Signup Today in the Oklahoma Heartbeat Club


This year the state developed a new funding program called the Oklahoma Heartbeat Club. This club was designed much like our 365 Club to support seminarians. The Oklahoma Heartbeat Club will develop funding support for our Faith In Action Programs. Donating to this program will help ensure we can continue great programs like Basketball Free Throw, Soccer Challenge, Right for Life Walks, Marion Icon. The funds will also allow us to provide for future programming without increase general funds expenses. The program also has a component that gives back to the councils based on your participation. More people from a council in the club opens doors for the council with incentives and project funding assistance. So please consider becoming a member of the Oklahoma Heartbeat Club.

You may choose to be a one-year member for 25.00 next year or you can become a Lifetime Member for 350.00. Whichever membership you choose, will must definitely help our Faith In Action programming and we will send you a special lapel pin as part of your membership. Thank you for considering a membership in the Oklahoma Heartbeat Club.