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Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity

Download the Individual worksheet

The annual survey of fraternal activity is due to Supreme by Jan 31.  In order to meet this deadline, we need you to complete the council portion of the attached individual worksheet.


Note that the survey is for the CALENDAR year 2020, so include all your volunteer activities for Jan 1, 2020 through Dec 31, 2020.  Make an estimate if you are uncertain.


Please separate your council and assembly volunteer hours for this report.


You can include all your volunteer hours, even those for another organization.  As long as you were a volunteer and a Knight, you can include it.


Please submit completed forms to me. The form is an Adobe PDF form and may be filled in and then saved or printed. You can email it back to me as an attachment.

The form is best filled with Adobe Acrobat Reader. I recommend you download and install the latest version of the free reader for best results. You can get it from


You can always print the form and fill it in manually.


Let me know if you have any questions.

John Reddin Province Newsletter

Click here to download the John H Reddin Province Newsletter

The John H Reddin Province Newsletter is available to download and read here


K of C Uniforms News Letter

Download the K of C Supply Room Newsletter

Fourth Degree uniforms may be ordered at  which is operated by the Supply Room.  They have published an informative news letter which you can read by clicking on the link above.


Forms may be found by clicking on the Name below

Expense Reimbursement Form - Excel

Expense Reimbursement Form - PDF

Chalice Designation Form - Fillable PDF

Chalice Designation Form - PDF Non-Fillable

Assembly Sign-in Form - PDF


The official uniform of the Fourth Degree is now available for a reduced price in the U.S. The new cost is $449, a reduction of $61. This covers blazer, trousers, tie and beret. Visit


Swords, sword baldrics and gloves may be ordered from the English Company at

Preparing Your Beret

Some timely and helpful advice regarding the beret from our District Master Bryant Sayers and District Marshall Drew Mansager:


  Many of you are receiving, or have received, your Official uniform of the Fourth Degree.  You can take care of

your own tailoring needs.  The beret is a different story.


  You need to make a personal commitment to learning to form, and then forming, your beret.  When you receive it, the beret is bulky and does not form easily to the "ideal."  Here are a few steps I ask you to follow.  Plan ahead.


1.) Cut out the liner, cutting around the cardboard, leaving it intact.  The cardboard is where you will attach your Fourth Degree emblem and perhaps "flash."  The flash is the colored shield designating your former cape color.  They come directly from Supreme.  Red capes have no flash.  FN, PFN, CCC must contact Supreme.  Ask me for that address.


   Cutting out the liner will lighten the weight of the beret.  If you buy a spare beret from a military surplus store, there should be no liner.  The liner makes the beret hotter and also harder to form.


2.) Shave, yes, shave your beret, inside and out.  Put it over your knee and work from the center out.  This also lightens the weight of the wool and makes is easier to form.

  Plan on using at least two disposable razors on the inside and two on the outside.  There are several You-Tube videos and numerous suggestions available.  Let me know if I can help. 

   Again, put the beret over your knee and shave it, from the center to the outside.  (Note from a friend: Do this outside and you won't have as much cleaning up.)  Reverse the beret and do the same.  You are lightening the weight of the wool so you can form it better.


3.) With no flashes or emblems attached, soak the beret in hot water.  Put it on and form it (looking in the mirror)

to look like ... Pat Tillman... is popular.  Wear it until it dries.  I repeat, Plan ahead.


4.) Draw the string in the band snug.  Tie a square knot, not too tight.  Do not cut the ends of the ribbon or tie them in a bow.  Use a pen cap or blunt, narrow tool to insert the ends of the ribbon back into the leather band that holds the adjustment ribbon.  If your hair style (long, short) changes, you can adjust the fit of your beret if you haven't cut the ribbon.  


4.) Your flash/badge should line up over your left eye.  I suggest you not sew your colored flash to your beret.  The Fourth Degree emblem badge (Holy Spirit descending) will hold the flash in place.  Due to the angles of a well formed beret, the flash and the badge should be adjusted to be horizontal, level.


