March 2021

Joe and Carol Francis

January 2021

Larry and Suzanne Cross

December 2020

Christopher family

November 2020

Kenny and Kathryn Nygaard

October 2020

Hand Family

We would like to nominate the family of Sir Knight Ted Hand as Family of the Month for October, 2020. Brother Ted was inducted into the Knights over 43 years ago. As a member of our council, Ted has volunteered his time to many of our programs and activities. Brother Ted has enthusiastically given his time and talent to co-chair the Lenten Fish Fry Dinners, as well as assist at Knight’s Breakfasts, Community Sundays, Wreaths Across America, and special events after Sacramental Masses. Brother Ted serves as the council’s Outside Guard, is the Faithful Navigator for Assembly 3300, and serves in the Light of The World Roman Catholic Parish Safe Sanctuary ministry. Brother Ted recently donated the use of his time, his truck, and trailer to the first ever Sock and Water Drive. He also volunteered at the Knight’s Food Booth at the recent Light of the World Craft Fair.
Brother Ted’s much better half, wife Nancy, is a member of the Ladies of the Knights. Along with volunteering at many of the Ladies and Knights activities, Nancy also recently volunteered her time to the Sock and Water Drive and the Ladies of the Knight’s Food and Beverage table at the Craft Fair. Nancy can often be found assisting with the unenviable task of clean up after many Knights and Ladies activities.
Most impressive, especially for Nancy, is the more than 50 years of marriage they have shared, during which they raised three now adult children.
For their wonderful example of a Catholic Marriage, and for their shared dedication to the Knights and Ladies of the Knights mission and causes, Ted and Nancy are a very deserving Family of the Month for October 2020.

August 2020

LaFonte family

July 2020

David and Anne Fein

April 2020

Frank and Ronnie Seagren

March 2020

Bill and Dianne Christian

February 2020

Mike McBride family

December 2019

Jim and Lori Fritz

We would like to nominate the family of Jim and Lori Fritz as Family of the Month for December 2019. Jim and Lori are long time parishioners of Light of the World Roman Catholic Church and have been married for 38 years. Lori recently retired from Jeffco Schools and Jim retired from Coors. Once a couple retires, they had to set a course for the years ahead. Lori and Jim decided to give back by helping as weekly volunteers at the parish Food Pantry. Which is one of the most impactful ministries of our parish, serving over 300 separate households in 2019, resulting in over 24,000 bags of food shared. Many who volunteer to help, play an unsung role, most recipients are not members of our parish. Food is donated and provided from a variety of sources and is sent to soup kitchens in the Denver area, as well as pantry clientele. It is open 52 weeks a year, as the need for food never goes away.

Being a volunteer for a shift a week is one thing, seeing the need to serve as a couple, in a leadership role is quite another. Lori also serves as volunteer on the church cleaning team. Former recipients of this award, John and Mary Walsh led the pantry for almost 2 years without any leadership support, working 6 days a week without interruption. About a year and a half ago, Lori and Jim asked if they could relieve John and Mary as the need arose. Since then they have become indispensable. Today, they are viewed as second-in-command, loved by the volunteers, and capable of making the decisions necessary to keep the pantry humming. John and Mary can now take time-off and extended vacations as desired, without losing a wink of sleep. They and Father Matt, have complete confidence in the work of Lori and Jim, to carry out the mission of the pantry.

We feel that Jim and Lori are worthy of this award in recognition of their service to Light of the World Roman Catholic Church and the residents of our surrounding Jefferson County Community.

