February 2023

Bob and Tonya Messenger

January 2023

Joseph and Frances Flocco

December 2022

Paul and Rita Mills

November 2022

Bob and Janet Brandt

September 2022

Joe and Anna Gulotta

August 2022

Tino & Denise Martinez

July 2022

Ben & Helen Spicer

SK Ben and Helen are excellent examples of a good Catholic family. Despite advanced age, they are active in the Knights of Columbus and in Parish ministries. They serve quietly and often are not given
the public recognition they deserve.

June 2022

Tom & Marcella Eagan

Brother Tom and Marcella have long been pillars of our Church Community. Both are active in parish ministries, especially as Lectors. They are charismatic in nature and are excellent role models for
Catholic families.

May 2022

Pat & Dawn Brena

Pat is involved in almost all of our activities. He ensures that rooms are set up and ready. As our parish maintenance man, he arrives early and is always working on something. Dawn is a member of the choir and lends her lovely voice to our liturgy. Both were instrumental in refurbishing the rectory in preparation for Fr. Dennis.

February 2022

Dick and Judy Goddard

January 2022

Bob and Tonya Messenger

Bob and Tonya Messenger are excellent examples of a Christian family. They attend mass regularly and serve the parish as Eucharistic ministers and in other capacities. Bob reaches out to the community and is always eager to help others - especially with computer issues as he is pretty much an expert.

September 2019

Dan and Kim Pinda

Dan and Kim are truly an exemplary family. They serve the Knights willingly with many hours of service. Dan is currently our Deputy Grand Knight and Kim is active in the Ladies Auxiliary and Ladies Boutique. Both are leaders of the new Haven Totes ministry in our parish. They have lovingly cared for a special needs daughter since her birth. They are true followers of Christ.

August 2019

Frank & Cheryl Lucido

Frank and Cheryl are devout Catholics and give lovingly of their time and talent. They quietly and steadily support all our K of C events as well as serving the parish. Cheryl is especially active with the Eucharistic ministry and preparation of the sacristy for Masses.

January 2019

Dutch & Vickey Steenbakker

A family who is dedicated to the Knights. Dutch is our current District Deputy who is always available to guide us. He volunteers countless hours to the Knights. Vicky, as well, donates many hours volunteering in our activities and cooking for our dinners. They both serve the Body of Christ with Love. This recognition is a small token of our appreciation.

October 2018

Dan and Kim Pinda

Kim and Dan are devout Catholics that are examples of service to The Body of Christ. Both are dedicated to our Parish and our Council. Frequently you will see them together at Mass, with their family at family activities. Their family is tight respecting each other. They have raised their children to serve all people, regardless of faith and beliefs.
They are known as Leaders of our Faith. Their actions loudly speak the message of Christ.

It is an honor for me to recommend them as the family of the month.

December 2017

Bill and Joan Cirrito

Bill and Joan Cirrito have show steadfast dedication to the Council, our community and our parish for many years. They are one of those couples who are always ready and willing to serve yet seem to go unnoticed as they quietly go about giving of their time and talent. They are truly a blessing to us all.

December 2016

Dan and Kim Pinda

They exemplify their faith and the tenets of the Knights of Columbus in everything they do and their daily interactions with their family, their Parish, and their community. Their boundless enthusiasm and fetching smiles as they engage in numerous volunteer projects are infectious and lead others to follow. They are both dedicated Catholics and very involved in our Council, the Ladies Auxiliary and other Parish ministries. They willingly bring joy and love to others despite many personal hardships and having a PWID child requiring a lot of attention. They follow the teachings of our Lord Jesus and always try to walk in His footsteps. They are looked up to by all Council Knights and the parishioners and can be counted on to assist in any project. They are most worthy of this singular honor from their brother Knights in the Council.

