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Please include those identified below in your prayers. The prayer requests described below have been submitted by brother Knights. Each request remains here for one month.


Submitted on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 for:
Rosemary Mandarine

Please keep in your payers for Br. Joe's wife Rosemary who is suffering from an Inflamed Immune System. This is a life long condition with many disabilitating problems.



Submitted on Monday, May 13, 2024 for:
Br. Steve Terrano's Father-in-Law George Mertz

Please keep Br. Steve's wife Denise and her father George in your thoughts and prayers. They are travelling to New York to be with her father as he was just admitted to hospice.

Let's keep them in our thoughts during this difficult time.



Submitted on Monday, May 13, 2024 for:
Family Friend of Br. Vinnie Misciagna

Fellow brothers to pray for our friend Eric Maldonado. Eric suffered a brain hemorrhage on a plane flying back from Europe yesterday. Let's keep Eric in our thoughts and prayers.

Thank you

Vin Misciagna



Submitted on Friday, May 10, 2024 for:
Prayer Request for Br. David Lawson

Fellow Brothers, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. While there may be a lot of good reasons for this request, in this particular situation, I am undergoing surgery Monday morning to repair an aorta embolism. If all goes well, I should be home on Tuesday. Then, six weeks of relative calm. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, Brother David



Submitted on Monday, May 6, 2024 for:
Prayers Requested by Br. Frank Dressman

I have a prayer request for a young mother of three, including a newborn, from our daughter's class at St. Martha's Catholic School. She has been experiencing severe vertigo and is having a brain scan tomorrow. I know it is short notice, but the family would appreciate our prayers.



Submitted on Monday, May 6, 2024 for:
Br. Jack's granddaughter Kiley

Please keep Br. Jack's granddaughter Kiley in your thoughts
and prayers. We prayed for her back in March when she was having surgery.

Unfortunately, Kiley's spine surgery didn’t go as planned. Wounds are not healing well. Let's pray for continued care and a speedy recovery.



Submitted on Tuesday, April 30, 2024 for:
Passing of Br. Don Plourde

We have been praying for Br. Don the past several weeks. It is with sadness
I inform you of the passing of Br. Don last evening. Funeral arrangements have not
been announced as of yet. Although, I’m assuming all arrangements will be held in
Ohio. Let’s keep Br. Don and his family in our prayers during this difficult time.

May his soul and all the souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace. Amen



Submitted on Saturday, April 20, 2024 for:
Br. Tony Herzog

On Wednesday I was told that from a preliminary report of my bone marrow biopsy that was performed on April 12th that my bone marrow blasts were zero percent so no cancer, yesterday, Thursday another physician assistant informed me that she saw that my blood report for blasts were also zero percent.

Since both my bone marrow and my blood revealed zero percent blasts means all the AML cancer cells were destroyed. Starting today they are giving me a growth factor injection drug which I will get each day that stimulates the bone marrow to start producing healthy white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets.

I could be discharged earliest around April 26th or the first or 2nd week of May. After I am discharged from Moffitt I will remain at home until a bone marrow donor match becomes available which takes about 2 or 3 months. The doctors have advised me the best decision for my full recovery is to have the bone marrow transplant performed. There is too much risk for not having this done since the AML could return. The bone marrow transplant procedure takes about 4 weeks.

We are very thankful for all your thoughts and prayers, and we ask you for your continued thoughts and prayers as we continue to navigate through our journey.

Thanks Tony Herzog



Submitted on Saturday, April 20, 2024 for:
Update Br. Don Plourde

He STILL is an example of an amazing Christian man. The caretakers are amazed how, when they wake him in the mornings, he slides out of bed to his knees and recites his morning prayers.

He is “Mr. Don” to the staff. Many days he wears a tie and dress shirt at the facility.

Amazing, after being extremely ill and 5 days in the hospital from a fall and pneumonia diagnosis, he was diagnosed with metastasized cancer. Now that he is a Hospice patient and his pain is controlled, he once again is up and cheering the other patients and staff with his many kind deeds.

Your prayers, cards and so many groups remembering him fondly, as he finishes his last months, gives us strength and peace. God has been so good to me.

We attend Mass at St Brendan’s Catholic church nearly every Sunday. That is his most comforting place in all this world, being with Jesus and partaking in His body and blood each week.

Don truly loves each of his old friends and remembers the past well. Thank you, Matt, and your lovely Maria, for giving so graciously all those years of friendship to him.

Sending our love and prayers, that God will continue to richly bless Our Lady of Angels Catholic church and community, as we minister to each other’s spiritual lives, in our joys and through our sorrows.

Love, Don and Jean Plourde