November 2019

Mike Holm family

October 2019

Luis and Monica Naegele

September 2019

Jim and Pat Heimer

August 2019

Joel and Laurie Zdechlik

July 2019

Greg Van Dyke family

Brothers of Council 12567,
We would like to nominate the family of Greg and Valerie Van Dyke as Family of the Month for July 2019. Both serve the parishioners at Light of the World Roman Catholic Church as Sacristans at Sunday and Holy Day, and other special Masses. Greg is a member of the Safe Sanctuary Ministry, at times doing double duty at weekend Masses. Greg is also a member of the Men of Galilee discipleship fellowship group and has provided guidance and instruction to other forming discipleship groups. Greg, Valerie and their daughter Julie all serve as Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion. Valerie is a valued member of the parish Pastoral Council. While Julie is the Youth Assistant to the Youth Group Ministry.
Greg and Valerie recently spearheaded the inaugural parish Camping Trip Weekend. Aside from the camping trip, Greg and Valerie have volunteered their time to countless parish activities and causes.
Greg and Valerie are a wonderful example of a married Catholic couple, and as result of the success and enduring quality of their union, they have been heavily involved in and have provided the lead on the various parish Marriage Ministries, providing guidance to engaged and married couples on marriage in the Catholic Faith.
Greg, Valerie and Julie are a wonderful example of dedicated Catholic family, whose actions embody their Faith whole heartily. For the example they set for other families at Light of the World parish the Van Dyke family is truly deserving of this recognition.
Respectfully submitted,
Officers of Council 12567

June 2019

Larry and Suzanne Cross

Brothers of Council 12567,
We would like to nominate the family of Brother Larry Cross as Family of the Month for June 2019. Brother Larry and wife Suzanne are frequently involved in Council and Parish activities. Brother Larry volunteers his time and talents for numerous Council activities. He has been a volunteer for our fish fries, breakfasts, Tootsie Roll drives, the annual Respect Life 5K, Highway Clean-Ups, Community Sundays, Fifth Sunday Rosary, the Knight’s Adoration Hour, and recently served as the council Faith Director. As Faith Director Brother Larry has spearheaded the annual All Souls Mass, honoring our departed brothers and family members. At brother Larry’s side at virtually all these activities is Suzanne. Suzanne’s attitude, enthusiasm and willingness to serve are infectious. Both Larry and Suzanne recently lent their time and talents to support the Bitner Memorial 10K/5K run/walk to honor law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty and provide support for their families. Both answered the call to serve their community and provide support to a fellow parishioner that requested Knight’s assistance. Larry and Suzanne are true representation of a Knight’s “power couple”. Both are also Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, serving at weekly and Holy Day Masses. By their tireless, consistent, and sustained excellence in effort and service, Larry and Suzanne are shining examples of all four tenants that are the foundation of our Brotherhood and Fraternal Organization. Through their example, Brother Larry and his wife Suzanne are helping to foster and encourage values that will inspire our next generation of future Knights and Lady Knights.
We feel that Brother Larry and his wife Suzanne are worthy of this award in recognition of their service to Council 12567 and Light of the World Roman Catholic Church.

Respectfully submitted,
Officers of Council 12567

March 2019

Al Finken Family

We would like to nominate the family of Brother Al Finken as Family of the Month for March 2019. Brother Al, along with his grandsons Paul and Samuel, volunteered their time and services to assist our beleaguered Worthy Grand Knight and the rest of the Fish Fry co-chairmen, with the prep work for our Friday Lenten Fish Fry event. They tirelessly and enthusiastically lent their labor and efforts to ensure the success of our council’s endeavor.
Brother Al, who has been a Knight for over 50 years, and has volunteered and participated in Knight’s activities in the past for the benefit of his fellow Knights, and brothers and sisters at Light of the World Parish. Brother Al is a retired Captain of the Denver Fire Department, where he unselfishly and honorably served his community for decades. Brother Al has shown by example and fostered in his family the values of Charity and Unity. Most importantly, Brother Al and his family exemplify the core purpose upon which Father Michael J. McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus and are a proud example of the unity of family.
We feel that Brother Al and his family are worthy of this award in recognition of their service to Council 12567 and Light of the World Roman Catholic Church.

February 2019

Kelly Sheehan family

We would like to nominate the family of Kelly and Debbie Sheehan as Family of the Month for February 2019. Kelly and Debbie, along with their children are all actively involved in the Parish in the volunteer service they provide. Kelly is a Captain of the 10:30 Safe Sanctuary Team and Debbie is an Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Communion. Their children, Alyssa, 17, Maya, 15, Caleb, 13 and Kaylie, 11 are all Altar Servers and are seen frequently serving together at Mass.

In addition to providing these services to the Church, Kelly and Debbie are both active in the More than you can Realize group at Light of the World and Debbie is involved in Catechesis of the Good Shepard, catechism for younger children.

Kelly is a Sergeant with the Arvada Police Department and has been an organizer for the Annual Jeremy Bitner Fallen Officer 5K/10K, named in honor of Officer Bitner, who was killed in the line of duty on May 28, 2012. The proceeds of this event benefit the families of fallen officers in Colorado. The entire Sheehan family have been active participants in this most worthy annual cause.

