May 2024

SK Carlos & Rita Fernandez

Council 10232 recognizes SK Carlos Fernandez and his wife, Rita, as the Family of the Month for May. Carlos is always present at all Council activities and calls for assistance, leading the way. He leads the Parish Intercessory Prayer Group on Tuesday evenings, and he and Rita lead the weekly Wednesday Rosary following the evening Mass. Congratulations, SK Carlos and Rita!

April 2024

SK Daniel & Margaret Bunke

Council 10232 recognizes SK Dan Bunke and his wife, Marge, as the Family of the Month for April. Dan has helped out behind the scenes (e.g., during our Fish Fries, helping SK Joe Duffy with painting the second story window frame & panels, providing some golf instruction to Brother Knights) Marge is an active participant in the Ladies Auxiliary.

March 2024

Brother John & Tana Mee

Council 10232 recognizes Brother John Mee and his wife, Tana as the Family of the Month for March. John jumped in the help cook, serve and clean the cooking pans/utensils during the Council’s Lenten Fish Fries. John also responded to a short-notice request to help a single mother in need. He and Tana are very active in the Parish’s St. Vincent DePaul ministry, providing aid to the less fortunate.

February 2024

SK Michael & Jacqueline Walsh

Council 10232 recognizes SK Mike & Jacky Walsh as the Family of the Month for February. SK Walsh was the Council’s Chairman of the recent Keep Christ in Christmas Drive, and actively participates in other Council activities. Jacky, a former President of the Ladies Auxiliary, continues to actively participate in the Ladies’ outreach to the Council, Parish, and community. Both regularly attend daily Mass.

January 2024

SK Jerome & Brenda Villarreal

Council 10232 recognizes Past Grand Knight SK Jerome and Brenda Villarreal as the Family of the Month for January. SK Villarreal procured additional funding from Supreme for the Huntsville Pregnancy Resource Center and coordinated the ID Drive check presentation to the Madison City School District. Brenda is the Administration Consultant at St. John’s School, and she designs many Council’s flyers.

December 2023

SK Larry & Eileen Burke

Council 10232 recognizes SK Larry Burke and his wife, Eileen. Larry serves as the Council Treasurer, consistently ensuring prompt payment of Council debts. He is also the Assistant Coordinator of the Council’s successful bi-monthly blood drives, and is one of the first to volunteer for Council and Assembly events. Eileen is very active in supporting the needy in the local community through the St. Vincent DePaul ministry at St. John’s.

November 2023

SK Mike & Nancy Jones

Council 10232 recognizes SK Mike Jones and his wife, Nancy. They selflessly donated Mike’s hand-made ceramic pottery and her hand-made Afghan shawls to the Council for sale during the St. John’s Craft Sale to raise funds for veterans. Not only did they donate their time and material, but also made a monetary donation to the cause.

October 2023

SKs Danny & Patrick Garcia

Council 10232 recognizes SK Danny Garcia and his son, SK Patrick Garcia as the Family of the Month for October. Danny and Patrick were both very active in the Council’s many Community activities during October. Danny also spear-headed coordinating and organizing assistance from Brothers to help a long-time, senior Sir Knight trim and clean up the trees and shrubs on his property as he prepares it for sale.

September 2023

Kraig & Hollie Tersigni

Council 10232 recognizes Brother Kraig and Hollie Tersigni as the Family of the Month for September, 2023. Besides being a member of the Council, Kraig is an usher at weekend Mass, and is active in other St. John’s ministries. Hollie has been extremely helpful to the Council as a Parish Staff administrator, and provided a lot of assistance to ensure Council events get publicized in the Parish Bulletin and during announcements before the end of each weekend Mass. Congratulations to the Tersigni Family!

August 2023

SK Bill & Maura Edwards

Council 10232 recognizes SK Bill and Maura Edwards as its Family of the Month for August. Bill is a Third Order Franciscan, works with “To The Nations,” a charitable company in Georgia, and recently returned from a trip with other company personnel to Uganda where they provided needed help and assistance to the Ugandan people. He is also active in other St. John’s ministries. Maura is a sacristan at St. John’s and frequently attends daily Mass, weekly Adoration, First Friday Adoration, and First Saturday Holy Hours.

July 2023

SK Joe & Kathy McCarty

Council 10232 is proud to recognize Brother (Sir Knight) Joe McCarty and his wife, Kathy, as the Family of the Month for July. As the Council’s Financial Secretary, Joe enrolls new members in Council 10232, and ensures consistent, accurate tracking of Council membership at the local, State, and Supreme organizational levels. He also assisted Larry Burke in assuming Council Treasurer duties. He and Kathy often provide needed assistance to our homebound Brother Knights, are regular attendees at daily Mass, and regularly participate in St. John’s intercessory prayer group. Joe is also the sacristan for Wednesday Adoration and evening Mass.

June 2023

SK Emile & Carol Bataille

Council 10232 is proud and honored to recognize Brother (Sir Knight) Em Bataille and his wife, Carol, as the Family of the Month for June. Em is the Council’s Faith Programs Director in addition to being one of the Council’s Trustees. He spearheaded the effort to organize a Parish-wide showing of the movie, “St. Joseph: Our Spiritual Father.” He also played a key role in organizing the second “Coming Home” retreat for military personnel, retired military personnel, veterans and their spouses, recently hosted by Holy Spirit Church. Carol is actively engaged in Ladies Auxiliary activities.

