November 2022

The Drabik's

In appreciation for all your help with the DDD accounting.

Job well done.

September 2022



September 2022




July 2022


June 2022



May 2022

The Mueller's

In appreciation for all your efforts for the Parish Retreat

March 2022

The Driscolls

Thanks for all your time and talent you exhibited during the 2022 Fish Fry.

February 2022


Thanks to Gary and Lanita Lewis for all the volunteering that you do.

You guys are always there to help out in any way.

October 2021

The Bieber's

September 2021

The Braeckel's

Thanks to Mary Ann and Joe for all their help at our Concession Stand and 2021
Fish Fry's.

Your volunteering is very much appreciated.

August 2021

The Bieber's

Thanks to Don and Karla Bieber for their participation in the Tee Off For The Kid's Golf Tournament and participating in the Mass on the grass and making Kettle Corn.

July 2021

The McClellan's

Thanks for having your family present when you received your 3rd Degree

June 2021


Thanks for all your help with the statue program.
Some painting had to be done and it was a job well done.

Great effort.

May 2021

The Reisch's

Kathy and George did tremendous work in organizing all the food collections for our food drive.

Thanks for all your efforts.

February 2021

The Butler's

John and Karen were an immense help with all aspects of our 2021 Fish Fry.

Thank you John and Karen

January 2021

Jill Davis

Thanks for all your help with setting up our fish fry website

December 2020

The Krentz's

Thanks to Ron and Margie for creating a monthly Newsletter for the Knights and the Ladies Auxiliary.

Ron consistently keeps our website up and running with the most updated information to keep all our members abreast of the events happening within our Council

November 2020

The Hyde's

For all the help at the Pork Steak Dinner event. Also for picking up and delivering the smoker for the event and coordinating the Tootsie Roll Drive

Thanks for all you do.

October 2020

The Bieber's

For all the efforts of Don and Carla for the 2020 Tee Off For The Kids Golf Tournament held at Pevely Farms Golf Course.

September 2020

The Durham's

Thanks for all your help for various council activities

August 2020

None selected this month

July 2020

The Downeys

For all your efforts throughout the many years to make our Food Drives so successful

June 2020

The Conte's

For taking on the task of coordinating the Food Collection for St. Agatha and St. Anthony's food pantries.

May 2020

The Durham's

Thank you Del and Judy for all your work with the Forty Cans For Lent Activity.

March 2020

The Lewis's

Family of the Month: Gary and Lanita Lewis for working diligently with Paypal making sure that procedure was working for transfer of funds into K of C account and Lanita with the LAUX for all their support for the fish fry setup and help in the many different areas

February 2020

The Tehan's

A special thank you for coordinating the Basketball Free Throw Contest.

February 2020

The Dunne's

Thanks go out to Frank and Nancy for their participation after all the masses for "Roses For Life".

January 2020

The Geisler's

Thanks to Carol and Randy for the great train display at the Breakfast with Santa.

December 2019

The Schroeders

Thanks to Gary and Mary for all their efforts in making the 2019 Trivia Night such a great success.

November 2019

The Hyde's

For all your efforts leading the DDD Drive

October 2019

The Moehlenhoffs

Thanks for all your efforts at our Knights functions. You both are always there when an event takes place at St. Alban Roe.

September 2019

The Lewis Family

Received the September Family of the Month Award for working on vacation in South Carolina getting sponsors and donations for the Golf Tournament. Lanita helped with popcorn sales and worked with Ladies Auxiliary to help support the many functions that the Knights participate in.

Thanks to both of your.

August 2019

The Downey's

Thanks for all your efforts towards the food pantry collection and delivery.

July 2019

The Mallon's

Thanks for all your efforts at our Officer Installation Ceremony and Banquet

June 2019

The Drabik's

Thanks for everything that you do for the council

May 2019

The Maryas Family

Thanks for all your work at the fish fry and all the other various events that you and Gerry give your time and expertise.

April 2019

The Durham's

Thanks for all your participation at the various council events.
We appreciate all that both of you do.

January 2019

The O'Hearns

Ed and Claudia were in charge of the Roses For Life Week-end in January. Thanks to both of you for coordinating the mass coverages.