March 2016

Maurice Ouimet

Brother Mo & his wife Bibi are those quiet, devoted and deeply involved Catholics who insure that their Faith, Parish and Knights of Columbus are successful in fulfilling the mission set out by Jesus. Both of then have been involved in many activities of the Knights, their Parish and their community for years. He has been an integral part of the Council Officer team as Warden. He spends long hours to insure that Council activities are successful. Without his many hours of help, our yearly Lenten dinners for the Parish would not have been possible. He and his wife serve as an example to all of us on how a Catholic couple and Knight should act in their daily lives. They are an inspiration to all and are most deserving of this singular honor.

November 2015


Kim and Dan Pinda are a quintessential Catholic Family, quietly active in numerous church activities, deeply religious and essential to our Church and the Knights of Columbus. They are a loving, practical Catholic family with 3 children. They serve as an inspiration to all of us, involving their family in all Church and Council activities. Dan served as a Council Officer for over 4 years and Kim is active in our Council Ladies Auxiliary. They spend untold hours working with the Arizona Special Olympic. The Pinda family can always be depended on to pitch in wherever needed. With their love and ready smiles, they serve as an inspiration and example of what a Catholic Knights of Columbus family should be.

October 2015

Al & Anne Velosa

Al and Anne Velosa epitomize what a Catholic family should be. Even though Al's work takes him away from home for long period of time all over the world, he and Anne find time for quality time as a family insuring the religious, educational and spiritual awareness of their children. They are very involved in the Knights of Columbus and Parish activities insuring a better community for all. They always include their children making it truly a family endeavor providing help where needed. Their united joy as a family as they provide for the betterment of those less fortunate is there for all to see. They are truly deserving.

May 2015

Joe & Joan Keaney

Joe & Joan Keaney are those gentle, unassuming and loving souls who exemplify how we all should live our faith. They willingly give of their time, talent and money to make their community, council and Church better. Through their endeavors, they have improved the lives of everyone. Their adoration of our Savior is there for all to see. The immerse themselves in Church and council activities. They are always there to help and can be counted on to make a difference.

April 2015

No Nominations

November 2014

Nick & Joan Romano

Nick & Joan Romano are those quiet practical Catholics who are the real backbone of our Council and St. Pius X Parish. They are both devoted to our Lord and their faith and not only "walk the walk" but "talk the talk" as they follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Nick has been our Worthy Lecture for many years providing education & humor. He recently retired from this position due to health reasons. The esteem he is held in by his brothers, can be seen in the fact, that he was voted our first Lecturer Emeritus Joan is involved in many other Parish activities such as the Ladies Auxiliary, Ladies Boutique and other fund raising efforts. They exemplify our Tenets of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and our Faith making them truly deserving of this honor.

September 2014

Rob Barr

Robert Barr, his wife Jessica and their two daughters, are a family of devoted and faithful Catholics who follow the tenets of our Faith. As a family, they show their love for mankind through volunteer work with the Special Olympics and with the PWID drive. They are devoted to ensuring the betterment of their fellow beings. I feel that they exemplify our order and the teachings of Christ and our worthy of this singular honor by St. Pius X Council 10762.

August 2014

Brian and Connie Landry

Brian and his family are the perfect recipients of this award. They are active Catholics who are very involved in numerous activities within their Parish and community. Constance is very active in the Ladies Auxiliary and the Parish Boutique. Brian is a Past Grand Knight who was the leader of this Council for 3 years, has been a trustee for 3 years and serves as our Recorder. He has served and continues to serve as a Program Director and activities chairman, always
insuring their success for the betterment of our Council. Most important, however, they thrive as a truly united Catholic family, serving as an inspiration for us all.

July 2014

No selection for July

June 2014

Blanchard, Ron & Nancy

Sir Knight Ron & Nancy Blanchard are the Catholic family we should all strive to be. Since becoming a Knight in 1971, Ron and his family have been active in insuring the goals and tenets of the Knights of Columbus and his Council have been met. He served as Grand Knight in 1995, served in most officer positions and presently is our Council advocate. He and Nancy exemplify service to their Church, their Parish, their community and the Knights of Columbus. He and Nancy are most deserving if being our honored Council Family of the Month of June.

