February 2024

Jason and Deb Fox

Jason and Deb are very active in our Parish. Deb is a lector, and Jason is the Lead Usher at the 10:00 Sunday Mass. Both have been involved in these activities for several years, and they were both involved in the preparation and serving at the annual Snow Day last week.

January 2024

SK Dr. Jim Mead

SK Dr. Jim and Lady Page Mead have a dedicated and giving family. Three of their four boys, Francis, Peter, and Robert, serve regularly as Knights of the Altar. George is home from college, and he will return to Ohio to finish his studies later this month. Daughter Madison has graduated from college, and she is gainfully employed. She also serves often at Parish/Knights' activities.

July 2023

SK Dr. Jim Mead

The Mead Family contribute much to our Parish and our Council. Dr. Jim is the president of the camp up north and is heavily involved with it. He also built the Christmas Manger, which has been on display for the last several years. (We will lose it due to the location of the Grotto.) He also contributed greatly to the renovation of the Adoration Chapel. His sons, Peter, Francis, and Robert are stalwart members of the Knights of the Altar, and they can be seen very often serving at Mass. Page is also involved with the Parish in many ways. The Meads are a very important family to our Parish.

April 2023

Diane and Doug Flitcroft

For their dedicated service to the KofC in general and specifically for their support of the 2023 Fish Fries.

March 2023

SK Michael and Midi Dill

February 2023

Tom and Margaret Hinski

December 2022

Doug and Diane Flitcroft

November 2022

WGK Dennis Logue Family

WGK Dennis and First Lady Rebecca, together with their children, are always an actively involved family in our Parish. We applaud WGK Dennis' leadership of our Council and all the time and effort he puts into it with First Lady Rebecca at his side.

September 2022

The Bob Bischof Family

September 2022

WGK Dennis Logue Family

July 2022

SK Tom and Abby Munks

July 2022

Tom and Abby Munks

Congratulations to Tom and Abby Munks, Our July Knights of Columbus Family of the Month!

June 2022

SK Don Tellis Family

Parker, Hayden, Kathy, SK Don, and Larissa Tellis, June 2022 Family of the Month

May 2022

Vincenzo and Susan Cefalu

December 2018

Santo and Joan Graziano

Family of the Month November 2018

November 2018

Tom and Marina Davey

Tom and Marina Davey with Meadow and Shawn

August 2018

Martin and Josephine Perez

SK Martin and Josephine Perez, Family of the Month, August 2018

July 2018

The Arvizu Family

The Arvizu Family, Family of the Month June 2018

June 2018

Michael and Midi Dill

SK Michael and Lady Midi Dill, family of the Month, May 2018

May 2018

SK Michael and Shirley Smalley

hael and Shirly Smalley, Family of the Month, April 2018

April 2018

SK Vincenzo and susan Cefalu

Family of the Month, March 2018

March 2018

John and Dotty Young

SK John and Dotty Young, Family of the Month February 2018

February 2018

Dennis and Rebecca Logue

Family of the Month, January 2018

January 2018

SK Dr. James and Page Mead

Family of the Month, December 2017

December 2017

Deacon Al and Donna Homiski

Family of the Month November 2017

November 2017

Tom and Marina Davey

Tom and Marina Davey, active in Cub Scouts, EM Ministry . Shawn and Meadow Davey, active in cub Scouts, Little League Baseball and Girl Scouts.

October 2017

SK Michaeal and Lady Midi Dill

September 2017

Shirley Teed and Harry Cameron

Shirley Teed and Harry Cameron, Family of the Month August 2017

July 2017

Jon & Terri Westervelt

Family of the Month July 2017

June 2017

Dennis and Rebecca Logue

Family of the Month June

May 2017

Dr. Antonio and Melissa Lugay

Family of the Month, May 2017

April 2017

Deacon Bob and Susan Torigian

Fmaily of the month, april 2017

March 2017

Larry and Janet Bleichroth

Janet and Larry Bleichroth, March's Family of the Month

February 2017

The Mead Family

Family of the Month, February 2017

January 2017

The Leicht Family

December 2016

Vincezo and Susan Cefalu

Vince Cefalu is one of the busiest volunteers in the St. Bernadette KofC Council. He volunteers for every event: the Annual Ice Cream Social, the Oktoberfest, Veterans'Day, hanging Christmas lights on the parish hall, office building, Ramada, plus five pancake breakfasts, and the Young Men's Conferenc , just to name what he's done so far in this Fraternal Year. Susan is active in the St. Vincent De Paul Society and was active in this year's Angel Christmas Tree Program.

November 2016

The Fox Family

Jason Fox serves at every Sunday's 10:00 Mass as Lead Usher and has been serving in that capacity for several years. Deb Fox serves in the Lector ministry.

October 2016

The Arvizu Family

September 2016

The Pastrana Family

August 2016

Brian and Vickie Weber

August Family of the Month

July 2016

Bill, Tammy, and Katie Polcyn

June 2016

Deacon Al and Donna Homiski

May 2016

Deacon Frank Nevarez and Family

April 2016

Chris and Amy Smith

March 2016

Don Tellis and Family

February 2016

Dr. Jim & Page Mead

January 2016

Michael & Shirley Smalley

December 2015

Steven Haub and Family

Though new to the Council, Steve and his family have helped out at several Knights’ functions already

November 2015

Dr. SK Antonio and Melissa Lugay and family

Dr. Antonio Lugay is a general dentist—you might have seen his ad in the Parish Bulletin.