Great Job to both of you.

December 2018

Mr. & Mrs Claus

Thanks to Donna Cunningham and Dan Lang for being such great role models for the young people in our parish during our recent Breakfast with Santa.

Thanks to both of you.

November 2018

The Moehlenhoff's

Thanks to Joe and Connie for all your help in making Bunco such a huge success.

November 2018

The Hyde's

Thanks to Kevin and Cindy for all your efforts to make the Tootsie Roll drive such a success.

October 2018

The Biebers

Thanks for all your efforts at this year's Golf Tournament. You both gave an enormous amount of effort and time to make the event a success.

September 2018

The Mueller's

Thanks to Mike and Mary for all your efforts at all our Council events.

August 2018

The Maryas Family

Thanks for all you and Gerry do at the various council events.

July 2018

The Hyde's

Thanks for all your assistance at our most recent events.

June 2018

The Alber's

In appreciation to Gail and Earl for stepping up and coordinating an unexpected Bood Drive. The council appreciates all that you do.

May 2018

The Carlock's

Thanks for all both of you have done for the council for many, many years.

You are very much appreciated for all you have done.

April 2018

The Lewis Family

Thanks for all you do. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

March 2018

The Stieferman's

John and Maria,

It is with great pleasure that you are awarded the Family Of The Month award for March for all your time and effort that you have devoted to various council activities.

Thanks for all you do

February 2018


Thanks to Glenn and Martha Hoffmeister for receiving the Family of the Month for February. They received the award for the participation in the March For Life activities.

Thanks Glenn and Martha

January 2018

The Durham's

Congratulations to Del and Judy. Both of you are always willing to help out at the councils various functions.

Thanks for all you do.

December 2017

The Moehlenhoff's

In appreciation for assisting with the Bunco Night, Thanksgiving Turkey Pick-up and helping with the 2nd/3rd Exemplification.

November 2017

The Wardenburg's

Thanks for all your help with the Family Picnic and the Recruitment Drive.

October 2017

The Burke's

Thanks to Dan and Ruth for all your work to make the 2017 Golf Tournament such a success.

August 2017

The Walker's

Thanks to Bob and Sue Walker for assisting our new Grand Knight in his transition. Bob also assisted our Grand Knight with achieving Gold Star Achievement.

July 2017

The Downey's

This award was given for coordinating our food drive at St. Alban Roe. Gregg and Jeanne did an outstanding job!

Thank you.

June 2017

The Maryas Family

Thanks for your contributions for our various events/activities

April 2017

Ron & Margie Krentz

Thanks for chairing the pancake breakfasts, family communion breakfasts, making kettle corn, and coordinating our councils social events with the Ladies Auxiliary

March 2017

The Toben's

Thanks to the Toben family for their participation at the St. Alban Roe fish frys

February 2017

The Bingaman"s

Awarded for coordinating the movie night and work at the fish fry

January 2017

The Stieferman's

Thank you John and Maria for all you do for us.

December 2016

The Mackanos

November 2016

The Sulltrop's

October 2016

The Roberts

Thanks for all the work Bud and Nancy Roberts chairing the DDD Drive.

September 2016

The Burke's

Thank you for coordinating the annual Tee Off For The Kid's Golf Tournament. Your dedication to this most worthy project is very much appreciated.

August 2016

The Vokoun's

Ed & Carolyn have been active participants in collecting/storing the charitable donations to be auction items at the upcoming golf tournament.

Thanks for all your help.

July 2016

The Krentz Family

Thanks for coordinating the Family Communion Breakfast

May 2016

John & Jane Drabik

Thanks to both of you for all you have done during the month of June.

April 2016

The Albers

March 2016

St. Alban Roe Parish Family

This month's award goes to all parishioners who gave of their time, talent and treasures to make the 2016 St. Alban Roe Fish Fry a success.

February 2016

The Cunninghams

Thanks to Jim and Donna for all their work in various organizations/programs such as CRHP, Beavrement, Fish Fry and several other parish activities.

Thanks for all that you do.

January 2016

The Burke's

Thanks for all your efforts in making the basketball free throw contest a huge success.

