Brother Knight: Mr. Richard Amato
From Council #7850
Announces His Business To Brother Knights

Richard Amato - Independent Senior Care Specialist
2727 LBJ Frwy, Suite 414
Dallas TX 75234 US

Phone: 214-929-5740

Annual Election Period (AEP)

Each year, from October 15 through December 7 is Medicare's Annual Election Period (AEP).  Medicare recipients may change their Part C or Part D Prescription Drug Plans for the upcoming year.

As a Licensed Insurance Agent, I specialize in helping Medicare beneficiaries with their plan selection according to each individual's needs and financial strength.  Questions, such as, 'Should I have a Medicare Supplement Plan and a stand-alone Part D plan, or go with the oft televised ads for Part C Medicare Advantage Plans?' or, 'I will be turning 65 soon, and am getting tons of mail from every Medicare company and agent. I am so confused!'

Most agents only carry one or two different Medicare products, but I have several in my portfolio of products, for any situation.  We strive to recommend the type of plan and the correct plan for each individual.  Whether you need a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage, I can help.  

As a SEAS parishoner and an active Knight of Council 7850, you can trust that I will provide the best service for you and your elderly loved ones.  This is my 14th year as a specialist for senior care products.  

During this season of Pandemic caution, we can meet in various ways, social distancing in-home or virtually, using the latest technology of video conferencing and digital signatures, etc.  

Per governmental rules, I cannot call you, but you can call me any time.  From there we can schedule the appointment that you feel safest utilizing.

Remember, Part D, Rx drug plans, can only be changed during special periods, such as AEP or if you have a Special Election Period.  The same with Part C Advantage Plans.   Medicare Supplement (also known as Medigap plans) can be changed year-round.  So, if you are paying too much for your Medigap plan, maybe we can help.

(I do not and will not compete with our KofC Insurance Products- I buy KofC Insurance, too!)