Tony is very active in St. Bernadette Council activities. On the third Sunday of every month you can see him in his apron and visor running out of the St. Bernadette kitchen, delivering pancakes to hungry parishioners. Most recently, he served as the Chairman of the Knights of Columbus annual Oktoberfest. We have been enjoying bratwurst from the German Corner Butcher Shop, freshly prepared by a German butcher for several years, but Tony was not pleased with the strudel from Safeway, so he went to the Heidelberg Bakery, another authentic German merchant, and this year we added authentic German strudel to our menu.

Melissa, his wife of 25 years, is an adjunct professor and business consultant. Both she and Tony are active as volunteers at St. John XXIII School, where their daughter, Alexaundra is in the second grade. She plays soccer and Taekwondo.

That is no surprise: Anneleissa, a sophomore at Notre Dame Prep, is also a talented student athlete as well as an honor roll student. She plays volleyball, basketball, and softball. She has been the champion of the KofC Freethrow competition several times. You have probably seen her serving as a lector during 10:00 Mass as well.

The Lugay family volunteers regularly for Church and school events because they love doing things as a family. Tony says, “We will always continue to support our parish and school to make these establishments grow and blossom.”

October 2015

Dennis and Rebecca Logue and family

Dennis grew up in New Hampshire, and Rebecca grew up in Northern Virginia. They met in Charlottesville, Virginia, where Rebecca had just graduated from nursing school, and Dennis was working on his Ph.D. in American Government.

They have been married now for sixteen years and have four children: Greta, 13; Dennis III (aka Trey), 11; Sasha, 9; and Tessa, 7. They are active in the Worldwide Marriage encounter ministry as well as Coffee and Donuts after 10:00 Mass.

Dennis is an Intelligence Analyst for the Department of Justice (FBI), and Rebecca is a Nurse Practitioner who does Home Care Visits for the elderly through the Surprise Family Medical Center.

The family has held membership in St. Bernadette’s Parish for seven years.

Dennis has been a Knight for 10 years and holds the 3rd Degree. He is very active in the Council as the Chair of the Blood Drive; he is also active in the Tootsie Roll Drive. He functions as the person who does the shopping—looking for the best bargains—for the Large Raffle prizes. He participates further by helping with set-up and/or clean-up for Knights; events. Dennis is an officer in the Council, serving as our Advocate. He rounds out his many activities by volunteer coaching basketball and flag football.

September 2015

Joe and Lee Wurtenberg

The Family of the Month has been members of our Parish for four years. Joe and Lee Wurtenberg have become active members of the Parish, serving in many capacities.
Joe hails from Kansas City, MO and Lee comes from Dallas, Texas. They have been married for “Sweet 16” years, and they have two sons: Thomas, 13, and David, who is 10. They both attend Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Scottsdale, in the 7th and 4th grades respectively.

Joe earned a degree in Business, and Lee earned hers in Business Marketing. They put that training to good use professionally, as well as in the Parish. Joe is a Mortgage Banker and manages an office for HomeOwners Financial—check out his ad in the Church Bulletin. Lee is the CEO of Wurtenberger International (a full time homemaker who probably needs more than business marketing experience to run that enterprise). And in her spare time, she helps at the children’s school.

The entire family is active in several ministries. Both are involved in the Cursillo Movement. Joe has been a Knight for 15 years and holds the 3rd Degree. He is also a member of the Finance Council, Adoration, and serves as an Usher, and EM. Lee also serves as an EM and is involved in the Culture of Life. She has also served as the person in charge of making the soup dinners. Both boys are altar servers.
They both support AZ Right to Life and Lee is involved with starting a new Non-Profit, which will assist children with special needs in the Diocese of Phoenix who would like a Catholic Education.

Joe says that the boys’ hobbies are the family’s hobbies. They swim, dive, and play flag football and basketball. Joe and Thomas have started hunting. This is a busy family, involved in many worthwhile and entertaining activities.

July 2015

Roberto and Silvia Pastrana

The Family of the Month for August is a recent addition to our Council and Church community. Roberto and Silvia Pastrana have been active members of the Church and Council in many ways. They met each other at work— implementing applications while performing as Information Technology Consultants for international projects. One of their projects brought them to Phoenix 11 years ago, just two years after getting married.

Today they have two beautiful daughters: Sofia and Sonia, eight and seven years of age respectively. They are both young pupils at St. John XXIII Catholic School. Their attending St. John XXIII was the primary motivation for the family’s becoming involved in our community and later with our Council.

Roberto and Silvia serve as Extraordinary Ministers at Mass and also have brought communion to Mayo Clinic, served as Daily Sacristan, helped and served during parish and Knights’ events. Their daughters have sung in the choir at Mass.

Roberto became a Sir Knight on June 13th at the 4th Degree Exemplification. He is the Council’s Deputy Grand Knight for the 2015-16 Fraternal Year.

Just recently this Brother Knight has set up the website of our council and serves as its Webmaster. He is also instrumental in the production and distribution of Le Chevalier. The Pastrana Family is indeed an asset to St. Bernadette Parish and to the Knights of Columbus Council.