helped in other parish activities as well. They travel down from Merrimack. Thanks for your service, John and Mary

September 2018

Bob & Jeanette Cassidy

Bob and Jeanette are Eucharistic Ministers at St. Kathryn. They can be seen helping at Council functions as well. Thanks you for your support to the Parish and the Council.

August 2018

Adam & Mary Beth Florczak

Adam and Mary Beth have been active in St. Kathryn Parish for years, both are Eucharistic Ministers. They both support all the Council Dinner functions- Five Chowders, St. Patrick Day and Italian Night. Thanks for your continuing support with all you do.

July 2018

Paul and Mary Dumont

Paul has just retired as Grand Knight. Mary has backed him up for 38 years. Both Paul and Mary can be seen at some of the daily Masses at St. Kathryn's and will continue to contribute to the Parish and the Council. Thanks Paul and Mary for all you do.

June 2018

Paul and Claudette Roy

Paul has been a very active brother for years, and Claudette and Paul have been contributing to St Kathryn Parish functions for years as well. Paul endured two three-year terms as Financial Secretary and we thank him for his service. Thanks to Claudette and Paul for their contributions of work and time.

May 2018

John & Donna Coughlin

John has been an active and supportive Brother with our Council activities. He is a Lector at St. Kathryn's Parish. Donna is an Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister at St. K's. Thank you John and Donna for your service to the Parish and to the Council.

April 2018

Rick and Bernardette Wickham

Rick and Bernadette are both very active at St. Kathryn's Parish. They are both Eucharistic Ministers, and Rick is the Business Manager for the Parish. They often volunteer for our Council functions as well. Thanks to both of you for your extraordinary service.

March 2018

John & Mary Frechette

John and Mary have been Eucharistic Ministers at St. Kathryn's for years, showing us all their strong faith. John is an active Brother who helps us when he can, but as a rising star in the Wilton NH Police Department he has much responsibility there and must report for duty. Go Bless You John and Mary, and thanks for your service.

February 2018

Wayne and Joyce Nadeau

Joyce supports St. John XXXIII Parish by teaching Confirmation class. Wayne has been Grand Knight and his the present Faithful Navigator. Both of them ran the Council Christmas Parties for years, before handing off the responsibility to Roger B.
Both of them have been very active as Catholics and as Sir Knight and Boss, aka wife. Thank you Joyce and Wayne for your service.

January 2018

Mike and Lori Todisco

Mike has been a really active Brother since joining us. Lori and Mike were involved in St. K’s Christmas manger setup and take down. They participated in Fr. Joe Cooper's new parishioner monthly session of getting to know about St. K with its various ministries and organizations. Mike reached out to the men in attendance on behalf of our Council. Finally their son is an altar server.

November 2017

Mike & Vicky Chouinard

Mike has been an excellent Santa Claus for our Parishes for several years, and I didn't realize that Vicky is his booking agent and moral support all this time as well. Mike was Santa at the St. K Bazaar and they received $500 in donation, which they gave to the St. K parish. Thank you Mike and Vicky for your work and support to us and the Church.

October 2017

Adam & MaryBeth Florczak

Adam and MaryBeth help out with many Parish and Council activities. This month Adam chaired all the activities for our fundraiser the Italian Night on the 21st. They are often seen at our other activities, notably the Lenten Suppers and the St. Patrick's Day Dinner. Thank you Adam and MaryBeth for running all the activities that you do!

September 2017

Dick & Peg Pietrowski

Dick and Peg attend daily Mass often in our Parish. Peg is a Lecturer and Dick is a Eucharistic Minister. Dick has volunteered for the TootsieRoll donation collection and helps out at other Council activities as well. Thank you for your service to the Parish and to the Council Dick and Peg.

July 2017

Harold, Deborah and Angela Freeman

Harold and Deborah are greeters at St. Kathryn's Church, and Angela sings in the St. Kathryn's Choir at 10:30 mass, hitting the high notes on key.

May 2017

Armand and June Frechette

Although Armand isn't a Brother, he and June serve St. Kathryn's parish by greeting the parishioners at they enter. Also, they take care of infants during the Masses,, as other families serve in a ministry. Thanks for your service Armand and June

March 2017

Jerry and Marygail Jaggers

Jerry and Marygail have been Eucharistic Ministers at St. Kathryn's for several years. Marygail recently made dessert for one of our Lenten Chowder suppers. Jerry earned his Fourth or Patriotic Degree this year. He has been helping us with the St. Patrick's Day Dinner and the Lenten Suppers as well. Thank you Jerry and Marygail for all that you do for the Church and the Council.

February 2017

Joe and Evelyn Anziano

Joe and Evelyn have been Eucharistic Ministers at St. K for years. Joe is our Recorder this fraternal year as well. For your service to the Church and to the Knight, we salute Joe and Every.

December 2016

Wayne & Joyce Nadeau

Joyce and Wayne organized, set up, tore down and cleaned up two Christmas parties. The Council party was held the first Saturday, and the Assembly party was a week later. They did have help, but they did coordinate a visit by Santa, making sure every Brother's child or grandchild received a gift. They have done this for several years now and we are very grateful for all their efforts.

November 2016

Ed & Nancy Kidder

Ed and Nancy cooked for the St. Kathryn Annual Penny Sale and Bazaar. The sacrificed their entire weekend, providing the food for the buyers and bidders that came in and out of the church hall on both days. We thank Ed and Nancy for their service to the parish.

October 2016

Rick & Sandy Levasseur

Rick is a new Brother who volunteered to cook for 200 for the Italian Night. Sandy cooked the grape nut pudding, which was enjoyed by all of us. We appreciate the effort of both the Levasseurs in making the latest Italian Night a big success.

September 2016

Jake and Stephanie Izzo

At Movie Night on Saturday September 24th, the Izzos served pizza, drinks and snacks for the movie. It was a really nice evening for all who watched a delightful movie. The Izzo children (and Jake and Stephanie) all helped make the movie night a great event. It is a nice testimony for the Izzo family in that they wanted to be there and help. You have earned the September Family of the Month by just coming in and being yourselves.

August 2016

Andy and Claudia Dominguez

Andy's daughter built the Mary Garden that is on the grounds of St. Kathryn's. It was part of her Girl Scout project.

July 2016

John & Mary Frechette

John and Mary have been serving at St. K's parish as Eucharistic Ministers for some time now. We thank them for their service.

June 2016

Adam and Mary Beth Florczak

Adam and Mary Beth are Eucharistic Ministers at St. Kathryn’s. Mary Beth had some health issues, but after making a full recovery she is serving us as she did before. Adam and Mary Beth help with numerous parish functions all year as well. Adam is immediate Past Grand Knight.

May 2016

Chuck and Therese Savio

Chuck is a PGK and is an Extraordinary Eucharistic Minister at St. K's. Therese is a lecturer there. Thanks Chuck and Therese for all you do for the Parish.

April 2016

Dave and Karen Wilder

Dave has been the St. K Parish Youth Director and our Council's Youth Committee chairman for several years. Karen teaches faith enrichment classes to adults. Both Karen and Dave are Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers. Their efforts are truly appreciated and we salute their extraordinary faith and good works this month.

March 2016

Bob and Jeanette Cassidy

Bob and Jeanette are Eucharistic Ministers at St. Kathryn's. Also, Bob joined us recently and he has been an active Brother.

February 2016

John and Marcela Micavich

January 2016

Mike and Victoria Chiounard

Mike and Victoria have been volunteering their time at the new bookstore ant St. Kathryn's. Mike is also an altar server at St' K's. He joined us less than a year ago and he attained Sir Knight before your GK Paul did.

December 2015

Dick and Peg Pietrowsski

Dick is a Eucharistic Minister, Peg is a Lector, at St. Kathryn's

September 2015

Bob and Mimi Guessferd

They both teach CCD and sing at St. John's.

July 2015

Bob and Kathy Cook

Bob and Kathy have been Eucharistic Ministers at St Kathryn's for a long time.