Brother Knight: Kevin Quinn

From Council #8954
Announces His Business To Brother Knights

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Indpendent Professional Trustee
6613 Eastview Drive
Sachse TX 75048 US

Phone: 214-578-2662

Why an independent trustee?

I serve you and your trust in several capacities, whether as the trustee, co-trustee, or successor trustee. Regardless of the capacity I offer the following benefits to each of the trusts clients I work with:

  • A collaborative approach in working with your financial advisors and attorneys to administer your trust according to your wishes and needs
  • Personalized attention you will not receive from a bank or corporate trustee
  • I am never more than a phone call away
  • No conflict of interest between administering your trust or estate and providing investment advice
  • Provides continuity between generations
  • Customized services based on your needs and adaptable to changing circumstances, which can be as straightforward as help managing a checkbook to as inclusive as being the executor of your estate.