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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Starting at 1:00 am

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, WI  US

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Name: Paul E Lang

Councils conclude their Child Safety Training Compliance requirements between now and the deadline of October 1


I urge each of you to reach out to your council directors, council officers, agents, Supreme, whoever you need, to get these criteria accomplished ASAP. The deadline is Oct 1 to get this accomplished. Let's not let it slide until we see we are close to Star Council or use any other excuse not to facilitate what is required of all councils. Please get this done. 


Star Council Requirements checklist:  

  • 100% new membership

  • Form 185 completed and filed (officer's Chosen Report)

  • Form 365 completed and filed Program Personnel Report

  • Grand Knight     "Safe Environment Praesidium's Armatus®"

  • Program Director   "Safe Environment Praesidium's Armatus®"

  • Community Director   "Safe Environment Praesidium's Armatus®"

  • Family Director   "Safe Environment Praesidium's Armatus®"

  • Fraternal Benefits Night (reach out to your agents for direct information and requirements) – get these scheduled ASAP, (they are busy gentlemen) once completed, your agent will submit the e-form to their General Agent within 30 days of the Fraternal Benefit Seminar. The General Agent is then responsible for approving and submitting the form to The form is located on the agent portal under Resources Field Management Resources. Councils can locate the form as well as on   by going to the following: For Members à Fraternal Operations à Awards (under Founder’s Award)

  • Council level audits, reports, program reports, projects, etc. Check with your DD, FS, Treasurer, program leaders for updates on required programs, etc.

  • Required Forms include:

  • SP7 (Columbian Award)

  • 365 (Program Personnel Report)

  • 1728 (Annual Survey of Fraternal Activity)

  • 185 (Officers Chosen Report), and

  • 1295 (Semi Annual Council Audits)

(if you miss one of the forms from the list above - if they are incomplete or are not showing up on the reports we receive from Supreme, This will ultimately disqualify your council from receiving Star Council, as this has either not been cleared up at the Supreme Level or is not yet completed. You, as part of your council, are ALL responsible for getting these forms completed. Remind your brothers, get them completed ASAP before deadlines. 


If you believe you've accomplished everything you needed to do for the Safe Environment program or you believe you were still active and find you are not, I urge you to reach out to Lee Ann Harper directly to the Supreme Office for Safe Environment c/o  Lee.Harper@Kofc.Org to check with her regarding your Safe Environment status.


Please copy me on all correspondences with Lee Ann so I can monitor the discussions and jump in where there might be something with which I can help her on your behalf.


If you want to know WHAT is specifically missing from your consideration for Star Council requirements, please email me at, and I can share the report info with you one-on-one. I cannot fix it for you, but I can tell you what needs to be completed that is revealed on our reports.


God bless all of you this fraternal year and let's get these things done quickly this year.