5.)  The beret should drape over your right ear, covering no more than half the ear. 


Do not, insert the keepers on your Beret until everything is done to it (soaking, shaving, removing the lining and etc.).  Let the powers to be (or who-else will be working on your Beret) do it.  Because if you insert the keepers (end caps (dammits)) prior to the final step, you may not be able to remove or adjust them.  Which could cause more delay in wearing your new "New Uniform" (Regalia) and or additional expense to you.  So please adhere to the instructions below as stated by our Worthy District Master Bryant Sayers.


Please pass along to your fellow 4th Degree Knights that when they receive their “New Uniform” that they DO NOT attached the pin onto their beret with the foam backing.  It makes it extremely difficult to remove from the beret.  The black foam backing will also hide parts of the flash that is sewn onto the beret. 

On a different note regarding the pins.  The metal backing (Also Known As “dammits to those that were in the military) that comes with the pin may poke into your forehead and scratch/cut.  Please reference the link below to order rubber pin backs that I use.


Pay Dues


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Pay Dues On Line

Members of the Msgr. James T. Weber Assembly #2152 may pay their dues on line using PayPal. A small charge is added to cover the PayPal fees charged to the Assembly.

To pay your dues, select the number of years from the drop down list, then click on the "Pay Now" button. This will take you to PayPal's site where you can complete your transaction using a credit card or PayPal account if you have one (a PayPal account is not required).

Choose No. of Years
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You can make donations to the Chalice Fund, the Veterans Fund.  or just a general donation. Click the Donate button below, select your option and amount then complete the transaction on PayPal's web site. You may use your PayPal account if you have one or your credit card.





Order Assembly Shirts and Jaclets

Download the printable order form

Order assembly shirts and jackets

To order assembly shirts or jackets, you can download an order form, fill it out and  bring the form to Embroidery For All Reasons and pick it up when ready.


Purchase Assembly Jacket

Assembly Jacket, long sleeve

  • Jet Black, baseball style with snap front, elastic wrist cuffs
  • Cotton lined
  • Large embroidery on back with Assembly name and emblem of the order
  • Optional emboidered name/title on front
  • $49.74 sizes S - XXXL

Duties of Assembly Officers

Download This Document as a PDF

Assembly Officers

Officers of the Assembly

Annually, each Assembly shall elect a Faithful Navigator, a Faithful Captain, a Faithful Pilot, a Faithful Comptroller, a Faithful Scribe, a Faithful Purser, Faithful Inner and Outer Sentinels, a Faithful Admiral and a Faithful Three Year Trustee. The Faithful Navigator, Faithful Captain, Faithful Admiral and Faithful Pilot shall annually appoint a priest to act as Faithful Friar or Chaplain but such selection             must be made in accordance with any rules established by the bishop of the diocese in which the assembly is located. The Faithful Admiral shall be chosen from the Past Faithful Navigators of the Assembly, if any there be.

Duties of Assembly Officers

Officers of the assembly should be present at all assembly meetings.

a)       The Faithful Navigator shall:

a)       Preside over all meetings of his assembly and shall enforce the rules and regulations of the assembly and the laws of the Order, and shall be Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

b)      Appoint committees in addition to the permanent committees provided by the laws of his assembly as                he may deem proper or as may be directed by the assembly, and he shall be a member ex-officio of all committees.

c)       Countersign orders drawn and signed by the Faithful Comptroller for the payment of money when the same have been ordered by the assembly or approved by the Board of Trustees.

d)      Countersign checks drawn and signed by the Faithful Purser.

e)      Perform such other duties as the Supreme Assembly may impose.

f)        Establish a Color Corps pursuant to Article XII.

b)      The Faithful Captain shall:

a)       In the absence of the Faithful Navigator, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the Faithful Navigator. It is also the responsibility of the Faithful Captain in order to assure a good attendance at meetings and other functions of the assembly to take direct charge of all activities social and otherwise under that portion of the order of business known as the Good of the Order.

