April 2024

Donna, Tori and Jake Burger

January 2024

Jim and Ruth Michaelson and Chris

December 2023

Blaze and Nancy Brigman

October 2023

Dan and Annette Schwab

September 2023

Mike and Cyndee Frase

August 2023


July 2023

Jerry and Mary Martell

June 2023

Duane and Nancy Fier

September 2021

Ed and Nancy DePauw

August 2021

Gary and Gail Maier

July 2021

John and Sharon Gernes Family

June 2021

Tim and Mary Shafer

March 2021

Urbie and Pat Kerner

February 2021

Shawn and Kari Schmidtknecht

December 2020

Jeremiah and Heidi Geibel Family

November 2020

Dave and Anne Marie McDonald

October 2020

Dave and Leigh Weiss

September 2020

Jerry and Mary Martell

August 2020

Spencer and Shawn Porter

July 2020

Roger and Sheila Pelzel

June 2020

Tricia Pieper

May 2020

Steve Richter Family

April 2020

Merritt and Mary Ellen Stigen

March 2020

Bill and Nini Millbrath

February 2020

August and Nancy Hoffman

January 2020

Rick and Lynn Huebsch Family

December 2019

Craig and Becky Swanson

November 2019

Dave and Jean Rose

October 2019

Gene and Ruth Tschumperlin

September 2019

Jerry and Heidi Giebel Family

August 2019

Merritt and Mary Ellen Stigen

July 2019

John and Harriet Gushue

June 2019

John and Jenny Cernohous

May 2019

Scott and Rebacca Jacobi

April 2019

Pat and Patti Jehring

March 2019

Jim and Ruth Michaelson

February 2019

Ben and Sari Althoff

January 2019

Ryan and Theresa Douglas Family

December 2018

Dan and Annette Schwab

November 2018

Andrew and Joy Nelson Family

October 2018

Mike and Jen Weseli

September 2018

Roy and Jody Oscarson

August 2018

Scott and Katie Waldal Family

July 2018

Bill and Kim Krueger Family

June 2018

Greg and Heidi Young

May 2018

Mike and Helen Tschida

April 2018

Spence and Shawn Portor

March 2018

Urbie and Pat Kerner

February 2018

Brian Huffman & Claire Zajac

January 2018

Joe and Mary Jo Graetz

December 2017

Dave and Ann Marie McDonald

November 2017

Dan and Jessica Timmerman

October 2017

Ryan and Camille Cari Family

September 2017

Tim and Mary Shafer

August 2017

Tric Pieper

July 2017

Dale and Anne Kelsow Family

May 2017

Peter and Carol Keller

April 2017

John and Stacie Ramthum Family

March 2017

Kevin and Susan Gotrik Family

Kevin is on the Parish Pastoral Council and active with
This Man is You, both do Eucharistic Adoration, and
Susan is a cantor. They have four young daughters.

February 2017

Mike and Mary Ellen Akan Family

January 2017

Larry and Pam LaPean Family

December 2016

Jim and Kim Burns

November 2016

Rick and Lynn Huebsch

October 2016

Tric Pieper

September 2016

Howard and Theresa Cameron

August 2016

Gregg and Jane Miller

July 2016

Dan and Jessica Timmerman

June 2016

Jim and Karol Simon

May 2016

Bob and Barb Pawelski

April 2016

Dave and Darlene Krear

March 2016

Bill and Nini Milbrath

February 2016

Ray and Kathy DeCamp

January 2016

Tim and Mary Shafer

October 2015

Gary and Gale Maier

September 2015

Al and Clara Leach