Brother Knights, since launching online membership in Oklahoma in April of last year, councils from around the state have whole-hardly embraced this new membership option. So much so that, for the last 5 months, Oklahoma has led the way in online membership intake. Over 150 new Brother Knights have joined our ranks via online membership this fraternal year. This places Oklahoma as the #1 Jurisdiction in the entire Order for online intake. In March alone, our state recruited 32 new Brother Knights, the most we've ever had in one month. 


My fellow Oklahoma Brother Knights, I applaud you all on this wonderful achievement. It is a testament to the enduring dedication you have for our Order. You have embraced this program and have jumped head first into the challenges and again, I applaud you for that. Going forward, one of our next challenges will be converting these online members to council members by getting them through the Admission Degree. As I write this, 64 online members have identified that they are interested in joining a local council. It is critical that we begin to reach out to these members and personally invite them to experience our councils and the richness that we have to offer.


To that end, we must ensure that our councils are actually engaged in rich and meaningful programs. Are we involved in activities that are exciting, fulfilling, faith-deepening and inclusive? Are we fully engaging the entire family, specifically the wives and children, with our programs? It will be these types of activities that will encourage an online member to take that next step in their journey and seek to join a council through our Admission Degree. And it will be these types of activities that will retain them, and current members, for many years to come. 


Ryan King, State Membership Director

Oklahoma Knights of Columbus