March 2024

Ken Nimmer Family

Ken and his son Cooper volunteered for working the free throw contest. Ken and his family are active at the mass with being Eucharistic Ministers and Lecturing.

February 2024

Pat and Erich Lennon

January 2024

Dan and Jeanne Van Rite

Dan and Jeanne both helped out with Roses for Life at Our Lady of Lourdes.

December 2023

Jeff and Dawn Jindra

Jeff, Dawn and son Collin are active in Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes and also in volunteering with the Knights for Punt Pass and Kick, Christian Outreach and Christmas Tree sales.

November 2023

John and Lynn Fink

John and Lynn are very involved at OLOL helping with mass. John also coordinates and works Christian Outreach one a month. Helps with coordination of the Christmas Store and the Knights of Columbus Tree at the National Railroad Museum.

October 2023

Jon and Jennifer Bake

Jon and Jennifer have helped out working the Resch. Jon has helped with punt, pass and kick, Brat Barn and helping with improvements with parish members homes that are in need.

September 2023

James and Zoe Micke

August 2023

Randy and Adam Hock

Randy worked the Brown County Fair Parking and when help was needed, he called Adam. Adam came and helped out with the parking. This is a good example of family helping family, and a Knight helping out a fellow Knight.

July 2023

Kevin and Amy Brauer

Kevin and Amy helped out with the 7 on 7 food stand during the busiest part of the day and helped keep things running. Making sure things were in a good spot before ending their shift. Feedback was given on staffing and coordination that will help improve this event in the future.

June 2023

Erv and Janice Coenen Family

Erv and Janice have demonstrated a strong volunteer ethic during Erv's first two years with the Council. They are looked to as a steady hand and willingness to get involved in the projects and programs. Thank you Erv and Janice

May 2023

Adam and Allisa Turriff

Adam and his family represent the Knights of Columbus through Free Throw tournament, Food Collection for Ted Fagan Food Collection, Tootsie Roll Sale. They are active at the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.

May 2023

Adam and Allisa Turriff

Adam and his family represent the Knights of Columbus through Free Throw tournament, Food Collection for Ted Fagan Food Collection, Tootsie Roll Sale. They are active at the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.

April 2023

Jeff and Holly Macklin Family

Jeff and his family represent the KofC through volunteering for Brat Barn and Tootsie Roll sales and Christmas Tree Sales. Many thanks to Jeff, Holly and Joey, Our Lady of Lourdes and the Abbot Pennings Council depend on your assistance many times per year.

March 2023

Todd and Michelle Mader

The Mader family are actively seeking opportunities to contribute. In the last month the Maders have contributed at OLOL parish via the Coffee and Juice after mass and Todd and Raelyn have assisted at the Diocese Free Throw contest. Thank You Maders for your valuable contributions

February 2023

Tim, Michelle and Ali Stevens

This family gets involved and represents the Council in Christmas tree sale, Roses for Life. Tim's family is available at the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. Thank you for being a strong representative for the parish and Knights of Columbus.

January 2023

Mike and Bobbie Stangel

Mike and Bobbie are a positive addition to our Families of the Month. The couple often is available for Roses for life, Brat Barn and Parish activities. They actively pursue their prayer life through Our Lady of Lourdes. Mike is on the Parish Council for OLOL and Bobbie is active in prayer ministries and Bible Study.

December 2022

Rick and Terry Johnson

November 2022

Bob and Ellen Coonen

Bob and Ellen are willing volunteers for the Council. They were active in distributing "KEEP CHRIST IN CHRISTMAS" yard signs and the annual Christmas Tree sales program. bob brings his can do attitude and a smile to all of the activities he attends. Thank you, Bob and Ellen,

October 2022

Dave and Sandy Mancl

Dave and Sandy are active around the parish by Attending parish liturgies and contributing to efforts like the Free-throw Contests and Christmas tree sale. Our Council could not ask for a more hardworking couple. Many thanks from the council.

September 2022

Chris and Colleen Steier

This family accepts leadership roles in Council, Parish and Faith Formation activities at Our Lady of Lourdes De Pere. Chris leads the Youth activities for Council 3955 while Collen has worked as a catechesis in our faith formation program. They are a strong example of Christian leadership for our Parish and Community.

August 2022

Ron and Mary Van Dyck

Ron and Mary lead the Brown County Fair parking, they run the K of C knowledge contest for the De Pere and heads the State Raffle program for the Council. Mary and Ron are active around the parish by running the KofC booyah cooks. Our Council could not ask for a more dedicated and hardworking couple. Many thanks from the council.

July 2022

Gerry and Chris Berner

June 2022

Rick and Terry Johnson Family

Rick and Terry are making themselves available for Parish and Council projects. Rick has handled the Councils free-throw tournament and offers assistance at Our Lady of Lourdes parish buildings/grounds projects. During the Christmas Tree Sale Rick is there handling Day Chairman work. Congratulations Rick and Terry.

May 2022

Scott Seidl Family

Scott and his family are active parish members at Our Lady of Lourdes. Scott is actively helping the council by attending to the Facebook, Member Interest Survey and the author of our Sign-Up Genius efforts over the past six months.