In addition, the Sheehan kids made up the very own four-person team at the Knight’s 2018 Respect Life 5K, to the benefit of the Knight’s Ultrasound Initiative.

The Sheehan's lead by example and have fostered in their family the value of Charity and Unity and truly exemplify the principals that Father Michael J. McGivney founded the Knights of Columbus on, namely Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

We feel that the Sheehan family are worthy of this award in recognition of their service to Light of the World Roman Catholic Church and the surrounding community.

January 2019

Mark and Mary Wolbach

Mark and Mary Wolbach were named January 2019 Family of the Month at the January business meeting. Mark has been a knight since 1999 and has served as a Deacon at LOW since 2014. His sons Dan, a third year seminarian, and Pat are knights. Mary is a sacristan and daughter Maureen has filled in as the receptionist at the parish offices.

November 2018

Tony and Cheryl Ventura

Tony and Cheryl Ventura were named Family of the Month for November at the November 20 business meeting. They have been very active in council and parish events and are active at the Cathedral parish. Tony is the Assembly’s Faithful Navigator and a former Color Corps Commander.

October 2018

Deris and Cheryl Wolff family

The Deris and Cheryl Wolff family was recognized as the October Family of the Month at the October business meeting. Deris is both a Past Grand Knight band also our Past District Deputy. He is a member of two Degree Teams. Cheryl and Deris are Eucharistic Ministers and, with their granddaughters, participated in our annual Tootsie Roll Drive

September 2018

Mo and Lucy Michel

At the September 25 business meeting, Mo and Lucy Michel were honored as the September 2018 Family of the Month. Mo said he and Lucy were delighted to become part of our council when they relocated here several years ago.

August 2018

Bob Knueven family

July 2018

John Eiler family

June 2018

Steve and Anita Haynes

May 2018

Ted and Nancy Hand

Ted and Nancy Hand are honored as the May Family of the Month. Ted is a 4th Degree knight who has been a member of our Order for 41 years. He has been active in the Honor Guard, fish fry dinners, parish breakfasts, Safe Sanctuary and the reconstituted “Knights on Bikes”. Nancy is active in Ladies of the Knights’ events. They will celebrate 50 years of marriage in June

April 2018

Sean O’Hara family

Sean O’Hara family was honored as the April Family of the Month. Sean has been active with parish breakfasts and fish fry dinners. He has worked with his sons on the Tootsie Roll Drive. Recently, Sean has become the pots and pans guru in the kitchen.

March 2018

Luis and Monica Naegele family

Luis and Monica Naegele family was honored as the March Family of the Month. Luis and Monica have been active in many council and parish events for many years, including parish breakfasts and fish fry and Guadalupe dinners, serving as co-chairs on the latter event.

February 2018

Joe and Carol Francis family

Joe and Carol Francis family was named Family of the Month for February at the February 27 business meeting. Joe and Carol are involved in many parish and council events.

January 2018

Matt Pelle family

Congratulations to Matt Pelle’s family, named Family of the Month for January.

August 2017

Brian Smith

Knights of Columbus Council 12567 is pleased to recognize Brian and Pam Smith as Family of the Month for August 2017. Pam and Brian are a wonderful couple, very devoted to the parish and our Council and to the Ladies of the Knights. Brian has been a Knight since 2013 and is a 3rd degree Knight. Brian suffered a stroke several years ago which significantly impacted his ability to contribute to the Council. Pam has devoted herself to Brian and his return to an active life and role in the Council. Brian is amazed by Pam’s love,ability and commitment to his care. Since his rehabilitation, Brian faithfully attends our monthly meetings and social events. Most recently he worked the Ladies Appreciation Dinner and he and Pam volunteered to help out at the 5K run and also Western Welcome Week. You will find Brian and Pam volunteering at virtually all parish functions including the Guadalupe
Dinner, Lenten Fish Fries and Community Sundays. Pam is one of the
most active members of the Ladies of the Knights. She dedicates
herself to supporting the various fundraising efforts for the
Seminarians and religious and was an important contributor to the
parish-wide Ladies-only event held last December. She attends the
Ladies monthly meetings as well as working the Community Sunday
Ladies table. You can always count on being greeted with a warm smile when you see Pam.
We congratulate and honor Brian and Pam with this award.

