Brother Knight: Jerold Mishork
From Council #11293
Announces His Business To Brother Knights

Mishork.Com-Mobile Websites

Lucas TX 75002 US

Contact: Jerry Mishork
Phone: (972) 342-5503

Mobile website built in minutes

Create a smartphone Web experience automatically on every mobile phone, giving your business a mobile optimized website instantly.  This is a must addition to your existing website, providing easy links for your customer and it highlights key items on your current website.

  •  Businesses can display basic services and contact information in a clearer way so viewers can load the website very quickly and "click-to-call" you or use your phone map for directions
  • News and publication websites can display articles in an easy-to-read mobile format so that people on the go can easily enjoy content. Integrate FaceBook and Twitter feeds.
  • Non-profit websites can allow donors to easily give online (imagine how great it would be to invite people to pull our their phones and donate online at an event!)
  • Built-in Shopping cart where up to 30 items can be added to link to your PayPal or Google Wallet account, with an option to accept credit card payments
  • Product companies can give their customers online knowledge bases and searchable documentation that can be accessed from a mobile device in the field
  • Create custom pages or link to your existing site pages.
  • Built-in SEO/Analytics tools to increase and complement your existing website



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