April 2022

Mark and Sue Gerrits Family

A family that continually supports the LIFE programs for the council. Mark and his family are always ready to aid the council for tasks and activities serving as Deputy Grand Knight, attending to Roses for Life and the Tootsie Roll fund raiser for the Intellectually disabled.

March 2022

Brett and Jennifer Healy Family

The Healy Family is a trusted council resource. Whether volunteering for the Christmas Tree Sale or the family providing musical entertainment for a dinner. The Healy family is a fixture at Masses and provides musical entertainment for many parish events. Their example of a strong Catholic family is evident to the parish, council and the community.

February 2022

John and Carol Mueller

John and Carol Mueller are willing supporters of the Council through phone calls, mailings, and recruiting. The Muellers are regulars at DePere Christian Outreach, Meals on Wheels and reading to the day school students. Carol and John are daily mass attenders and are active in many other parish activities. We are proud of their contributions to our parish, our community and the Knights of Columbus Council 3955.

January 2022

John and Lynn Fink

John and Lynn Fink display a strong Knight of Columbus family. They often lead the DePere Christian Outreach Saturday Store. They also lead a Packer Tailgate party that raises funds for the school's technology needs. We are proud of their contributions to our parish and the Knights.

December 2021

Doug Vanden Langenberg and Daughter Jennifer

Doug and his daughter Jennifer are Champions at volunteering. Their volunteer programs for December spans our Christmas tree sales, Packer ticket scanning. November it was Punt Pass and Kick and set up of the Christmas Tree Sale. Doug and Jennifer are our Councils "Lead by Doing" team. Many thanks.

December 2021

Drew Weisse Family

Drew and the Family spearheaded our "Coats for Kids "Program. They have faithfully managed the project for the past 5 years. They demonstrate a strong catholic family by their involvement in our K of C Council projects

November 2021

Rick and Terry Johnson

Rick and Terry Johnson have taken leadership for Parish maintenance project. Rick is coordinating the Free Throw contest which includes 900+ Middle School and Grade Schoolers. Rick and Terry are solid parishioners and solid K of C representatives for our council

October 2021

Pete Nordeen Family

September 2021

Mark Gerrits Family

Mark and his family has volunteered for the Punt, Pass and Kick, the Welcoming/Hospitality to parish masses. Mark and his family are active parishioners at our Lady Of Lourdes. Their support of Respect Life ministry is an outstanding accomplishment.

August 2021

Ron VanDyke Family

Ron and his family are continually running projects like Brown County Fair car parking and the Knowledge Contests. Ron and family consistently aided in council and Parish projects like Packer ticket scanning, Parish picnics. Ron, Mary and Family are a fixture in helping people everyday.

August 2021

Ron Kocken Family

Ron Kocken and family have managed projects such as the Christmas poster contest. They are often helping with other projects such as the Brown County Fair parking project and the Packer ticket scanning. They are active in the parish in support of liturgy and worship.

July 2021

Mark Kralovec Family

June 2021

Mike & Barb Eikenberry

May 2021

Drew & Jody Weisse

April 2021

Adam & Allisa Turriff

March 2021

Joe Micke

February 2021

Dale & Michelle Brown

January 2021

Doug Vanden Langenberg

December 2020

Steve & Lisa Cribben

November 2020

Mark Kralovec Family

October 2020

Matt & Cindy Mueller

September 2020

Richard & Dori Porior

August 2020

Pat & Pam Lennon

July 2020

Dan & Barb Danen

June 2020

Eric & Jan Ruechel

May 2020

Rick & Terry Johnson

April 2020

Al & Pat Callahan

March 2020

Scott & Carrie Seidl

February 2020

Bob & Ellen Coenen

January 2020

Dan & Jeanne Van Rite

December 2019

Dave & Carolyn Sladek

November 2019

Ryan & Leah Jaecks

October 2019

Greg & Melissa Bieker

September 2019

Matt & Jera Diederich

August 2019

Mark & Sue Gerrits

July 2019

Brian & Gwen DeMoulin

June 2019

Dale & Michelle Brown

May 2019

Mike & Julie Willems

April 2019

John & Carol Mueller

March 2019

Brett & Jennifer Healy

February 2019

Patrick & Pamela Byrne

January 2019

Ron & Kathy Kocken

December 2018

Glenn & Elaine Gauthier

November 2018

Greg & Melissa Bieker

October 2018

Bob and Ellen Coenen

September 2018

Matthew & Jera Diederich

August 2018

Leon & Julie Kane

July 2018

John & Lynn Fink

June 2018

Brian and Kathi Pritzl

May 2018

Steve and Angela Mondloch

April 2018

Gene & Kathy Micke

March 2018

The Phil Wittman Family

February 2018

Mark & Ann Knutson

January 2018

Mark & Maureen Mommaerts

December 2017

Troy & Peggy Schneider

November 2017

Pat & Cheri Daanen

October 2017

Mark Kralovec Family

September 2017

Jeff & Holly Macklin

August 2017

Patrick & Jessica Phillips

July 2017

John & Lynn Fink

June 2017

Arie & Sandy DeWaal

May 2017

Adam & Erin Hock

April 2017

The Shawn Shrader Family

Congratulations to Shawn Shrader and in family as our Family of the Month for April. Shawn and his children, Logan and Kaitlyn, spent some time supporting our Tootsie Roll program the weekend of April 8th & 9th. Shawn in the past has helped several times each year ticket scanning for our group at the Shopko gate. Thanks to Shawn and family for their service to the council activities!

