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From the Desk of State Deputy

Eugene M. Dzielak Sr.

"Prayer is the Answer'


     Yesterday the calendar marked the recognition of Columbus Day. Here in Delaware neither the Columbus Day Committee or the Delaware State Council Knights of Columbus were able to have any celebration: no wreath laying, no dinner. The Covid epidemic was the main cause for us not to celebrate. We all do not have to be reminded that a few months ago there was an element in our society that demonstrated against, and in some cases forcefully removed the statue of Columbus and other historical figures. The irony in this is, I wonder how many of these protesters had the benefit of a day off from work because of Columbus or who saved money because of the Columbus Day sales. Even though this was downplayed this season, my purpose in bringing this up is not to restart the debate of people’s rights or to open old wounds. It is to show one of the many events that caused 2020 to be a very difficult year for myself and the Delaware State Council K of C. 

    When I took this position for a second term, I expected that things would be difficult. BUT I, like everyone else, hoped and expected that life would return to some sort of normalcy. I had pledged that this year there would be greater communication. I have failed greatly because there I have very little to communicate about. I, like each of you, are unable to conduct activities.  I am not going to bore you with the list of activities that we were unable to have.  My biggest belief is that there seems to be no opportunity that we will be able to do anything in the near future.  That is a BOLD statement, but I believe it is the real situation. 

     I am trying via "Zoom" to maintain some lines of communications with my State Officers, my DD's and my Grand Knights. I want to acknowledge the many Grand Knights who also have embraced this technology and they too are conducting council meetings. Keep up the good work. I also want to encourage all Grand Knights and other council officers, that when you are invited to a "Zoom" meeting please make every effort to attend. We do want to hear about your difficulties and your achievements.

     This year is not completely without some jubilation. After years of prayers by scores of Knights, things are finally answered. On October 30, in Hartford Connecticut, our founder Father Michael J. McGivney will be Beatified.  Sainthood is in the near future. It should occur in our life time.  The ceremony will be televised. Please spread this news and plan to be "in attendance" at this sacred ceremony. That would be the perfect time to pray to Fr. Michael McGivney for his blessing on all Knights and for continual growth of the Order.

      We all have been in situations where there is "good news and Bad news". That is where we are in membership in the State. I begin by publicly thanking the Grand Knights and the Financial secretaries for adhering with the request attached to the State Per Capita adjustment of trying to limit councils’ suspensions. I believe this is the lowest number of suspensions for this period in years, (I hope I don’t jinx myself). Remember " Leave No Neighbor Behind" and this starts with our brother Knights.

    The "bad news" is that I am in the 4th lowest bracket when it comes to new members for this year. Talking with a number of Grand Knights and the DD’s, I know the difficulties you all facing. BUT we cannot not just throw up our hands and give up. Look in every corner of that proverbial box, leave no option untried. Reach out to the State membership Director Martin Reynolds, your DD's or any State officer for advice,

Guidance, and console.

    Right now, the only events that are Scheduled are rhe State Informational meeting Thur Nov.12th. at 7 pm., virtually look for your invite, and the State mid Year Meeting Sat. Jan--9th. virtually, possibly live. Remember I have asked all Grand Knights to submit a report of what was done with the money they had from the 1st quarter State Per Capita. Please get something to me during Dec. so I can publish it for the Mid-Year meeting.

      Just a couple of final issues to address. I have received the McGivney Insurance Awards which I will be delivering. I have not received any other awards at this time. I have gotten a couple of emails concerning this year’s Directory. I have been laxed on pushing for this book since there is no calendar of events. The team is working on getting it out soon, to be downloaded, no hard copy. This format will allow for continual editing during the year.

  Again, I repeat this has been a very difficult time for all of us. I Thank my fellow Officers for their patience and continual support. Thank you to the DD's for all their hard work, and Thank you Brother Knights for all the work you all doing in spite of the obstacle.

      Remember to VOTE! It is your right and it is very important,

May God Bless Us All!



           Blood Donors Needed

The blood supply is at a critical low.  Donations are 40-50% lower than this time last year.  Your help is desperately needed.  Donations at a blood drive are of whole blood, and red blood cells.  Donations of platelets and plasma can be made by calling the blood bank at (888).825.6638. Everyone needs to fill out a Hero card in order for the Knights to get credit for each donation.  Hero cards are also available online.
The blood bank is not only looking for donors but buildings to hold critical blood drives.  I'm asking all Grand Knights to encourage their pastors to hold a blood drive in their parish halls.  
Please contact me on my cell at  (443).553.7863, or online at once you receive approval from your pastor and I'll coordinate with the Blood Bank and work with each individual parish for a date and time for the blood drive.  The Delaware Knights blood drive starts today, October 5, 2020 and runs through January 8, 2021.
The Blood Bank goes by CDC requirements for safety purposes.  Your donation could save a life!!  What better way to show the Knights commitment to the community than to donate, whether it's whole blood, red blood cells or platelets and plasma. 
Thanking you in advance for your assistance.
Joseph Stackler
Blood Drive Coordinator

Donors Urgently Needed

Joe Stackler reports that there is an extreme shortage of plasma and platelet donors. If you are able to help please call 888-825-6638 to make an appointment to donate. This fits right into our "No Neighbor Left Behind" programs.

Silver Rose 2020
11/30        St. Edmonds                           9:15 AM
12/1          St. Jude                                  8:00 AM
12/3          Holy Cross                              6:30 PM
Contact Felix Spitelle- State Life Chairman
Officers for the Columbian Year
State Deputy - Eugene M. Dzielak
State Secretary - Richard S. Johnson
State Treasurer - Richard C. DeZao
State Advocate -  Michael F. Panfile
State Warden - Donald W. Ryan, Jr
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