Summer is one of the slowest times of the year for membership recruitment in the entire order. Here in Oklahoma, June, July and August are historical low points for membership intake. And while two or three strong months won't make your council goals, two or three bad months could keep you from achieving them. This struggle to recruit can be exacerbated by changing leadership and new officers being elected. It takes time for new officers to feel comfortable in their positions and to begin setting and achieving their personal and council goals. As such, the time to start planning for your next membership drive isn't in the Summer. It is right now!


As we approach the end of the fraternal year, both current and future council leadership should be meeting to ensure continuity from year to year. This continuity can ensure that future leadership teams can continue at the same or similar pace as the previous year. The last thing we want is a slow 1st quarter start that requires us to have record-breaking 3rd and 4th quarters just to catch up. When your current and future leadership teams meet, here are some questions you should be asking:


Are we actively planning for our next membership drive? Is communication getting out to the members in a timely manner regarding new fraternal year goals? Are you and your Brother Knights aware of Supreme and State membership incentives? Is your council providing your district deputy with dates for membership drives, informational sessions and Admission Degrees? Are we embracing online recruiting and using it as a tool for recruitment, to include reaching out to e-Knights that are on our prospect listings?


If we as a council can't answer "Yes" to each question, dare I say then that we are just blindly hoping that these things come together on their own? Benjamin Franklin said it best, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." It is through planning, preparation and commitment that our goals will be achieved. Please take a moment at your next council or officer meeting to plan your future recruitment activities. With concrete and established plans, your council will be more than ready to "spring into summer".



Ryan King, State Membership Director

OK Knights of Columbus