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Donors Urgently Needed

Joe Stackler reports that there is an extreme shortage of plasma and platelet donors. If you are able to help please call 888-825-6638 to make an appointment to donate. This fits right into our "No Neighbor Left Behind" programs.

Keep Christ In Christmas Cards
Please see information regarding the purchase of cards below. The deadline is September 1, 2020.
Silver Rose 2020
11/15        St. Anthony of Padua            3:00 PM
11/16        St. Mary the Assumption       6:00 PM
11/17        Immaculate Heart of Mary     6:00 PM (Cancelled)
11/17       Holy Rosary                           5:30 English;
                                                              6:30 Spanish
11/18        Holy Child                              6:30 PM
11/22         St. Patrick                             3:00 PM
11/24        St. Elizabeth Ann Seton         6:30 PM
11/29        St. Joseph Middletown           3:30 Spanish; ( On Hold)
                                                                5:00 English ( On Hold)
11/30        St. Edmonds                           9:15 AM
12/1          St. Jude                                  8:00 AM
12/3          Holy Cross                              6:30 PM
Contact Felix Spitelle- State Life Chairman
Congratulations to the newly elected Officers for the Columbian Year
State Deputy - Eugene M. Dzielak
State Secretary - Richard S. Johnson
State Treasurer - Richard C. DeZao
State Advocate -  Michael F. Panfile
State Warden - Donald W. Ryan, Jr

Important Info Regarding the Coronavirus

17 March 2020

My Fellow Brother Knights

On Thursday March 12, I conducted an emergency meeting of the Delaware State Council Officers. The purpose of that meeting was to review and get a clear understanding of the protocols Supreme had just issued concerning the present Corona-Virus epidemic. We also laid the groundwork for the course of action for the State to follow during this crisis.


I have attached a copy of the letter from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson outlining their recommendations. In keeping with the direction Supreme has put forth, The Delaware State Council strongly recommends that all Councils cancel all meetings, programs and events where significant numbers of people would be present. The Delaware State Council is in the process of canceling all its scheduled meetings and events, this includes the State Convention in April. In the event that your Council would have a program that you deem is imperative to conduct I advice you contact State Program Direct Don Ryan ( or State Deputy Eugene M. Dzielak ( for guidance and clarification.  At present there is no time table how long this band will last.


I have asked Sir Knight, and Life Program Chairman Felix Spitelle to be the State Corona-Virus Information director. His task will be to keep up to date with the latest information from the State, health Department and the Dioceses as regarding to restrictions and guidelines. He will be reporting on a regular basis, keeping the membership appraised of any changes either way.


Addressing the question of Membership and Exemplifications. Our doors are always open.  The Order still encourages membership.  The change is in the Exemplifications. It is recommended that they be keep very small, an almost one on one situation. The Ceremony should be held in the Councils or an appropriate location and the degree done by video, thus limiting the number of people. Again, any question on this or any other matter do not hesitate in contacting the State Deputy or one of the State Officers.


I conclude that we are in a real crisis unprecedented in our society. This crisis in someway affects all of our lives. The fabric of our society is truly being tested. Right now politicians and even the medical professionals are scratching for answers. Gentlemen, I truly believe that we as Catholics may have the answer. Turn off the TV, reach into our pockets, and pull out our rosary you were given at your Admission degree, kneel down and pray. This is something positive we can do. God will hear us.

Vivat Jesus,

Eugene Dzielak SD

We Must Teach Them




Carl A. Anderson

Supreme Knight


Dear Fraternal Leader,
The Knights of Columbus is carefully monitoring the coronavirus situation and its impact on the
Order. Since the virus is spread by personal contact, containment efforts stress social
distancing by restricting travel, meetings and other gatherings. Accordingly, the Supreme
Council most strongly recommends the following actions to protect brother Knights and others:
• Cancel all personal contact meetings, including business meetings, until further notice.
• Cancel all planned events, where people would gather, until further notice.
• Cancel all travel for Knights of Columbus business until further notice.
There are many ways to continue council operations without face to face contact. Here are
some suggestions:
o Conduct meetings by conference call, Skype, Google Groups or other methods.
o Use a webinar service for large meetings like monthly business meetings.
o Allow member votes by email or text to approve bills and candidate admissions.
o Use the email feature of Officers Online for member communications.
o Set up a call tree to contact members and ascertain their wellbeing.
o Conduct degree ceremonies in homes using the combined Exemplification of Charity,
Unity and Fraternity video or the First Degree video.
o Use applications like “Go fund me” to digitally raise funds for causes.
Additional information is available for members and their families on the websites of the
the elderly and sick are highly vulnerable to this disease.
This is a moment to deepen our commitment to the very principles which define us: charity,
unity and fraternity. There will likely be many opportunities in coming weeks to live out these
principles in service to our brother Knights, our families and our communities. May this time of
difficulty also be a moment when we as Knights step into the breach and show ourselves to be
disciples of Jesus Christ and men at the service of others.
Carl A. Anderson
Supreme Knight










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