July 2019

John and Elaine Simon

Both John and Elaine are involved in St. Vincent dePaul, helping to feed the hungry in our community. I would characterize John as a quiet volunteer, always ready and willing to lend a hand at any event. Whatever needs to be done, you can count on John! Elaine always helps at every Knights event, and is very active in the Columbiettes. A great family, great people, great friends. Congratulations.

June 2019

Alex Czopek and Family

This family has been has been fully involved in all aspects of the Church and whenever we have an ongoing Council activity, you can be sure to find them lending a hand. He supports many of our Fundraising activities and recently was instrumental is coordinating our Clergy Appreciation Dinner. He also performs an invaluable service to our council as the Worthy Deputy Grand Knight. Please join me in congratulating S/K Alex Czopek and his wife Diana as the Family of the Month.

May 2019

Deacon Mike Ryba and his wife Lisa

This family has been has been fully involved in all aspects of the Church and whenever we have an ongoing Council activity, you can be sure to find them lending a hand. Prior to relocating to Florida, he served as a Grand Knight and his wife serves in many parish ministries to include being a Eucharistic Minister. Please join me in congratulating Deacon Mike Ryba and his wife Lisa as the Family of the Month

April 2019

Julio and Emily Alvarez

The Family of the Month is the Alvarez family. Julio has been very involved with pretty much all the Council
activities since the inception. He is a 4th Degree Knight, who served our council in many of the officer
positions as well as Past Grand Knight, Faithful Navigator and District Deputy. He coordinates our Council
Fundraising Activities where this year we raised over $20K. He also supports Church to include being a
member of the Parish Council and Co-Leading the Alter Server Ministry. His wife Emily is a sister
Columbiette, who also worked in our St Stephen School for several years and now serves as a Sacristan for our
Church. Please join me in congratulating Julio & Emily Alvarez as the Family of the Month.

February 2019

Rich and Janet Sarnowski

The Sarnowski have been selected as the Family of the Month. S/K Rich joined the Knights of Columbus in 2012 and rapidly advanced to the 4th Degree by 2013. He serves as a Knights of Columbus VAVS representative coordinating support for veterans at the James A Haley Hospital and the Haley Cove Community Living Center. He regularly volunteers at the RJS Fundraisers, Basketball Free Throw, Youth Soccer Challenge, Parish Christmas Party, Incredibull Special Olympics, and Lenten Fish Fry. He is Parish usher/greeter, Assists with registration of new parishioners. Serves on the Hillsborough County Veterans Council

His wife Janice always assists her husband in all the above activities. She is Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC), a Greeter, helps with Parish registration and is currently working with Pastoral Council on auditing parish membership records. Please join me in congratulating S/K Rich and Janice as the Family of the Month.

January 2019

William and Sarah Torres

This family has been been very involved with pretty much all the Council activities. They worked almost every single RJS Fundraising events, they both worked the St Nicholas Breakfast, and have brought the Family Program to a new level by hosting or promoting many creative family activities such as the Family Faith Fest and the Christmas Card/Veterans Tree decoration activity during Christmas by bringing many families and kids together to honor our vets. Our Brother also just became a 4th Degree Knight and his wife a Sister Columbiette.

December 2018

Steve and Michelle McCallister

The McCallister Family, Stephen and
Michelle, continuously supports the
activities of our Parish to include both
serving as Usher during the masses.
Both our Steve and his wife Michelle
have volunteered at numerous RJS
Fundraising events and are always there
to lend a hand.
Please join me in congratulating Jerry
Coffey as the Knight of the Month and
Steve & Michelle McCallister as the
Family of the Month.

November 2018

Ted and Lori Russell

This family has actively participated in numerous ministries with the parish. The husband is a 4thDegree Knight and is a constant volunteer for RJS Fundraising events. He is also a catechist for the RCIA program, Men’s Club, Lector, Communion for the Homebound, Life Teen, Edge and currently serves on the Parish Pastoral Council.

His wife is a Sister Columbiette and has served in numerous ministries to include: Arts and Environment Committee, Faith Formation, Blessed Trinity Mission, Respect Life ministries and presently, she helps with RCIA, counts the Church collections, is part of the Prayer Line Prayer Group and is a Eucharistic minister. They were recently honored and were presented with the St. Jude Award by the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Please join me in congratulating the Russel family (Ted, Lori and family).

