April 2023

The Brother Tom Brownlie Family

For their continued support of our Council and Parish Family events the Brownlie Family led by Brother Tom and his wife Linda have been recognized. Tom has been a Trustee of our Council for the last 4 years and is also a former Financial Secretary. His family is a force within OLMC parish as they support a number of ministries, and their grand daughter is also an Altar Server. Their son Robert is also a Third Degree Knight rounding out a true commitment by Brother Tom and his family to our Order and our Parish

March 2023

Mark Kowalsky Family

Brothers Mark and Kyle Kowalsky have been awarded as members of their family as the family of the month for March this year. Beyond the family taking lead roles in our St. Patrick's Day event, the entire family is active within the parish as well holding several support roles at the 11 AM Sunday morning Masses. Brother Mark supports our Parish as a member of the Finance Committee and has served as our Advocate for several years. Missing from the photo is Bianca, the daughter of Br. Mark and sister to Br. Kyle.

January 2023

Br. Lorne Clark and Christine

For their on going support and in particular for chairing this year's Children's Christmas Party this long serving couple of our Council and Parish is duly recognized.

December 2022

SK Br Murray and Lady Kitty Harris

Br. Murray is active is many ways in service to our Council. He co-chairs both the Breakfast and Fish Fry Committee and serves as our Council Chancellor.

He steps in and assist with other Parish events where his contact with local food service suppliers is a big help.

His spouse Kitty is equally busy as an active member of the OLMC Ladies Mission group in support of the fine work they do in helping the poor.

September 2022

SK Phil and Lady Barbara Campbell

For their continued support as our Pro Life Couple, a valued position that supports a key cornerstone of our faith - that is the protection of life.

December 2020

Brother Marc Vallee and Family

For their continued support of Council and Parish our Deputy Grand Knight Brother Marc Vallee and his wife Katherine have been recognized. They both are very active within our parish family, Kathy has assisted in many ways helping with the baking of needed to support our breakfast and fraternal events, helping with the Mission group. As a couple they have been cleaning and sanitizing the church following the 5 pm Masses for several months. They also recently started serving as Sacristan Ministers.

February 2020

Brother Mark Danelon and Family

I am now very pleased to present our Family of the Month Award to the Family of Brother Mark Danelon.

Brother Mark for the last 2 years has chaired our Basketball Free Throw event.

By working with our 2 Parish Schools and through their Principals we have had over 60 participants the last 2 years.

Brother Mark has involved his entire family in the running of this event including his wife, his parents and his children.

One of all Council’s objectives today is to focus on Family involvement, and any youth programs we can support. We see this now with the recent change on our Degrees can be run – in front of proud family members!

Beyond the active family role in our Program, Tanya is assisting our Parish Youth Co-coordinator at our Parish level in working with children in preparation for First Communion.

I am very pleased to present the February – March 2020 Family of the Month Award to Brother Mark Danelon and the entire Danelon Family and I know everyone will join me in congratulating them!

December 2019

The Campbell Family

I am very pleased to recognize Brother Phil Campbell and his wife Barbara with the Family of the Month Award for December. This team has been our Pro Life Couple for the last 2 years, taking on the role when the late Brother Denis Sylvester and his wife Lillian were forced to step down. With vigour and enthusiasm they represent our Council very well at this level, and Brother Phil provides our Council with regular updates and information as it relates to this cause.

They are active within our parish as well, Barb a member of the Ladies Aux is a regular at the Youth Dances as well.

Congratulations are in order to the team of Phil and Barbara Campbell!

October 2019

The Brownlie Family

The family of the month for September 2019 is presented to Brother Tom Brownlie and his wife Linda. Brother Tom agreed to chair the Annual Parish Family Day BBQ and Picnic for the second year in a row. While this is a parish event, our Council none the less is responsible to the running, organizing and extensive planning of this annual activity.
During the summer months when most other Council activities are quiet, Brother Tom quietly went about chairing organizational meetings and engaging the necessary help to ensure a successful day. Linda in no stranger to helping out as under her leadership as the President of the Spirit of Mt. Carmel Ladies Aux., a full team effort was in play leading up to and including the busy day where about 500 members of our parish family had a great day.
It is a deep appreciation on behalf of our Council that I present the Family of the Month Award to the Brother Tom Brownlie and his wife Linda and their son, Brother Robert who of course is always present to give a helping hand.

June 2019

The Brown Family

I am pleased to present the Family of the Month Award for the months of April and May to Brother Keith Brown and his wife, Denise.
The Brown family is no stranger to volunteerism and this presentation is being made not for a specific program or project, it really exemplifies and recognizes the on-going support our Council and Parish receives from them as a team!
Brother Keith and Denise work hand and hand at every breakfast, fish fry – that’s a lot of hours at each of the 8 events we hold between September and April.
Brother Keith works with our Chairman (Br. Murray Harris) to ensure the support staff is in place and also tends to a number of supplemental duties such as cleaning the oven, fryer etc., following each event. This allows our Chairman to focus on food purchases, ticket sales etc, a significant relief and help.
Denise is always there in apron and hairnet, working in the kitchen, doing dishes, cleaning up or serving. They have been both doing this for years now, Brother Keith joined the Knights 12 years ago, it’s remarkable that at age 87 he can keep up this pace!
Beyond this support, they are also active within the St. Vincent de Paul Society, and Brother Keith continues to volunteer on a weekly basis at St. Clair College where he once taught and is a regular at OLGH.
I know everyone will join me in congratulating Brother Keith and Denise Brown in receiving this well-deserved Award.

January 2019

Lorne and Christine Clark

I am pleased to present our Family of the Month Award to Lorne and Christine Clark.

Volunteerism is something certainly nothing new to the Clark family. In October we had nobody to chair our Children’s Christmas Party and Lorne when asked, agreed to do so.

With the help of Christine the word got out and we had a record number of children, parents and grand parents attend this year – over 200 which almost tripled our event from last year.

There was a lot of organizing, countless phone calls, emails to be answered not to mention the extended and countless trips to the a number of stores to do the shopping needed to run this event.

There is no better place to put our time than with the children and young families of our parish community.

Lorne and Christine, for your valued and appreciated service to our Council and Parish Family, I am very pleased to present to you this small token of appreciation.