c)       The Faithful Pilot shall:

a)       Be responsible for the arrangement of the assembly chamber.

b)      Have charge of all properties of the assembly except moneys and accounts and record books of the officers but including ceremonials.

c)       Direct and be responsible for the activities of the Inner and Outer Sentinels.

d)      Acquire and maintain a thorough knowledge of the policies, procedures, and protocols governing the National Flag in order to instruct the members of the Assembly, to ensure its proper care and display, and        to serve as an authority on the flag for assigned councils.

d)      The Faithful Comptroller shall:

a)       Maintain Records. Keep a roll of the members, their age, occupation and residence with the date of their initiation in the Fourth Degree.

b)      Collect and receive all moneys due the assembly and all funds obtained from any source and transfer the same to the Faithful Purser and obtain a receipt from the officer.

c)       Keep account of the charges and receipts of each member in accordance with the standard accounting system provided by the Supreme Council.

d)      Make available to the Faithful Navigator and Board of Trustees at least once a year, all membership records and financial accounts for the purpose of preparing the official audit.

e)      Draw all orders on the Faithful Purser when so ordered by the assembly, the Board of Trustees or the Faithful Navigator for payment of all claims of demands against his assembly which orders shall be signed by him and countersigned by the Faithful Navigator.

f)        Issue to each member not indebted to the assembly a Fourth Degree Membership Card duly signed and        attested but such card shall be issued only if themember produces a Third Degree Membership Card            showing his good standing in his Council.

g)       Notify the District Master of the names of all candidatesfrom his assembly awaiting initiation and give written notice to the Financial Secretary of the council to which such member belongs that the member has been accepted as a Fourth Degree member of the assembly.

h)      Notify promptly the Supreme Secretary, Master and Financial Secretary of the council concerned of the death, transfer, withdrawal, suspension, expulsion, reinstatement, readmission or transfer of members on the forms provided by the Supreme Assembly.

i)        Be the custodian of the seal of the assembly and affix same to all proper papers.

j)        Perform all other acts required by the laws of the Fourth Degree, the Order and the rules of the Board of Directors.

e)      The Faithful Scribe shall:

a)       Keep a true record of the doings of his assembly upon books approved by the Board of Directors and furnished by the Supreme Secretary at the expense of the assembly.

b)      Conduct all correspondence of the assembly and perform such other duties as the assembly or the Order may direct.

f)        The Faithful Purser shall:

a)       Be the custodian of all funds of the assembly obtained from any source by or through any person or persons, acting for or in the name of the assembly or under its direction or authority.

b)      At each meeting of the assembly, receive from the Faithful Comptroller all moneys whatever received by said Comptroller at such meeting, or between meetings, and shall give a written receipt to such Comptroller thereof, specifying the fund to which the same shall be credited. The moneys so received                by such Purser shall be forthwith deposited by said Purser to the credit of the assembly in an approved bank or other secure institution of deposit, subject to approval of the Board of Trustees or majority vote of the assembly. He shall obtain vouchers or certificates of deposit thereof, and report the same at the next regular meeting of the assembly.

c)       Pay all orders drawn on him which are signed by the Faithful Comptroller and counter-signed by the Faithful Navigator. All such orders shall have the approval of the Board of Trustees, except demands of the Supreme Council, initiation fees due the District Master, the regular and usual stated payments of the assembly and payments authorized by the assembly as provided in Section 24(k).

d)      Keep separate accounts of the moneys placed in his hands by his assembly or the officers thereof and be ready at all times to plainly show the amount of moneys in the funds of the assembly, the dales of receiving and disbursing same; such accounts to be kept in books furnished by the Supreme Secretary to said Purser at the expense of the assembly.

e)      Make available the Board of Trustees his books and records for the purpose of preparing the annual audit.