October 2018

Earl Family

This family has actively participated in all Right to Life activities in the Parish for over ten years, pretty much from the time I got involved in the Right to Life movement. They participate in all Payers Vigils, Life Chains, Foundations for Life Gala Remembrance Crosses, Pro-Life Baby Showers and March for Lives. Most recently the father developed the Life Team - Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives for the new Life Team ministry. He also co-led the initial meeting with Fr. Dermot and the Life Team Ministry kick-off meeting with over 50+ members in attendance.

September 2018

Matt Preszler Family

Family of the Month Family of the Month Change. Under the “Faith in Action” Initiative to stimulate and support the development of strong and vibrant families, local councils have to establish a committee to recognize a deserving Family of the Month and Family of the Year with potential for recognition on the international level. Going forward, the Committee will be composed of the 4 Program Directors, Deputy Grand Knight and Grand Knight The Preszler Family were selected as the Family of the Month

August 2018

Chris and Jeannie Lewis

The family actively participates in numerous Parish and Council activities throughout the year and actively supports all Right-to-Life activities. These include participating in Prayer Vigils, March for Life rallies, Life Chains and personally providing assistance to pregnant mothers in need. The family will also be heading the new Life Team Ministry for St Stephen Catholic Church

July 2018

Scott Hutterrman

May 2018

Barry Hamel Family

• The Family of the Month is the Barry Hamel Family. Barry and his wife Melissa are among the original parishioners of the parish – he told me this past weekend that he was a teenager when Saint Stephen was still a store front on Bell Shoals Road. Barry consistently helps out at many of the Knights events, and the whole family is active in the liturgical ministry. It struck me this weekend that when I see Barry, I almost always see his family as well. The Hamel family exemplifies family life in our Church, so congratulations to you and your family as our Council’s Family of the Month.

April 2018

Dan and Heidi Noyles


· The Family of the Month is the Noyes Family. Dan has advanced to both the Second and Third Degree this year, serves as an Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion, and has been a helpful hand at several events this year. Heidi is the President of our Columbiettes Auxiliary, and she recently volunteered to head the Coffee and Donuts Ministry that has turned out to be a popular way to promote fellowship in our parish. Both are educators in Catholic schools – Dan at Jesuit High School, and Heidi at our Saint Stephen School. Congratulations to the Noyes Family, and thanks for all you do for our parish and our community.

March 2018

John and Elaine Simon

Our Family of the Month is the John C. Simon Family. The Simons have been stalwart contributors to both the Knights and the Columbiettes, and both are active in Parish life as an usher and extraordinary minister of the Eucharist. Through their quiet and consistent service, the Simons have been a visual example to our Parish of what the Knights of Columbus and Columbiettes are all about.

February 2018

Alex and Diane Czopek

Our Family of the Month is the Alex Czopek family. Alex has spent the last 7+ years keeping the Council on the straight financial path as the Worthy Financial Secretary, and Diana has supported him every step of the way. Alex has done much more than track our finances – he drafts and maintains the budget each year; he submits the annual survey; he completes the quarterly audits; he maintains the membership accounts, collects dues, and assists in retention efforts; and he orders all of the council supplies. All these activities – and many other things I have omitted – require hours of dedication each week, and we have been blessed to have someone with the Wisdom of Solomon and the Patience of Job serving in this very important position. Thank you, Alex!

January 2018

Fabro Family

• The Family of the Month has been long time contributors to our parish in many, many ways. Mike Fabro is part of the parish’s Music Ministry, and both he and his wife Fran serve as Lectors and Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist. Recently they both completed the mandatory training and helped out in the fund raising efforts at Raymond James Stadium. Thank you Mike and Fran for all you do for our Council and our Parish!

December 2017

Ed Skrobacz

For his tireless effort in setting up the 1st Annual Pancake Breakfast

November 2017

John Hollingshead Family

John and his family are active as ushers and alter servers, and the family participated in our most recent road side clean up.

October 2017

Julio Alvarez and Family

For their support to the Rynne Family and the Council to get everything in place for the funeral mass.

September 2017

The Bob Milbrandt Family

For there continued support of the Parish

August 2017

Guillermo Bambach

July 2017

John Berrie and Family

May 2017

Bob Haley

April 2017

Bill Smith and Family

For Bill's dedication to his Family, the Knights of Columbus and to Special Olympics. Rest in PEace Brother your memory will live on.

March 2017

Anthony Basilicato

February 2017

Joe and Tomiko Rynne

January 2017

Rich Sarnowski

December 2016

Randy and Denise Lee

November 2016

Rich Gratnawsky

October 2016

Steve and Sue Haines

September 2016

Tim Donahue

August 2016

Mark Lovejoy