July 2017

Frank Seagren


Fr. Francis Syrianey Council 12567 has chosen the Sir Knight Frank Seagren family as Family of the Month for July, 2017.
Brother Frank, who has been a Knight since 2010, and his wife Ronnie, are very active at LOTW. Both sing in the choir at 10:30 mass. Brother Frank and Ronnie are also members of the Low Downs, singing at events such as the council’s Christmas party and at the end of year party for Carron Coffee House. Brother Frank is a regular at Parish breakfasts and Lenten Fish Fry’s. He is also referred to as “Count Frankula”, referring to his work as chairman of the Knight’s blood drives for Children’s Hospital. Ronnie also serves as a lecturer at the 10:30 mass.
During this past weekend, the Seagren family was very active at the Respect Life 5K. Brother Frank assisted in the set-up of Lux Mundi Hall on Friday night. After running on council 12567’s Knights team in the 5k, Brother Frank continued his volunteering by assisting after the race, doing whatever tasks needed completing, including the tare down of Lux Mundi Hall. Ronnie was the official photographer of the race. She took pictures of the race from start to finish, including but not limited to, registration, Father Matt’s pre-race prayer, the awards ceremony, and a picture of every participant crossing the finish line. This was instrumental in helping to complete the race scoring. Brother Frank and Ronnie’s son Frank and Granddaughter Sara also participated in the 5k.

Due to their enthusiasm and dedication to LOTW and to council #12567, Brother Frank and Ronnie Seagren are hereby recognized and selected as the Family of the Month for July 2017. They are an inspiration to us all and are truly worthy of this award.

June 2017

Bob Budz

Fr. Francis Syrianey Council 12567 has chosen the Sir Knight Robert Budz family as family of the month for June, 2017.

For many years, Brother Bob has volunteered and worked numerous events for the Council. Brother Bob is a regular at Parish breakfasts, Lenten Fish Fry preps, and the Lenten Fish Fry’s, where he is our chief mac & cheese chef. Both Brother Bob and his wife Marion spent years taking care of the garden and flowers at Light of the World Roman Catholic Church. Both are also active Eucharistic Ministers for the 8:00 am mass.

Brother Bob and Marion have taken an active part in many activities and events for both the Knights of Columbus and LOTW including: the Spring and Fall cleanups, the weekly clean team, Senior & Council Picnics, and the Guadalupe Dinner. Brother Bob always has a great demeanor through it all, as recalled while performing the nightmarish task of reupholstering the chairs with kneelers. Brother Bob and Marion have donated many hours to the success of both the Council and the Parish and should be very proud of their efforts.

Whenever Brother Bob is asked how he is doing, he tells us that he is Blessed. Brother Bob’s attitude makes us proud to know him and to be a Knight, and we wish that we were as dedicated and full of enthusiasm as he is.

Brother Bob and Marion Budz are truly worthy of this award.

May 2017

Larry Cross

Knights of Columbus Council #12567 has selected the Larry Cross family as the Family of the Month for May 2017. Suzanne has been a member of Light of the World parish for many years, serving as Eucharistic Minister Captain for the 10:30 am mass. She is also the “Communion” trainer for the parish, training new Eucharistic Ministers for all masses. Brother Larry is a recent convert to Catholicism. Shortly thereafter, Larry joined the Knights of Columbus and has been actively involved ever since. Brother Larry was a regular at the Lenten Fish Fry’s and is often seen helping out at the Parish Breakfasts and on Community Sunday. He also is a Eucharistic Minister at the 10:30 am mass.
Most recently, Brother Larry agreed to be the “Church” program chair for the council. With Suzanne at his side, Brother Larry jumped right in and took on both the First Communion mass and the Confirmation mass. After the First Communion mass, they handed out Rosaries to those receiving their First Communion and assisted with clean-up. For the Confirmation mass, Larry and Suzanne set up the beverages, helped distribute the cake with the “Ladies”, and also assisted with the clean up of LMH afterward.
Brother Larry and Suzanne are both members of the LOTW Seniors group, being in charge of the food committee. They are responsible for all of the group’s food needs, whether buying it, preparing it, or cleaning it up. Brother Larry and Suzanne assist the Parish office by stuffing the Church Bulletin with inserts or assisting with mass mailings as needed. Brother Larry and Suzanne are part of the weekly “Clean Team” and also help with the Fall and Spring clean-up by not only doing yard work but by supplying breakfast and lunch to those donating their time and effort.
For all of their hard work and for the amount of time they put in, not only for the Knights of Columbus but for the Parish as well, Council #12567 would like to recognize Brother Larry and Suzanne Cross as Family of the Month for May 2017.