March 2017

Drew & Jody Weisse

Drew has been our Lecturer for the past two years. He always brings an enjoyable meal and a great spirit to our meetings each month. Drew is also involved with the Syble Hopp School and the Miracle League where his son Zach participates in fun baseball games every summer. Jody helps lead the fundraising efforts at Syble Hopp and she and her team put on another great show at this year's major fundraiser. Congrats Drew, Jody and family and thanks for all that you do in our community!

February 2017

Bob & Ellen Coenen

Bob & Ellen Coenen are instrumental in leading our Corporate Communion events. This Fraternal year, we hosted three at St. Mary's , OLOL and St. Francis. They always put together a great event. Bob & Ellen also make sure that if there are leftovers, St. John's Homeless Shelter benefits from the generosity. Congratulations Bob & Ellen!

January 2017

John & Carol Mueller

John Mueller has been the Membership Chairman for our council over the last 30 years. In addition, he has been compiling the history book for the same amount of time. John will be stepping down from the Membership Committee this year. The council is eternally grateful for all of his leadership and unique ability to bring many new members on board. John & Carol also help out extensively at OLOL Parish in many of the different ministries. Congratulations John & Carol!

December 2016

Leon & Julie Kane

Leon joined our council in the last year. He and his wife Julie have been quite active in helping the council out. In the past few months Leon and Julie have helped numerous times at both the Resch Center and Lambeau Field ticket scanning. Congratulations to Leon and Julie Kane as our December Family of the Month.

November 2016

Frank & Rachelle DeBruin

The DeBruins are active in helping our council in many different ways. Frank has helped many times at Lambeau Field ticket scanning. Frank and his son Andrew also helped out with the Christmas Tree sale and the state Punt Pass & Kick event. Thanks to the DeBruin's for your service to the community!

October 2016

Ryan & Leah Jaecks

Ryan and Leah, along with their children Micah and Miranda, volunteered their time to walk on October 1st for the 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil. It was an excellent way to spend some valuable family time. In addition, Ryan and Leah also helped out ticket scanning for the October 9th Packer game. Congratulations Ryan and Leah on being the family of the month. Thanks for being such great role models for your children.

September 2016

Kevin & Amy Brauer

Kevin and Amy helped out at multiple Packer games in September. Kevin also volunteers his time coaching 7th grade football for the Ashwaubenon program. Kevin has also been a valuable member for the First Degree Team. Thanks to Kevin and Amy on being the September Family of the Month.

August 2016

Steve & Michelle Vermeulen

Congratulations to Steve & Michelle Vermeulen on the Family of the Month. Both Steve & Michelle participated in ticket scanning at the Packers/Raiders game on August 18th. In addition, they helped with preparing the booyah for the OLOL Church Picnic. Steve has also helped out with the Postal Food Carriers Drive and a June Brat Fry. Thanks to Steve & Michelle for all of their help and congratulations on your honor.

July 2016

John & Jo Smits

John Smits is always available to lend a hand on short notice when our council needs helps with our numerous activities. From Christmas Trees to Christian Outreach and beyond, John has always supported our council well. John and Jo Smits also act as Crossing Guards on De Pere's East side with Notre Dame Elementary and Middle, Foxview and Dickinson students. Congratulations to John and Jo Smits on Family of the Month!

June 2016

Jeff & Holly Macklin

Jeff helped out with his son at the June Brat Fry which supported the youth ministry trip at OLOL. Holly has done an amazing job keeping Jeff healthy enough to participate in the Knights as much as he can. Jeff and Holly Macklin are truly deserving of Family of the Month for June.

May 2016

Doug Vanden Langenberg Family

Doug led the teen brat fry's at the Piggly Wiggly during May. The brat fry benefited the choir at De Pere High School. He and his daughter Jennifer are always willing to help at the Resch Center and Lambeau Field. Congratulations Doug!

April 2016

Herb & Barb Kocken

Herb and Barb once again outdid themselves at Clergy Night on April 4th. This event brought Brother Knights and Clergy together for a good meal and great entertainment from the West De Pere Choir and Jazz Band. Our council has hosted this event for 26 years and it would not have grown into the great event it is without the help of Herb, Barb and their family. Congratulations to the Kocken's.

March 2016

Dave and Nancy Pearson

February 2016

Pat and Barb Loomis

January 2016

Dan and Terianne Nehls

December 2015

Steve and Sue Sands

November 2015

Doug & Anne Stangel

October 2015

Ron and Mary Van Dyck

September 2015

Len and Julie Stadtmueller

August 2015

Matt and Jera Diederich

July 2015

Bob and Linda Thornton

June 2015

Dave and Carolyn Sladek

May 2015

John and Lynn Fink