April 2021

2nd Quarter 2021 - The McKenna Family

April 2019

2nd Quarter 2019-Glen White and Family

Thanks to our Field Agent Glen White and his daughters for their fantastic job stacking the firewood.

April 2018

2nd Quarter 2018-Vincent Nashah Family

January 2018

1st Quarter 2018-Curtis Hoppe Family

October 2017

4th Quarter 2017-Joe Shankle Family

July 2017

3rd Quarter 2017-Steve Mauser and Victoria Family

April 2017

2nd Quarter 2017-Remar Padlin and Myra Family

January 2017

1st Quarter 2017-Victor Dehoyos & Family

October 2016

4th Quarter 2016-Bill Kearns and wife Joan

July 2016

3rd Quarter 2016-Phil and Randy LaRose

April 2016

2nd Quarter 2016-Stan and Mary Beth Fujarski and Family

January 2016

1st Quarter 2016-Vincent Nasah and Family

October 2015

4th Quarter 2015-Joe Collard and Family

July 2015

3rd Quarter 2015-Peter & Sarah Ahern Family

April 2015

2nd Quarter 2015-Tom & Sonya Yahnke Family

January 2015

1st Quarter 2015-Alan and Carin Engelbert Family

October 2014

4th Quarter 2014-Ronnie and Toni Chechen Family

July 2014

3rd Quarter 2014-John & Mary Boyle Family

June 2014

Family of the Year 2014- Troy Scheffman and Family

April 2014

2nd Quarter 2014-Troy Scheffman & Family

January 2014

1st Quarter 2014-Jim Berrios Family

October 2013

4th Quarter 2013-Anthony Perea Family

July 2013

3rd Quarter 2013-Javier Contreras Family

April 2013

2nd Quarter 2013-Chris Horn and Family

January 2013

1st Quarter 2013-Troy Scheffman & Family

October 2012

4th Quarter 2012-Cindy & Jeff Walters

July 2012

3rd Quarter 2012-Chris Horn and his family

Chris Horn and his family for long-term Love Truck support

April 2012

2nd Quarter 2012 - Tim Bray and his family

January 2012

1st Quarter 2012 - Nominations accepted

October 2011

4th Quarter 2011 - Troy & Heather Scheffman

July 2011

3rd Quarter 2011- Joe & Jennie Shankle

April 2011

2nd Quarter 2011- Mishork Family

Family of the 2nd Quarter 2011

The Officers of St. Jude Council #11293 awarded Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Mishork and Family the Family of the Month Award for the 2nd Quarter of 2011. This is in recognition and inspiration of how the Mishork family lives the Catholic faith in your daily lives. Jerry's work with the Knights, especially in spearheading the creation of the council website has greatly enhanced the communication of how our council lives its faith and his commitment to the Christ Renews His Parish Mens group are exemplary and a model for us to imitate. Evelyn's commitment to homeschooling and instilling the faith in our children and youth of the parish gives glory to God.

St. Jude Council #11293 was chartered by the Knight of Columbus on April 1, 1994 and has a membership of over 360 Catholic men located in Allen, Texas. The Knights of Columbus is the world's largest Catholic fraternal service organization.

January 2011

1st Quarter 2011- Gary and Rebecca Marks

Family of the 1st Quarter 2011

Dear Bro. Gary:
I am pleased to inform you that the Officers of Council 11293 nominated you and Rebecca as the Family of the Quarter for the 1st quarter of 2011. This is in recognition for your continuous witness to Pro-Life, your prayerful support and Rebecca counseling pregnant mothers on the sidewalks of the abortuary.

In the encyclical letter, Evangelium Vitae, Pope John Paul II writes “With humility and gratitude we know that we are the people of life and for life, and this is how we present ourselves to everyone.” This is how Rebecca and you present yourselves in your ministry. You epitomize the “people of life”.

Please join us at the monthly business meeting on 20-Jan for the council to formally thank you and recognize you among your brother Knights.

Bro. Colin.

October 2010

Scott Rogge Family

Family of the Quarter - 2010 4th Quarter

July 2010

Jose & Carmen Moreno

Family of the Quarter - 2010 3rd Quarter

April 2010

Toby Gerhart Family

Family of the Quarter - 2010 2nd Quarter

January 2010

Brian & Carol Guffy

Family of the Quarter - 2010 1st Quarter

October 2009

Chris Barkis Family

Family of the Quarter - 2009 4th Quarter

July 2009

Mike Lepine Family

Family of the Quarter - 2009 3rd Quarter

April 2009

Joe Shankle Family

Family of the Quarter - 2009 2nd Quarter

January 2009

Don Adams Family

Family of the Quarter - 2009 1st Quarter

November 2008

Don and Ruth Friend

August 2008

Mike and Julie Murtha

July 2008

Joey and Leslie Patterson

June 2008

Mike and Brenda Steffens

March 2008

Curtis Hoppe Family

November 2007

Keith & Julie Buchanan

October 2007

Jack & Lori Gunn

September 2007

John & Mary Boyle

November 2006

John and Katherine Rapier