April 2017

Mo Michel

The family of the month for April 2017 is Mo and Lucy Michel. They joined our faith community of Light of the World approximately 3 years ago and have been active volunteers in virtually every Knights sponsored activity as well as parish-wide activities. They are a couple with servant hearts.

This special man, Mo, contributes his time and energy, tirelessly, to virtually every cause that the Knights undertake. After undergoing a medical setback earlier this year, Mo returned to give it his all during Lent He regularly showed up to work with the preparation team for the fish fry’s and worked as part of the kitchen crew into the night. He never asked for relief and only took breaks when his team members would ask to relieve him from his post. He was on his feet for several hours when much younger men would have found reasons to stay home. He is an inspiration to all who watch him work. In September and October each year he is invaluable to the Tootsie Roll Drive, as he cheerfully works in the hot sun. He contributes his time at events too numerous to mention. He is a very kind man who never has to be asked to help out.

This special lady, Lucy, is an equally invaluable member of the Ladies of the Knights. Lucy is a regular volunteer at fish fry’s, contributing and serving desserts from open to close. She works with the Ladies every community Sunday, contributing generously to the raffle baskets, serves at the First Holy Communion and Confirmation receptions, and helping at the Guadalupe dinner. At the Ladies parish event in December, she generously and graciously hosted a table. As with Mo, the list is much longer than there is space for.

We are blessed to have Mo and Lucy in our parish and in our Knights family. They are a role model for all couples looking to get involved in the Knights.

March 2017

Jim Lundstrom

The Jim Lundstrom family has been selected as the March 2017 Family of the Month.
Jim and Terri have been well respected members of Light of the World parish for many years. They are both graduates of the Denver Catholic Biblical School and are active in several ministries. Jim has been a member of the Knights for a few years, serves as a leader within the parish's faith formation RCIA program and is a Eucharistic Minister. He has also served as a lector and is currently a substitute for Eucharistic Adoration with Terri.
Terri is an active member of the Ladies of the Knights. She was co-chair for the Ladies special, parish-wide Advent program for the women of our parish, hosting over 200 women: a month’s long commitment. Terri is also a Eucharist minister and has served as lector.
This lenten season, Jim and Terri have been active supporters of our council's fish fry’s. Jim has given many hours working in the kitchen in food preparation and Terri has provided desserts and worked with her fellow Ladies at the dessert table, as a fundraiser for our seminarians, whom we jointly support. Because of their achievements, Council 12567 is proud to name Jim and Terri Lundstrom the “Family of the Month” for March 2017.

February 2017

Patrick Garrison

The winner of the February 2017 Family of the Month for Council 12567 is the Patrick Garrison family.

Brother Pat is the Faithful Scribe for Jesus Light of the World Assembly 3300 and Worthy Outside Guard for Council #12567. He is also a member of Safe Sanctuary. His wife Sophie is a Lector and Eucharistic Minister for the Saturday 4:30 pm mass. Both Pat and Sophie have participated at several Council activities including the Family Hour of Prayer, Parish Breakfasts, and the Fall Membership Drive Dinner.

Brother Pat and his wife Sophie are examples of service to their Church, community, and Council, and are recognized as K of C Council 12567’s Family of the Month for 2017.

January 2017

Ladies of the Knights

The family of the month for January 2017 is an invaluable part of the extended family of Knights of Columbus Council 12567; the Ladies of the Knights. We recognize the Ladies for their selfless contribution to Light of the World Parish and our council throughout the year. They donate countless hours as well as their treasure to fundraise, through raffle baskets and desserts at Lenten fish fry’s, for the purpose of supporting the Seminarians selected by our council. They more than achieve their goal of raising $2000 every year. They also support celebrations of the Confirmation and First Eucharist programs each May and will support the Marion Icon program next month by cutting and serving desserts.

