New Sir Knights on 2/22/20: (l-r) Rob Sobkoviak, Dale Cooper and Dennis Lebhardt

New 4th Degree Knights on 2/22/20 along with other Brothers of the Council who attended in Lisle: (l-r) Craig Lyons, Stan Wertelka, Bernie Seeley, Rob Sobkoviak, Dale Cooper, Dennis Lebhardt, Mike Ortman and Steve Joutras (DD)

K of C Council meetings are the 2nd Monday of every month at 7:00pm. All members are welcome.

Founding members at the 25th Anniversary Celebration on 7/9/17.

Our Cod is Awesome in New Lenox, IL

Brothers at the 12th Annual Tapping of Murph's Monster Mash at Rock Bottom in Orland Park, IL on 10/25/18. We miss you Murph!!

New Brother Knight Luke Holuj (second from left) with his Dad Jim Holuj, Jr (4th Degree) on his left, Grandpa Jim Holuj, Sr (3rd Degree) on his right and his Grandpa Ron Englert (3rd Degree) on the far right. Three Holuj generations in our Council and Luke came to us from our Squires Circle.

Brothers John Pagan, Warren Gill and Rich Dohrn honoring St. Patrick at our 3/15/19 Fish Fry.

New 1st Degree Knights on 3/11/19: (l to r) Eric Decker, Dale Cooper, Peter Hegarty, Chuck Johnson, Bob Becker, Nathan Purcell, Luke Holuj, Matt Pfeiffer. Welcome guys!

New Brother Knights on 4/8/19; (l-r) Scott Maertin, Ken Murphy and Brian Simikoski

New Brother Knights on 5/13/19 (l-r) Mark Sowards, Nick Leonard, Justin Hillman, Art Katzmann, Transfers (l-r) Mike Azzone, Richard Krol. New Knight Matt Bernhard (not present for picture)

2019 Victor Cardosi Award winner Craig Lyons (3rd from left) on May 19, 2019 with Past Winners from the Council: left to right; Larry Beaudin (2010); Roy Gesell (2011) and Jim Sniegowski (2009); other winners were Bob Tatroe (1998); Joe Surma (2000) and John Murphy (2004)

New Brother Knights who joined on June 10, 2019: (left - right) Brian Stalcup and Mike Kennedy

Some of the Cancer Survivors served at the Annual Relay For Life Survivor Dinner on 6/30/19

Nine of the 21 Brothers who helped at the Relay for Life Concession Stand on 7/12/19

New Officers for 2019-20 were installed on 8/22/19

Tim Pate joined the Council as 1st Degree Brother Knight on 7/8/19

New Brother Knights on 10/14/19; (l-r) Victor Lamas, Robert Sobkoviak and Tom McGowan, Jr.

New Sir Knight Bernie Seeley on 10/19/19

New Sir Knight Bernie Seeley (3rd from left) with Council Sir Knights (l-r) John Pagan, Larry Beaudin and Craig Lyons in Aurora on 10/19/19

New Brother Knights on 11/6/19; (l-r) Kurt Hartman and Scott Kohler; not in picture, Matthew Brown

Grand Knight Tim Pastern (left) receiving the 2019 Star Council Award from Steve Joutras, District Deputy

New Brother Knights on 11/26/19; (l-r) Mike Witte and Dan Mustyn

Jeff Ogrodnik joined the Council as 1st Degree Brother Knight on 12/5/19

New 3rd Degree Knights on January 31, 2020; (l to r): Art Katzmann IV, Kurt Hartman, John Lyons, Mark Sowards and Ken Murphy with District Deputy Steve Joutras

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