May 2014

Dick & Judy Goddard

I would like to nominate Dick Goddard and his wife Judy for the May Family of the month. They are the quintessential Catholic family, quietly active in numerous church activities, deeply religious, and essential to our Church community and the Knights of Columbus. They are in inspiration to all of us, involving their family as a whole in Church and Council activities. Dick is a past Grand Knight who remains active in all Council activities. He He is a poster child for POSITIVE and shares it with everyone everywhere he goes. No matter what the situation, he remains solid and smiling always ready to sign up or pitch in wherever needed. He is a good role model for all of our new knights and some of our older knights as well. He can always be counted on to make a project work. It is the Council’s honor to have Dick and Judy as our May Family of the month.

April 2014


Dean, Tabatha and the Dickherber family are those dedicated shining lights who make sure things get done. They have been in charge of the St. Pius X Parish and Council Lenten fish fries for many years. They have invested much of their time and personal funds to insure the success of this event. Both plan the entire event, purchase needed supplies, insure adequate manpower, and personally prepare most of the food. They
had involved their children in this venture and all have that ready smile, good nature and “can do” attitude.

Dean also serves as a Council trustee, playing an active role in audits along with willingly and capably performing all other assigned relevant tasks. Th e family lives a life of practical Catholicism by actually “walking the talk”. That he is able to be so active is even more amazing by the fact that as a young man, he keeps a full time job which requires a lot of travel as well as raising a truly Catholic family. The family is the true profile of what a knight and knight’s family should be. As a family, they work, play, pray and live together in their mutual love for God. They are stellar examples of what we all should be. They truly deserve to be recognized for all they have done.

March 2014

Fred and Liane Falgiano

Sir Knight Fred C. Falgiano and his wife Liane truly exemplify and practice the religious philosophy of our Catholic Faith and the Knights of Columbus. They daily live the life of a "practical Catholic" by ongoing spiritual and physical involvement in all aspects of their faith, parish, Council 10762 and their community. Fred's leadership and drive along with his wife's direct involvement has insured that the yearly PWID drive has been a success. His interactions with the young adults who are afflicted with pwid as he presents their organizations with our Council's checks is awe inspiring. Both Fred and Liane willingly and with love share their talents, time and bounty with those less fortunate in our community. Liane also is very active in the Parish Ladies Auxiliary and the Parish Ladies Boutique. They are our shining beacon.

February 2014

Peter & Rosita Karculias

There is not much that goes on in the council without Peter's involvement which sometimes I am sure makes his dance card pretty full and his wife Rosita sacrifices her time with Peter to let him not only perform his duties but to let him doing it in the usual Peter style which is impeccable. I could list the things Peter does but I am sure my list would fall shorter than what he actually does.

January 2014

Joe and Joan Keaney

The Keaney's are stellar examples of living a Christian life. They give generously of their time, treasure and talent to the Church, community and our council and most of all to their family. Delivering meals on wheels, serving as Eucharistic ministers and on Parish committees, attending daily Mass and helping our council wherever and whenever needed are just some of their activities.

December 2013

Dutch & Vicky Steenbakker

The Steenbakker family contributes extensively with their rime, talents and resources to the Knights and the parish of St. Pius X. Emmanuel is our Grand Knight. He is part of our donut sales teams and our community breakfast group. Vicky is part or our Lady Knights and active in our Keep Christ in Christmas program selling Christmas Cards after Sunday Masses. She is part of the Parish Ladies Auxiliary and spent hour preparing for and participating in their Arts and Crafts show this month. The Steenbakkers prepared and served an urban dinner at their own expense as part of the Council membership drive. We increased council membership and donated the proceeds to our parish food bank. Their roles in our council and parish are essential to their success.

September 2013

Al and Anne Velosa

August 2013

Joe and Joan Keaney