g)       The Faithful Sentinels shall:

a)       The Faithful Inner and Outer Sentinels are specifically entrusted with the responsibility of seeing that all in attendance at an assembly function are in possession of both a Third and Fourth Degree Membership Card and so report to the Faithful Pilot.

b)      They shall perform such other duties as may be imposed upon them by the Faithful Pilot.

h)      The Faithful Admiral shall:

a)       Preside at all meetings of his assembly in the absence of the Faithful Navigator and Faithful Captain.

b)      In the absence of the Faithful Friar, perform his duties at assembly meetings.

c)       Perform any other duties assigned to him by the Faithful Navigator.

i)        Board of Trustees: The Board of Trustees shall consist of the Faithful Navigator and three members to be elected by the assembly. The Faithful Navigator shall be its Chairman. At the first election of a new assembly three Trustees shall be elected; one to hold office for one year or until the second next regular election, one for two years or until the second next regular election; and the other for three years or until the third next regular election; as determined by lot among themselves. Thereafter, at each succeeding election one Trustee shall be chosen for a term of three years. The Trustees shall have supervision of all the financial business of the assembly and their approval shall be necessary for the payment of all moneys, except demands of the Supreme Council, initiation fees due the District Master, regular and usual payments of the assembly, and payments authorized by the assembly after resolution and vote in accordance with Section 24(k). They shall audit the accounts of the Comptroller and Purser annually as of June 30 and report thereon to their assembly, the Supreme Secretary, Supreme Master, Vice Supreme Master, and Master upon blanks approved by the Board of Directors and furnished by the Supreme Assembly. They shall see that the Faithful Comptroller and Faithful Purser give proper bonds running to the Knights of Columbus in trust for their particular assembly and in amounts fixed by said Trustees, and they shall be the custodians of such bonds. But in case the Board of Directors shall bond such officers, the Trustees shall be charged only with fixing the amount of such bonds in excess of the amount provided for by said Board of Directors and in such case they shall have evidence that said officers shall have been bonded in such excess amount. They shall perform such other duties as their assembly or the District Master or Vice Supreme Master or the officers of the Order may direct.

Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity

Download the Individual Worksheet

Each year we file a report with the home office on our fraternal activity including financial donations and volunteer service hours. This information is aggregated and reported to the I.R.S. which is required to maintain the non-profit status of the Knights of Columbus.


In order to report the hours of service, we need your help.  Attached is an individual worksheet which you can print our, fill in and return to us at a meeting, scan it and attach it to an email to SKPETER@COX.NET. 


You should report all hours of volunteer service. It does not have to be a Knights activity. For example you can include under Faith hours spent as a Lector or Eucharistic Minister (do not report hours for which you were paid however).

Reimbursements Request Form

Excel version

Download this form to request a vouncher payment.

Expense Reimbursement Form - PDF

Download the Expense Reimbursement Form - PDF version

Expense Reimbursement form Fillable PDF

Download the Fillable PDF version of the Expense Reimbursemet form

Chalice Designation Form

Download the Chalice Designation Form - PDF Fillable version

Chalice Designation Form - PDF Non-Fillable

Download the Chalice Designation Form - PDF - Non-Fillable

Download Assembly Sign-in Form

Download the Assembly Sign-in Form

Columbus Park Flag Dedication

Downlad the Announcement Memos

In 1992, the Knights of Columbus asked the City of Tucson to name a park after Christopher Columbus in honor of the 500th anniversary of his voyages to the new world.

You can download copies of the memos here.

Columbus Park Flag Program Book

Download the Program Book

On October 12, 1991, the Knights of Columbus Tucson Chapter conducted a Flag Raising Ceremony as part of the Quincentennial Celebration of Columbus's voyage to the New World.


You can download a copy of the program book here.

Msgr. James T. Weber

Download the Newspapter Notices

This article provides copies of the newspaper notices of the death of Msgr. James T. Weber, courtesy ot the Diocese of Tucson Archives.