2017 Council Donation Update - CLICK HERE


HELP Make a Difference

Fill out and submit Supreme Form 4584

It is very important that EACH COUNCIL in the State of Wisconsin, fill out Supreme Form 4584!

The form asks for information about each council's contributions to Special Olympics.

The State Council has recieved between $2,000 and $7,000 from Supreme entirly based on our State's response.

The State Council is one of 12 Division states in thier division, the State that earns the most points in thier division receives the most points.

Points are based on:
 Percentage of councils showing involvement
 Total Volunteer Hours
 Total number of events
 Total dollars contributed

If is critical to our mission to get he most help we can from Supreme Council - the more Form 4584's that are submitted the higher the chance we will receive funds from Supreme - DO YOUR PART!

Forms can be downloaded and submitted from Supreme website: (click here)
Download the form and email to: fraternalservices@kofc.org and forms@wikofc.com

Current council contributions and status can be found in the below.

State Council commitment of $100,000 to team Wisconsin 2018, requires on $0.75 per member, per year, over a four year period.

All donations should be run through the Knights of Columbus Cartity Account, which is a 501(c)(3) account. