September 2022

John and Janet Catchings

May 2021

John and Janet Catchings

March 2021

Jesse and Juanita Tapia

February 2021

Roy and Lisa Rabenaldt

January 2021

Benito and Erica Gallardo

December 2020

Bob and Brenda Finch

May 2018

Rob and Jane Happe

The Council 5052 Family of the Month for May is Rob and Jane Happe. Rob has been a member of Council 5052 for 9 years during which time he served the Council in several capacities, including Treasurer, and is the acting Culture of Life director. Besides coordinating the council’s Pro-Life activities, Rob frequently helps prepare dinners at the hall and is willing to help at outdoor events as well. Rob serves on the Mary Immaculate Church Finance Council, acts as one of the Mary Immaculate Pro-Life coordinators, and helps as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. His wife, Jane, is also active with the parish and other organizations such as the Rebekah Leah Rivera Foundation. Rob and Jane are very supportive of their children and grandchildren who you may see at Mass or council events. The council is proud to be associated with such dedicated people as the Happes who are so generous with their time. Congratulations to Rob and Jane!

April 2018

Al and Dee Gonzales

Council 5052’s Family of the Month is Sir Knight Al and Dee Gonzales. Al has been a member of Council 5052 for 44 years, during which he served as Grand Knight, and has been a member Assembly 2144 for the 34 years. Al is helping promote sponsorships for our council’s golf tournament. He also helps Scouts with their Eagle Service Project as well as actively supports the Meals on Wheels and Summer Lunch programs through Metrocrest Social Services. Dee is an active member of Catholic Daughters of America and helps with many activities in the parish. And they both help with family dinners. Besides helping others through so many different activities, they also are very involved with their grandchildren. We are proud to recognize Al and Dee Gonzales as our family of the month for April.

March 2018

Paul and Karen Klein

Council 5052’s Family of the Month is Sir Knight Paul and Karen Klein. Paul has been a member of Council 5052 for the past 15 years and has been a member Assembly 2144 for the past seven years. Paul and Karen are both very positive people who use their talents to assist others. One example is that Paul was very faithful in attending to the needs of a brother knight who was recently hospitalized for several months. Karen has for many years helped with the RCIA program and with the lector ministry. They are active in their parish community and you will often see them at council events. We are proud to recognize Paul and Karen Klein as our family of the month for March.

February 2018

John and Donna Stepaniak

The Council 5052 Family of the Month is John and Donna Stepaniak and their children, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Michael. John has been a member of the Council for 16 years and helps often with dinners and other Council events. Donna has also been a part of council events for many years as her dad was a long-time member of the council and past grand knight. John and Donna are raising three energetic kids with their hearts in the right place -- Elizabeth, Catherine, and Michael took the Polar Plunge to raise money for Special Olympics! Catherine also participated in the Council and District Free Throw Championship sponsored by the Knights. And you will often see them at family dinners and other Council events. We are proud to recognize the Stepaniak family as our Family of the Month for February.

January 2018

John and Janet Catchings

The family of the month for January is the John and Janet Catchings family. John has been a knight for 37 years and a 4th degree member for 27 years. John is a past Grand Knight and is currently serving as the Membership Director and an at-large officer for the Springlake Association which holds the building where the council meets. John and Janet serve regularly at council events and last month helped with the cooking and cleaning for the Police and Firefighters dinner. They are delightful people to know and are always willing to lend a hand with whatever needs to be done. It is a blessing that John and Janet continue to generously give their time to the council!

December 2017

John and Norma Hennessy

Council 5052’s Family of the Month for December is John and Norma Hennessy. John has been a member of Council 5052 for four years and a member of Assembly 2144 for two years. He is currently the Deputy Grand Knight and program director, which involve him in all of our council activities. Norma is the Regent of Catholic Daughters Court 2337 and also provides bookkeeping support for Springlake Association. Their son-in-law, Jarred Long, is a member of the Council, and their daughter, Kristina, helps keep the council’s accounting books in line. John and Norma are proud parents and grandparents, and also do much to help their own parents. The Hennessy family is a great example of how family members should support each other across generational lines. We are glad that John and Norma find time in their busy schedules to be involved with our council. Please make sure you congratulate them on being the December family of the month.

November 2017

Bill and Kathy Gallina

The Family of the Month for November is Bill and Kathy Gallina. Sir Knight Bill is a long-time member of the Council, having served over 40 years, and has been a member of Assembly 2144 for the past 25 years. They are parishioners at Mary Immaculate Church, and Kathy is an active member of the Catholic Daughters of America. Kathy did a beautiful job hand addressing the Memorial Mass invitations to the families of the deceased brother knights. Bill acted as Master of Ceremonies for the event and had put in long hours with Corky Mahaffey making sure all the details were covered. It was a beautiful event and was well attended. We are proud to recognize Bill and Kathy Gallina as our Family of the Month!

October 2017

Pat and Katie Gasper

The Council 5052 Family of the Month for October is Pat and Katie Gasper and family. Pat has been in our council for three years and is the Troop 713 scouting liaison with Springlake Association who sponsors the troop. Besides participating in troop activities as an adult scouter, Pat has an important role in making sure the Youth Protection guidelines are followed in the troop and that records are kept which show compliance. You will find Pat and Katie volunteering at many events around Mary Immaculate School where their five children have attended for several years. They are both very easy to work with as they look for ways to help others. Please congratulate Pat and Katie for being our October Family of the Month.

September 2017

Cliff and Diane Starnes

The family of the month for September is Cliff and Diane Starnes. Cliff has been a member of our council for 12 years, and has been a member of 4th degree Assembly 2144 for nine years. Cliff and is a past grand knight and is currently a council trustee, and Diane is a past regent of the Catholic Daughters Court 2337. We continue to benefit from their service and dedication. Cliff ran the annual tamale sale in September and helps with many other activities. We normally see Diane and Cliff and their daughter’s and son-in-law’s growing family at the family dinners. And they are frequently helping serve and clean up. Outside of council activities, Cliff also helps teach English classes at the church. Cliff and Diane are wonderful people who serve others in many ways. Please congratulate them on being our family of the month for September.

August 2017

Mike and Susan Schmitt

The August Family of the Month is Mike and Susan Schmitt. Mike has been a member of the Council since 2010 and is also a member of Assembly 2144. Mike has for several years led the Council’s support of Heroes on the Water, a therapy program for injured members of the military. In August, he led a team who prepared lunch for the participants. Mike also keeps an eye on the council kitchen supplies and orders when they get low. Susan is involved with many ministries at Mary Immaculate church including lectoring , leading the Rosary, and pro-life activities. They are proud parents and grandparents of a wonderful family. Council 5052 is blessed to have the Schmitts as members of our Council, and we are happy to recognize them as our family of the month.

July 2017

Gene and Angie Johnson

Council 5052’s Family of the Month for July is Gene and Angie Johnson. Gene has been a knight in our council for six years and exemplifies what it means to serve others. He travels to prisons weekly to minister to prisoners and has been very active in most council events, including selling concessions at community events. Gene and his wife, Angie, assist as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and sacristans at Mary Immaculate. You will see their children and grandchildren around at council events, and their son-in-law, Jacob Riney, is a new knight awaiting his first degree. We are proud to have Gene and Angie in our council!

May 2017

Pete and Shelly Groman Family

The Family of the Month for May is the Pete and Shelly Groman family. Pete joined the Knights in 2014. He and his wife do a good job of involving their children in Knights events where possible. Most recently, at the Stars and Strings Memorial Day event, they volunteered to help at the concession booth. Special kudos to Ryan and sister Sammy -- their energy and cheerfulness in serving the customers helped make the event more fun. The Groman family is a typical busy family with many activities that include church, school, Scouts, and summer plans. Their willingness to serve others is a good example of what the domestic church is all about. We are blessed to have the Groman’s as part of our council!

April 2017

Corky and Prici Mahaffey

The Family of the Month for April is the Corky and Prici Mahaffey family. Corky joined the Knights in 1971, and he has served the council in many positions--including Grand Knight--and he is our current Financial Secretary. Corky and his wife, Prici, and their children have been at the heart of many church ministries including Pro-Life, Marriage Preparation, That Man is You, Young Adults, and many others. They help with the liturgy, wash altar linens, help at community food banks, make funeral means, etc. Earlier this month, their daughter, Mary, coordinated Kaycie’s Run which benefits children with disabilities in CFBISD. Their son John is a member of our council. He and his wife, Nicole have three children which you will see at council, church, and school events. We are very blessed to have in our council such a good example of a family who serves others!

March 2017

David Ruml and his father Edward Ruml

The Family of the Month for March is David Ruml and his father, Edward. David has been a member of the council for 1 year, and Edward has been a member for 61 years! David is the one we see most often -- he regularly attends business meetings, helps with the Lenten fish fries, and works fund raisers at the park. He also helped with the recent Major Degree we had at the hall. David was born in Canada and has lived in Texas for several years. You may also see him at the Carrollton Public Library where he works or at 10:30 Mass at Mary Immaculate which he normally attends. David, along with his siblings, also helps take care of his father, buying groceries each week and doing other chores that need to be done. This is a wonderful example of how family members serve those closest to them. We are blessed to have both David and his father, Edward in our council!

February 2017

David and Dianne Cutler

Council 5052 is proud to recognize the David and Dianne Cutler family as our Family of the Month for February. David has been a Knight of Columbus for over 35 years and is a member of our Council’s degree team. He has also been a 4th degree Knight in Assembly 2144 for over 18 years. Dianne is a long-time member of the Catholic Daughters of America. You’ll see David and Dianne helping prepare food at Council dinners. For years, the Cutlers have coordinated our Council’s preparation of meals for families staying at the Ronald McDonald house in Dallas. They schedule, plan, and prepare meals for these families who stay at the facility while their children receive medical treatment. God bless the Cutlers for all their work in support of the Knights and families in our community!

January 2017

Gerry and Elaine Manley

The Family of the Month for January is Gerry and Elaine Manley. Gerry has been a member of the council for seven years and has been active with many events. Most notably, Gerry coordinated the Basketball Free Throw Contest at the Mary Immaculate School gym. There were 48 entrants in the contest this year – a record for our council! Due to Gerry’s planning and Elaine’s assistance, the event went off very smoothly and everyone had a great time. The also helped with the recent Police and Firefighters Appreciation Dinner. And they made the recent Cowboys playoff-watching party more fun even though they rooted for the Packers! They also have two young adult girls who they have reason to be proud of. We are happy to recognize the Manley’s as our Family of the Month.

December 2016

Bob and Alicia Langer

The Family of the Month for December is Bob and Alicia Langer. Bob has been a member of the Knights of Columbus since 1975 and has served in many Council roles, most recently as the Financial Secretary for several years. As a member of Assembly 2144, Bob also serves as a Trustee. He and Alicia are long-time organizers of the annual Farmers Branch Police and Firefighters Awards Dinner, and have helped with family dinners and many other events at the hall. He and Alicia are regulars at the community events at the FB Historical Park – with Bob taking orders and Alicia helping customers at the condiment table. They bring joy to whatever role they play, and so are good examples of how to live our Catholic faith. Council 5052 is proud to recognize the Langers as our Family of the Month.

November 2016

Mike and Piedad Verdiguel

Council 5052 is proud to recognize the Mike and Piedad Verdiguel family as our Family of the Month for November. Besides serves as our Council Advocate, Mike frequently helps out with Council fundraisers and other Council and parish events. Mike is also an usher at noon Mass on Sundays. He and Piedad and usually a few grandchildren are regulars at our monthly family dinners as well. They make time to be involved with the lives of their grandchildren and love to share stories about the kids. God bless Mike and Piedad for being a good witness of Christian family life.

October 2016

Rob and Jane Happe Family

Council 5052 congratulates the Rob and Jane Happe family as our Family of the Month for October. Rob joined the Knights almost eight years ago and Jane is a member of the Catholic Daughters. As our Culture of Life director, Rob planned and/or promoted many pro-life events this month including Hike for Life, Life Chain, Mary Immaculate’s prayer vigil as part of 40 Days for Life, and showings of the movie“40”. Rob also frequently prays at the Southwestern abortion clinic in Dallas after Mass on Saturday mornings. Rob offers his help in many other council events including cooking for events and spent several hours this month alone buying food for our fundraisers. Jane supports our Council events, works on retreat teams, helps award scholarships to deserving students, and helps in many other ways … and always with a smile. Rob and Jane also keep a busy schedule being involved with the children’s families. It is inspiring to see the love in action that the Happe family displays

September 2016

Louis and Marisa Walsdorf

The Louis and Marisa Walsdorf family is our family of the month for September. Louis has been a Knight in Council 5052 for 6 years and currently serves as our Warden. Louis is active in many different program activities – cooking for our monthly family dinners, helping plan the golf tournament, and helping haul equipment and serve food at fundraisers at the Farmers Branch Historical Park. Marisa has a busy schedule as the Director of Administration at Mary Immaculate Church. Besides helping coordinate the many different church ministries, Marisa also helps our Council stay in synch with church activities. Louis and Marisa also stay involved with their two children – a son in college and a daughter in high school – and their various sports and other activities. The Walsdorfs are very personable and willing to help – two great attributes for which we are proud to recognize them as our family of the month.

August 2016

Tom and Judy Vieth Family

The Tom and Judy Vieth family is Council 5052’s family of the month for August. Tom has been a Knight in our council for over 11 year. He and Judy served as part of the cooking team for family meals for several years. They are also involved in events that promote respect for the unborn and all human life. Judy is a talented crafter and is a member of a group that meets weekly to make rosaries for others, including prisoners and members of the military. She recently gave a demonstration on rosary making at the hall. Tom and Judy are proud parents, grandparents, and business owners. God bless the Vieths for spreading the Gospel through their service to others.

July 2016

Mike and Tricia Zang Family

The Family of the Month is the Mike and Tricia Zang family.
Mike and Tricia and three of their four children were busy preparing food, taking orders, and serving customers at our council’s Independence Day booth at the Farmers Branch Historical Park in July. That is one example of their service to the community. They are very active at Mary Immaculate School and in their children’s activities. Mike also serves as our council’s inside guard.
We are blessed to have the Zang family in our community and our council!

May 2016

Peter Gorman Family

The family of the month is the Peter Gorman Family; Peter, Stephanie, Ryan and Sammie. They all showed up to work the Stars and Stripes event and according to all present were a big help. Sammie who is 7 was especially helpful. The family also helped at the Farmers Branch vintage baseball day. Thank you for being the family of the month.

April 2016

Bob & Jean Strasavich

Bob and Jean are truly fixtures at Council 5052. Bob has held almost all the offices at both the Council and Springlake Association. Because of his tenure he is the go to person when you need background information. There is not enough space to list all the events Bob has been involved in but to name one it would be the yearly Jesuit Basketball tournament. Almost all events that take place Bob has been active in in the past. You see Jean and Bob at the family and Lenten Dinners, funeral masses and fund raising events. Bob and Jean are a truly committed couple to the Knights, their faith and family.

March 2016

John and Donna Stepaniak

John is always willing to help at the Councils many events and his wife Donna supports by taking care of the children. They are both those wonderful people who always have a smile no matter how difficult life can be at times. It is an honor to select the Stepaniak family as family of the month of March. We I see John and Donna I remember this quote “When we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives means the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions, or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and tender hand.”

February 2016

Tom & Carol Musso

For a family to survive and function as a loving couple and example to their children they have to be a loving team and that is who Tom and Carol are. Tom is a Knight, EM, lector, teaches RCIA and of course does the blood drives. For Tom to be this active Carol makes sure he has the time to be involved. Together they are a great team.

January 2016

Corky and Prissy Mahaffey

Often we have people around us so much we do not see either the value of the work they do or recognize all the time spent working for an organization they truly believe in. We come to expect this of them and not give them the recognition deserved. Corky and Prissy Mahaffey are those people.
Through my years at Mary Immaculate Church they have been there helping others. When I became a Knight, Corky was always there to help me be a better Knight and the same when I became an officer and then Grand Knight. I have witnessed this as he has helped other Knights in their journey. Corky and Prissy are truly an exemplary Catholic and Knights of Columbus Family.

December 2015

Leo and Silvia Vargas

Our family for the month of December is Leo Vargas and his wife Silvia. Leo has only been a Knight for a few months but has already been helping with various council events. Most recently, he prepared the delicious briskets for the December Family Dinner. We needed someone to help Ignacio with the dinner when Leo gladly committed to cooking the briskets. Even when an unexpected health concern came up, Leo followed through with his commitment, and the dinner was a great success. Leo and his wife, Silvia are good examples of cheerful service in the many ways that they support our church and our Council. We are blessed to have Leo in our Council.

November 2015

Family of the Month is John and Norma Hennessy and Kathryn and Jarred Long

Actually this is a two for one family of the month, John and Norma Hennessy and daughter and son-in-law Jarred and Kathryn Long. John’s cooking team (The Holy Smokes) including Jarred did an impressive family dinner this month. John is an officer “chancellor”. John and Norma can be seen at most of the fund raising events. Norma and Kathryn also volunteered to help with the bookkeeping of the Council. It turned out to be more challenging than expected starting with reorganizing the look and re-categorizing the budget, P&L and balance sheet. The process was started in mid-July and just finished up. Jarred has volunteered to be chef for the Lenten dinners and could use some help. These couples are truly a family of Knights. Let us congratulate both families as Family of the month for November 2015.

October 2015

Jim and Estelle Lara

Jim has been a Knight since January of 1980 and Estelle is an officer in Catholic Daughters. Cliff Starnes knows if he needs help on any of the many events the Council is involved in he can always count on Jim and many times Estelle pitching in. Both Jim and Estelle are strong supporters of Many Immaculate Church. They both are excellent representatives of The Knights of Columbus and Catholic Daughters and as such we honor them as our family of the month.

September 2015

Al & Dee Gonzales

I have the opportunity of working with, and the Council has the benefit of, Al in his position as Council Trustee and Springlake Business Manager. However, Al is the first to acknowledge that he does not work alone. Al and Dee are constantly working on various projects dealing with either the hall or the Council. They give up a lot of their time to Council activities. Dee is a pro at making the hall look its very best for so many events. They are truly a loving team and our members get so much from them. Congratulations and thank you for giving all of us your care.

August 2015

Doug, Cece and John Wiegert

Doug Wiegert joined the Knights in May 2014. While a new comer he and his family have embraced the Knight experience. They are seen at many of the events and Doug is membership chairmen. If you went to the golf tournament the first people you would meet would have been Doug, his wife Cece and son John at the registration table. After registration Doug took his golfing team and headed off for their starting position while Cece and John got a golf cart put on a water chest and made the rounds making sure everyone had ample supply of water. Congratulations to Wiegert family.

July 2015

Robert and Silvia MacIntyre and children Braedon, Bobby and Brittiana.

The entire MacIntyre clan helped at the 3rd of July Farmers Branch fireworks. They pitched in where and when needed with a smile. It is a wonderful sight to see a Knights’ family at these functions working together as a family and for the Knights. Working together as a team teaches our values, including charity, to the next generation. The MacIntyre family deserves a very hearty thank you.

April 2015

Ross & Stephanie Conklin

Our Field Agent, Ross Conklin, is doing a great job letting our members know about the benefits of Knights of Columbus insurance – he is well on his way to making his annual goal thereby helping us qualify for Star Council. He is always cheerful and faithfully makes time for our business meetings. Ross and his wife, Stephanie, and their two children, have also made time to participate in family dinners at the hall. In appreciation for their support for the Knights while going about their busy lives raising young children, we are proud to honor the Ross Conklin family as our Family of the Month for April.

March 2015

Matt, Michele and Kristen

The saying “still water runs deep” was meant for Matt. Matt is quiet, easy going and you never see him get upset or angry. When he is at meetings he’s quietly following the flow, when the time is right he contributes in his easy going manner. His contributions are well thought out and to the point. It is the same when he takes on a project, as he did with the family Picnic he put together on March 7. From the games to the cooking, it was a typical Matt Jones event, relaxed and well done. Of course, Matt does all this with the support of his wife Michele and daughter Kristen whom you see helping at family dinners and most other events. Michele has been the PE teacher at Mary Immaculate for many our Knights’ children. Kristen works in the Mary Immaculate afterschool program while she is pursuing her college education.

February 2015

John and Laura Karshis

John Karshis and his wife Laura are the Feburary family of the month. John is one of the newer members of our Council; he joined on November 5, 2013. When new members join, we hope they will be an active part of our Knights’ community. The Karshis family has become active. You have seen John and Laura serving and cleaning at most family and Lenten dinners, filling Christmas baskets and working events such as the concession stand at several Farmers Branch Historical Park special events. What we do not see is the other charible activities in which they generously participate. John is proud to be a Knight and Laura is proud that he is a Knight.

January 2015

SK Bob Langer and Wife Alicia

Some of our Knight families have been doing so much for such a long time that they become fixtures and like fixtures they are seen but not recognized or forgotten and this may be the case with Bob and Alicia Langer. In any years’ time there is hardly an event that they are not active in. From all the outside events that include Farmers Branch events in the park (Bob handles the money and Alicia stocks condiments) to special events at the hall such as The New Year’s Dinner Dance and the Fireman/Policemen Appreciation Dinner Dance. For many years without their untiring work and support these events would have not come off as smoothly and efficiently as they have. Had You attended this year’s Appreciation Dinner and heard the accolades from the police and fire departments’ Chiefs about how much this event means to them and their departments and all the work Bob and Alecia Langer and the other Knights put into the event. The event also gave the Chiefs the opportunity to thank the Knights for all the work the Knights do in our community. Bob has been a Knight for 40 years, served as a Program Director and has been Committee Director for 22 years, he has been Financial Secretary for 5 years, Trustee in the 4th degree for 5 years, and is a Faithful Admiral in the 4th degree. The next time you see either Bob or Alicia, be sure to thank them for their service.

December 2014

Michael Zang & Family

On December 23rd Michael Zang and his 4 children showed up to help at the Farmers Branch Tour of Lights. They got there at 5:30 on a cool night. We all met at the Dobbs House for instructions on what we had to do and where. Michael’s children are Abby 16, Nick 14, Rachael 12 and Grew 10. As it turned out Farmers Branch parks department only allows those 14 and older to participate so Rachel and Grew were confined to jail duty of waiting for a ride home. Michael’s wife Trish was home getting ready for Christmas so the two younger ones had to sit for a couple of hours. Abby and Nick had a great time and made the night fun for the rest of us. When the children got home they all talked about what a great time they had and Rachel is looking forward to being 14 so she can participate. The night was a great reminder for all of us what parenting is all about.

November 2014

Bill & Cathy Gallina

October 2014

Nick and Claire Walker

The Family of the Month for October is Nick and Claire Walker. Nick is a native Texan and lifelong Catholic. He went to University of Texas at Dallas. He graduated with a major in electrical engineering. While at the University he was President of the Newman Catholic Club. He and his wife Claire worked the concession this past weekend at the Farmers Branch Historical Park.
Claire also went to the University of Texas at Dallas and she graduated with a bachelors and masters degree in marketing. She has been helping with some of the materials for our golf tournament. Claire is pregnant with their first baby due at the end of November.

September 2014

Robert & Gretchen Ryan

A Knight servicing the community is a Knight serving the Knights. Gretchen and Robert Ryan render extensive service to the community, as well as their work with the Knights. You may not recognize the Ryans by name, but you probably know them by association with their Guide Dog puppy, Wills, who attended the basketball free throw, family dinners and weekly Mass at Mary Immaculate. Robert enjoys participating in the Farmers Branch Historical Park events with fellow Knights.

The Ryans volunteer with Mary Immaculate’s chapter of St. Vincent de Paul, including Gretchen’s role as their secretary. They are also active members of Lone Star Guide Dog Raisers, a part of Guide Dogs for the Blind, San Rafael, CA. Gretchen and Robert have raised two Guide Dog puppies, Wills, their second Guide Dog puppy returned to Guide Dogs in California on September 16th for intensive training before he is assigned to a blind partner.

They volunteered to train a puppy because they wanted to give back to the community. A trained Guide Dog means a blind person can be more independent. What they learned in the process of puppy training was that the journey to Guide Dog involves lots of related community service. They worked with their Guide Dog puppies at Creekview High’s Student Ambassador program, All Saints Catholic School first grade reading program and vacation bible school, visited nursing homes and continued their work in scouting. Gretchen and Robert, an Eagle Scout, have been scout leaders for years assisting their three sons throughout their scouting career to Eagle Scout. With Wills, the Ryans taught the Boy Scout Disabilities Awareness merit badge and Cub Scout Disabilities Awareness Belt Loop. They have also made numerous presentations to Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and other youth groups.

We are proud Robert is a Knight of Council 5052 and name the Ryan Family as Council 5052 September 2014 Family of the Month.

August 2014

Kevin and Darla Dougherty

The family of the month for August is the Kevin Dougherty family. Kevin joined our council in 1997 and all three of his sons have been members of our council. Patrick and Dan are still members but Scott has transferred to the Gainesville council where he currently resides. Kevin brought his family to Mary Immaculate from Florida to be the youth minister at Mary Immaculate in 1996. He has made youth ministry his career and currently serves as interim Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry at the Diocese of Dallas. He recently completed managing the 3rd annual Dallas Catholic Youth Conference in Frisco attended by over 700 youth and adult volunteers from the Diocese. His wife Darla works at UTD and in addition raising three fine sons, she is usually found at Kevin’s side ministering to young people and influencing not only the youth but the adult volunteers who are blessed to help them. At last count they have four grand-children and three lovely daughters in law. Kevin and Darla lead extraordinarily busy lives as do many of us and are often unable to attend many functions of the council, but their change and influence they have had on literally thousands of young people make them unique among our membership. Council 5052 is proud to recognize Kevin and his family as family of the month for August.

July 2014

Rudy and Carolyn Tovar

There are so many events where you can see this family -- Rudy is an EM, the girls are altar servers, Carolyn volunteers at MIS, Ursuline and many other organizations. Carolyn made the beautiful canopy Fr. Edwin used in the procession for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe that you see in Texas Catholic.
They are truly a family in motion and believe strongly in giving back to their community. This past year Rudy was instrumental in having the Knights donate the matching $15k for the MIS auction that raised over $40k for the school library. When the Council needed sage advice on a wide range of issues, Rudy was there offering understanding, compassion and practical solutions. Mary Immaculate Church, School and the Knights are blessed to have this family among us.

June 2014

Paul and Karen Klein

Paul became a member of our council in 2003 and he along with his wife Karen are very valuable to our council. Paul has served in
the guard position for several years and serves with a great deal of pride. He makes it look easy. He contributes to our concessions at the park and is one of the few guys who can run two popcorn machines at the same time. He is a TABC certified bartender and is always willing to donate his time when the council has a dinner or some other function for the members. Karen is usually at his side especially assisting him with the set-up. Her first love is to serve Mary Immaculate in the RCIA program. She has been a leader and a sponsor for many years. She is also a lector at the 7:30 mass on Sunday. When the Dallas Cowboy season starts, you will usually find both of them in the members lounge watching the game and visiting with others. Please help me congratulate Paul and Karen as Family of the Month forth June 2014.

May 2014

Bob and Alicia Langer

The family of the month for May is Bob and Alicia Langer. Bob is our Financial Secretary and helps us stay on track with our dues and member records as well as receiving monies for the council. An event rarely happens without Bob and Alicia’s presence. They are dedicated to our council in many ways. Bob is involved in almost all of our council’s fundraising activity, especially those that happen at the Farmers Branch historical park. They can be found collecting monies for our family dinners and Lenten fish dinners. Alicia heads up a crew of very talented ladies that decorate our hall for many events. Their biggest contribution to the council is the leadership they provide for our annual Police and Firefighters dinner and dance in January of each year. They are faithful supporters of our council and Bob provides a great deal of expertise in almost everything we do. They are also active supporters of Mary Immaculate parish and can be found in their regular pew at the 7:30 AM mass on Sundays. Their positive attitude provides motivation for others. Please help in recognizing the Langer family as family of the month for May.

April 2014

Mike & Susan Schmitt

The Family of the month for April 2014 is Mike and Susan Schmitt. Mike joined our council in 2010 and has not slowed down since. He and Susan can usually be found in the kitchen where Mike loves to prepare meals for the council and many past hall rentals He has served as kitchen manager for the last two fraternal years and many times Susan is there beside him. He works with Al Gonzales to make sure the kitchen is well supplied and in good repair. Mike loves to try new recipes and his meals are well received. Along with Rob Happe he helps prepare the Lenten dinners and loves to fix food for the Cowboy games in the fall. He is a very big Cowboy fan. He and Susan are also very active at Mary Immaculate as well. They have helped with funeral meals and served on the newcomers committee. Susan is a Lector and has been very active in praying the rosary at Robinson’s abortion clinic for several years. Please help me congratulate the Schmitt family as our Family of the Month for March.

March 2014

Mike and Trish Zang

The Family of the month for March 2014 is Mike and Trish Zang. Mike and Trish and their children are the type of family we love to have in our council. Mike has been a member for almost a year. Besides his occupation as an airline pilot, he and Trish also have a thriving lawn and landscape business. With four kids, his time is limited with the council, but he has been there working with us on several occasions. Some of the things he has done in our name have to remain nameless at his request. He is always promoting the Knights and has encouraged several new members. He and Trish are strong supporters of Mary Immaculate Church and the School as well. They are both Ministers of the Eucharist and their kids are altar servers and lectors. Trish is the current president of the MIS Parents/Teachers Club and spends countless hours at the school. In between she somehow manages to help run the family business as well; especially when Mike is out of town. They quietly donate their time and talents to not only the church and school but council 5052 as well. Please help me congratulate the Zang family as our Family of the Month for March.

February 2014

Gerald & Debi Sparks

The Family of the month for January 2014 is Gerald and Debi Sparks. For the third consecutive year, Gerald has served as our Safe Environment Director. This is a thankless task that not many in our council recognize how important it is. In order to work with our youth and vulnerable adults in this diocese, all councils are required to train, record and perform background checks on a specific percentage of members who work in these areas. We are also required to have these records available for audit each year by an outside firm provided by the Diocese of Dallas. Gerald also spends countless hours as our IT coordinator. He keeps our server, computers and phone system in good working order. This service has proved extremely important when our server went down last year because of a storm and more recently when we updated our phone system from analog to digital. Debbie works for the Carrollton Farmers Branch as a clerical assistant at Dave Blair elementary school. Both of them contribute to Mary Immaculate Church with Gerald as an usher while Debi sings in the choir. During the last Mary Immaculate craft fair Debi managed the kitchen for the first time and it proved to be a rousing success. They can be seen quietly volunteering together at many of our events including Historical park concessions and family dinners. Be sure to congratulate Gerald and Debi Sparks as family of the month for February 2014.

January 2014

Rob & Jane Happe

The Family of the month for January 2014 is Rob and Jane Happe. Rob joined the Knights of Columbus and council 5052 early in 2009. He has been one of our most active members since that time. His participation in our activities are almost too numerous to mention. He has served as our Treasurer for the last two years and his contribution to organizing and performing that office has been almost miraculous. He also serves as council activities director and has been Pro Life director in the past. Most Saturday mornings finds him praying the rosary at Robinson’s abortion mill. He loves working in the kitchen preparing dinners and fish fry’s’ during Lent. He also finds time to work with the Helping Hands committee. Rob serves his parish on the finance council and volunteers to count the collection every Monday morning. Jane has been right by Rob since he first became a member. She helps at the dinners and many other events that Rob takes on. She also is very active at Mary Immaculate. She is a member of the Catholic Daughters and for many years has volunteered her services as a nurse to the teenagers at the parish through the Confirmation program. The last two years she has served in that capacity for the Dallas Diocesan Catholic Youth Conference in Frisco. She serves on the board of the Rebekah Rivera Scholarship committee and works tirelessly at the annual fundraiser dinner and auction. Together they are a wonderful asset to our council. Please congratulate them next time you see them.

December 2013

Ignacio and Theadra Salazar

The family of the month for November is Ignacio and Theadra Salazar. Ignacio joined our council in October and he and Theadra were almost immediately serving hamburgers and hot dogs at the Halloween in the park event. They attended the Mother Hubbard charity dinner and dance along with Theadra’s mother. Ignacio works for Pulte Homes in Irving and Theadra works at North Dallas Funeral Home in Farmers Branch. They were scheduled to work at the Christmas Tree lighting event at the Farmers Branch Historical Park on the night the ice storm came and was canceled. Not to be left out they volunteered to work at the Park again the next week where they braved the cold damp weather to hand out candy canes to those who drove through the amazing Christmas light display. Ignacio played the part of Santa Claus and stood his post for several hours entertaining and spreading Christmas cheer to all the children and their parents. They are both very enthusiastic and happy to be part of the Council 5052. They are a wonderful addition to our KC family. Please help congratulate Ignacio and Theadra Salazar as family of the month for December.

November 2013

John and Laura Karshis

The family of the month for November is John and Laura Karshis. This month’s family award goes to one of our newest members, John Karshis and his lovely wife Laura. John and Laura started contributing their time and hard work back in October helping in the kitchen for the family dinner. This was unusual because although John had cleared admissions earlier, he was not initiated as a 1st degree member until November 5th. Yet here they both were back in the kitchen helping clear and clean for the November family dinner on the 8th. John is a no nonsense guy who loves to contribute in any way he can. Fortunately Laura not only approves of John’s volunteer time, but also loves to join him and pitch right in. They made a lovely couple at the Mother Hubbard Ball last week and even got in a few dances. They tried to come in the kitchen to help with the dishes that night but were turned away by the Scouts who were busing and cleaning and by the chief pots and pans guy that night Robert Finch Jr. John works for Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation at Love Field and Laura teaches school in The Colony. They are a welcome addition to our council. You will surely see them a dinner or other function in the future. Be sure to introduce yourself and congratulate them as Family of the Month for November.

October 2013

Tim and Carol Dougherty

The family of the month for October is Tim and Carol Dougherty. Tim’s contribution to the council is well documented. In addition to the position of Recorder where he does a yeomen’s job of keeping the minutes correctly and timely, he also serves as Culture of Life Director. This has been a busy month for Tim. It started with the parish festival set up and continued with the Life Chain and the Hike for Life. Next week he will help close out the 40 days for Life. Carol stays busy with her job a pre-school teacher and assists Tim and the council any way she can. The Oktoberfest family dinner was very successful and a lot of fun with Carol serving the food. She definitely has the German heritage for the job. They are a great couple with a beautiful family including a new grand child to brag about. Please congratulate Tim and Carol as our family of the month.

September 2013

Larry & Beth Crouch

The family of the month for September is Larry and Beth Crouch. Larry joined the council last year and although he has experienced some health issues and a job change, he still finds time to attend a meeting when he can and help out on some of our events. He recently volunteered to help out at the blood drive. Larry also has a little known task of helping his wife Beth out in her ministry at Mary Immaculate. Beth is the RCIA/Adult Education Coordinator for the parish. This years RCIA class is well on its way to formation and will have its peak on the Easter Vigil when new candidates and catechumens become members of our Faith. She leads a number of Scripture study classes during the year and launched our Senior Expo last year and after the second successful year has turned that over to the new Senior Services staff member. As you can see Larry and Beth represent our council well as they carry out their faith filled endeavors. Please congratulate September’s family of the month Larry and Beth Crouch.

August 2013

Gene & Angie Johnson

The family of the month for August is Gene and Angie Johnson. Gene joined our council a couple of years ago and has volunteered for a varied events ranging from concessions at the Farmers Branch Historical Park to family dinners at the hall. He also participates in a prison ministry program that takes him to a State Penitentiary on a regular basis to bring the Gospel message to those who are incarcerated. Gene and Angie are also very active at Mary Immaculate in the St Vincent DePaul Society and as Ministers to the Eucharist. They are always ready to help out almost at a moments notice whether at the council hall or at Mary Immaculate unless it conflicts with spending time with their grandchildren which comes first. They are an inspiration to all those around them and have a wonderful welcoming spirit. Please join me in congratulating Gene and Angie Johnson as Family of the Month for August.