November and December of 2016 were particularly eventful for the Ladies as they baked and distributed bread for the Thanksgiving Mass, provided desserts for the All Souls Mass and Guadalupe Dinner, and put on a beautiful and inspirational ladies-only free event for over 200 ladies of our parish and the surrounding faith community. It took months of preparation and sacrifice on the part of their core group to make this event happen.

We thank the Ladies of the Knights for their unwavering commitment to our parish and Council 12567.

December 2016

Luis Naegele

Family of the Month December 2016

Former Grand Knight and Former Trustee Luis Naegele, his wife Monica and daughter Chelsea volunteered, after a three year absence, to chair our 2016 Guadalupe Dinner. The event was a great success because of the efforts of our membership, but especially because of the many hours of planning, shopping, budgeting and cooking done by the Naegele Family.

The menu was prepared “from scratch” using time consuming family recipes to create a traditional Mexican Dinner for our parish, honoring the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Luis has held many volunteer positions with the Council, including fish fries, parish breakfasts, Council First Degree Team and as Chair for prior Guadalupe dinners, just to name a few events.

Brother Luis' wife Monica is a very active member in the council's “Ladies of the Knights” working many Community Sunday's preparing and selling Lattes to raise funds for the Councils seminarian support. Monica, along with Luis, was the main organizer for the Guadalupe Dinner. Daughter Chelsea assisted with the 2016 Guadalupe Dinner also as time in her busy schedule has allowed.

The family has assisted at the yearly church Memorial Mass. Luis and Monica are captains in the Safe Sanctuary ministry and many other church events too numerous to mention.

Brother Luis and Monica are primary participants, for years, in the community's Carron Coffee House, a non-profit program which provides recreational, social and spiritual interaction for adults with intellectual disabilities. It is hosted at LOTW Church

The Naegele family exemplifies the type of family that highlights the Council’s activities and to what we, as a group of Brothers stand for. They are truly deserving of this award.

November 2016

Mike Holm

Brothers of Council 12567,

We would like to nominate the family of Brother Mike Holm as Family of the Month for November 2016. Brother Mike and his family are frequently involved in Council and Parish activities. Brother Mike is a volunteer at our fish fries, parish breakfasts, and is a member of the 4th Degree Color Guard. He sings in the church choir along with his wife Anne, who is also a Cantor at Masses and an instructor for LOTW children’s religious education programs. Most recently, Brother Mike and his children, Rebecca (who is also an altar server), Daniel, and Claire all participated in the Knights Annual Tootsie Roll Drive. Mike and his kids were enthusiastic in their participation, and did a tremendous job acquiring donations for this worthy charitable cause. By his example and through his family, Brother Mike and his wife Anne are helping to foster and encourage values in their children that will prove valuable as members of our next generation of future Knights and Lady Knights.
We feel that Brother Mike and his family are worthy of this award in recognition of their service to Council 12567 and Light of the World Roman Catholic Church.

Respectfully submitted,
Officers of Council 12567

October 2016

Jim Sirhall

September 2016

Anthony Jaurez

Brothers of Council 12567
The September Family of the Month is Brother Anthony (Tony) Juarez and his Family. They have been involved in various activities in the parish and council. Including but not limited to Parish Fall and Spring clean up, Council Fish Fries, Food Bank of the Rockies, Council Breakfasts, Chairing KofC Football Crazr 2016, handing out PAS 106 signs and the Toostie Roll drive. Brother Tony had all four grandkids working the opening weekend at Walmart and King Soopers.
Brother Tony was a Council delegate to the Colorado State Knights conference in Denver and was a Colorado State Delegate to Supreme Conference in Toronto. His wife Dina attend these activities with him.
The Juarez family has been supportive of council 12567 and Light of the World parish and are worthy of this recognition as “Family of the Month”. Please join me in congratulating the Juarez Family.

August 2016

Mike Furtaw

The winners of the Family of the Month award in August for Knights of Columbus Council #12567 is the Michael Furtaw family (member no 4394930).
Mike is the Faithful Scribe in the Jesus Light of the World Assembly 3300, is a Eucharistic Minister and has worked on various council functions. Tina is a member of the staff at the historical Holy Ghost Parish in downtown Denver. Both Mike and Tina have volunteered their time to work at Coffee House and Western Welcome Week.
They are examples of service to their Church, community and council and deserve the recognition that this award brings to them.