May 2023

Sir Knight Ed Arominski & Daughter Ashley

Council 10232 is proud and honored to recognize Brother (Sir Knight) Ed Arominski and his daughter Ashley as the Family of the Month for May. Ed and Ashley coordinated and promoted Council support for two JP II High School activities during the month of May, the JP II Golf Tournament fundraiser during which the Council sponsored a hole and had several Knights participate, and the JP II Freshman Orientation Night BBQ where Council Brothers grilled and served hot dogs, chips, soft drinks and cookies. Ed is also a prayer leader in the Parish Intercessory Prayer Group, and Ashley is a teacher at JP II.

April 2023

The Mitchell Family

Council 10232 is proud and honored to recognize the Brian & Kathy Mitchell Family. Since becoming a Brother Knight in December, 2022, Brian, Kathy, and their children have been vary active in St. John’s Parish Community and Council activities. The entire Mitchell family helped out at the Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday. They regularly attend the weekday evening Masses. Kathy helps out on a regular basis at the Catholic Center for Concern, and all their children are very active in the Parish as altar servers at the weekend Masses. Eli, their son, entertains at area nursing homes and is also a member of the Parish choir and occasional cantor at Mass. Well done, Mitchell Family!

March 2023

Ward Family

Council 10232 recognizes the Ward Family as the Family of the Month for March 2023. Sir Knight Dan and his wife, Claire, along with their children Gavin, Elise, Aiden, and Tessa, were a valuable source of help during all of the Council’s Lenten Fish Fries, attending every event, helping out with set-up and clean-up. They also donated the raffle grand prize, a wooden carving of the Last Supper, made by Dan’s father, brother, and him.

February 2023

The Serpa Fmily

Brother Tony Serpa and his wife, Joan, have jumped right in to support Council activities following his exemplification to the Third Degree just a few months ago! Tony has supported calls for Council assistance, including the first Lenten Fish Fry, and Joan is an active member of the Ladies Auxiliary. They also provided the snacks and refreshments for the Council’s Charity/unity/Fraternity exemplification on February 26th

January 2023

Plummer Family

Br Michael Plummer and his sister, Elizabeth, are always active, not only in the Parish, the Council and Ladies Auxiliary respectively, but also out in the
community volunteering in the community as well, like at the Space and Rocket Center. Their brother Robert and his wife Claire are also fixtures and a big
part of the parish community

December 2022

The Kraig & Hollie Tersigni Family

The Kraig & Hollie Tersigni Family are recognized as the Family of the Month for December. Kraig serves as an usher, helps with RCIA, and takes Eucharist to homebound. Hollie is a LA member, is the parish office administrator. Twins Noah and Hanna attend St John's Elementary School.

November 2022

Justin & Kristen Carter and family

Justin and Kristen Carter have been active, frequent supporters of many Council 10232 activities. Justin holds the office of Lecturer in Council 10232, and often spearheads the contribution raffles held at Council meetings to raise funds for the Council's charitable activities. Kristen is active in the Knights of Columbus Ladies' Auxiliary. They often bring their children to help out not only at Council events, but also in support of the wider St. John's Parish community.

October 2022

The Haas Family

The Council is recognizing the family of the late Sir Knight Pat Haas and the Keaton and Amanda Loper family for October.

Pat’s widow, Maureen, is a retired Special Education school teacher who taught in the Madison City School District. She, along with surviving daughter Emily, continue to support our Council activities, especially those supporting students with intellectual disabilities in Madison City schools. They supported the Tootsie Roll Drive at ACE Hardware and the Council Concession Stand fundraising at the St. John Paul II High School football games. Maureen frequently attends daily Mass and both are active in the Ladies’ Auxiliary, where . Maureen holds the office of Secretary.

October 2022

Keaton and Amanda Loper

The Council is recognizing the family of the late Sir Knight Pat Haas and the Keaton and Amanda Loper family for October.

Keaton and his wife, Amanda, have been big supporters of Council activities and it’s no surprise why since Amanda is the daughter of Maureen and the late Pat Haas. Keaton became a Knight a few months ago and attends Council meetings when he’s not flying commercially. Amanda is active in the Ladies Auxiliary and has also supported the Council’s ID Drive activities in October

September 2022

Tim and Pamela Albers

The Council’s Family of the month for September is Brother Tim and Pamela Albers. Tim is a frequent attendee at daily Mass and can often be counted on to help out in the frequent calls for assistance from the Council. Pamela is an active member of the Ladies Auxiliary. They are proud parents of two young adult children and one teenage child.

August 2022

Ronnie & Linda Rickabaugh

Ronnie and Linda Rickabaugh are active members in our Parish, the Council and Ladies’ Auxiliary respectively. Ronnie has taken on the role in the Council as the Family Programs Director. Linda is also fundraising for a cure to children’s cancer in the Great Cycle Challenge.

July 2022

Joe & Mary Duffy

Joe and Mary Duffy are actively involved, not only in our Council #10232 and Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary activities, but also in the St. Vincent DePaul ministry of St. John’s Parish. Joe has also taken on an initiative to bring a new, more robust and user-friendly Council website online in the very near future.

June 2022

Dagmar Covington Family

While not a family of a Knight, they are a Parish family. Dagmar is a fixture at the bortion clinic every Saturday and has been for over 10 years. Her sons have attended with her almost weekly in the past. Because of Catholics like her and the family, the country is moving in the right direction when it comes to respect for life from inception through natural end

May 2022

Greg & Jane Williams

April 2022

Dan & Margaret Burke

March 2022

David & Claire Ward

February 2022

Louis & Cecilia Byrne

January 2022

Tommy & Paula Whitten

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Dan & Paula Laurita

November 2021

Justin & Kirsten Carter

September 2021

Mike & Jackie Walsh

August 2021

Travis & Leslie Harris

August 2021

Micchael & Joyce Dauphinais

July 2021

Joe * Andrea Velazquez

June 2021

Set & Amy Tolson