December 2015

The Stieferman's

John & Maria were chosen as family of the month for December. John is always helping out with various activities of the council. He sets up the hall for our meetings and is always willing to help out with whatever is asked of him. Maria keeps the flowers that we see at church in a presentable manner. Thanks for all you do.

November 2015

The Mackanos's

This month's award goes to Steve and Heather for their work on the upcoming 2016 fish fry.


October 2015

The Robert's

September 2015

Knights and Ladies Auxiliary

Thanks to all men and women from both organizations for all their support in making the 2015 Golf Tournament a huge success.

August 2015

The Albers'

Earl and Gail were chosen to be the recipients of the August Family Of The Month.
They have both worked many hours to make sure our Annual Tee Off For The Kid's Golf Tournament goes off without a hitch and is a success. Thanks to both of you for all your hard work.

July 2015

The Downey's

The Downey's were chosen for coordinating the St. Anthony's Food Drive held at St. Alban Roe. Awesome job Greg and Jeanne.

June 2015

St. Alban Roe Parish Family

For their generous contributions on Glennon Sunday.

May 2015

The Alber's

Earl & Gail were chosen for May Family Of The Month. Earl & Gail ensure that the Blood Drives go on without a hitch. Thanks for all you both do.

April 2015


Congratulations to Mike & Mary for being selected as Family Of The Month.
Mike & Mary work together at many of our council functions. They gave many hours towards the success of our parish fish fry's, and the recent Gala. Mary gives many hours to the choir & Mike to being an Eucharistic Minister, Usher, and Sunday set-up person for the 9 a.m. mass. Both of them count the Sunday collection monies.

Thanks to both of you for all that you do. Your selection is well deserved.

March 2015


March 2015

Bill & Pat Carr

It is with great pleasure that we recognize Bill and Pat Carr for all the time and effort they contributed at our 2015 Fish Fry's. Bill made the guests who came to our fish fry's very comfortable by talking with them when he handed them a clipboard with the menu on it. Pat worked tirelessly at the dessert table explaining what desserts we had available.

Thanks to both of you for a job well done.

February 2015

The Cunningham's

Jim & Donna were chosen for the February Family Of The Month. Jim has given many hours as a fish fry "runner", expert fryer lighter, fryer set-up, etc. Donna has not only coordinated the dessert area, she has made sure there was ample manpower to assist the guests and enough desserts to go around.

Thanks for all you guys have done and are continuing to do.

January 2015

The Burke's

December 2014

The Drabik's

Thanks for all your work coordinating the Keep Christ in Christmas decal and sticker event. John has been instrumental in providing the council with thought provoking messages/passages at our monthly meetings.

Thanks to John & Jane for being selected Family of the month for December

November 2014

The Brzezinski's

Jeff and Catherine volunteered many hours towards the success of the 2014 Soccer Concession Stand. Thanks for all your efforts. The council really appreciates all you did.

October 2014

The Robert's

A special thanks to Bud and Nancy for all their time chairing our recent successful DDD drive

September 2014


Bob & Gerry were chosen for the October Family Of The Month for their stewardship and their participation in St. Alban's Family Festival.

August 2014

The Krentz's

Ron & Margie have volunteered many hours working at St. Anthony's food pantry.
They both have put in countless hours making the Kettle Corn run smoothly.
They both have worked to make sure the Family Communion Breakfast runs smoothly and effectively.

July 2014

The Downey's

Greg & Jeanne are the family of the month for July. They are recognized for their many hours of service to St. Anthony's. Congratulations to Greg and Jeanne.

June 2014

The Poetz's

Marty and Rita contributed their time, talent and treasures to ensure the council had excellent food to eat at the Knights Family Picnic. Rita provided a breakfast cassarole for the Knights Family Communion Breakfast.

May 2014

The Mackanos

Steve, Heather and their 2 daughters worked tirelessly to make the 2014 Pasta Dinner a success. Steve not only worked the day of the event, he also worked the day prior to the event to ensure everything was in order.

Congratulations to Steve, Heather, and their family.

April 2014

The Driscoll's

Congratulations to Nancy & Herb