July 2016

Matt Traver

The winners of this month’s Family of the Month award for Knights of Columbus Council #12567 is the Matt Traver family. Matt, who was co-chair of the Respect Life 5K, and his Daughter Meagan, and her boyfriend Andrew Smalley, were instrumental in helping the race run smoothly this past June. They performed multiple tasks, including pre-race set up and scoring. Matt, who was also co-chair of the Tootsie Roll Drive, and his family were regulars at the drive, gobbling up all unclaimed shifts to make sure every hour was filled. Matt, who is a regular at Food Bank of the Rockies, is often joined by his son on the third Saturday of the month.
It is our pleasure to present the July 2016 Knights of Columbus Family of the Month award to Chancellor Matt Traver and his family. They are examples of humility, service, and selflessness and are deserving of this award and recognition.

June 2016

Rick Brentrup

May 2016

Deacon Mark Wolbach

April 2016

Luis Nagele



The winning family of this month’s Family of the Month award for Knights of Columbus Council #12567 could literally win this award every month. This husband and wife team is a fixture at Carron Coffee House, always helping the clients with a smile. They are present at every Lenten Fish Fry, he slaving away in the kitchen while she is selling desserts with the Ladies of the Knights. A similar pattern exists at the Parish Breakfasts, with our Brother Knight diligently working in the kitchen while his fair Maiden is assisting the Ladies in Lux Mundi Hall. This dynamic duo is also active in other ministries, being part of the Safe Sanctuary team for the 10:30 am Mass. Finally, this wonderful couple, along with their daughter Chelsea, helped prepare the meal for the Membership Drive Dinner last week.
It is our pleasure to present the April 2016 K of C Family of the Month award to Past Grand Knight Luis Nagele and his family. Luis, Monica, and Chelsea are the ultimate examples of humility, service, and selflessness and are deserving of this award and recognition.

March 2016

Jim Sirhall

February 2016

Ted Hand Jr

January 2016

Brian Richard

December 2015

Rich Schick

November 2015

Joe Francis

October 2015

John Haddow

September 2015

Michael Holm

August 2015

Greg Polak

July 2015

Frank Seagren

June 2015

Brian Smith

May 2015

Deris Wolff

Council 12567’s May, 2015 Family of the Month is SK Brother Deris Wolff.
Brother Deris has been a Past Grand Knight, Former District Deputy and was the Charter Faithful Navigator for our 4th Degree Assembly #3300. Brother Deris is currently the State Membership Director and the Council’s Membership and Retention Director and has just Chaired a Spaghetti Social/ Membership dinner that was very successful. It was attended by 72 Brothers, Candidates and their families and in conjunction with the advertising and Mass reminders, generated 5 new Candidates for the Council. Deris volunteers for almost all events asked of, most recently the Council breakfasts and all 6 fish fries. Brother Deris is an active Brother in our Council and helps where ever and whenever needed. He helps out tremendously.
His wife Cheryl is an active Ladies of the Knights and has also been at the fish fry’s selling salads and desserts to help raise money for the 2 seminarians and one Sister who we support. Cheryl works the Latte table on Community Sundays and always lends us a helping hand.
Brother Deris is a Knights on Bikes member attends all the Council’s functions, officers meetings, socials and business meetings and takes an active part in assisting this council to successful accomplishments. Council 12567 is honored to present this certificate of Family of the Month for May, 2015 to Deris and Cheryl. Congratulations.

April 2015

Pat Fiore

March 2015

Tony Ventura

February 2015

Jim Sirhall

January 2015

Jessie Taitano

The Fr Francis Syrianey Council 12567 would like to announce that the winner of the Family of the Month Award for January 2015 is Jesse (member # 3717934) and Terrie Taitano. Jessie is a three time former Grand Knight of the council and has been a valuable council for his successors. Jessie is active in the council and is seen about many council events. Terrie is a former leader of the local Ladies group that supports council activities. Terrie is also a member of the Parish staff and has been recently promoted to be the Parish event coordinator. The Taitano family exemplifies the ideals of service that the Knights of Columbus stands for and deserves recognition for their good works.

December 2014

Brian Richard

November 2014

Richard Schick

October 2014

John Bullock, Jr.

September 2014

Joe Francis

August 2014

Luis Naegele

July 2014

Matt Traver

June 2014

Sean O'Hara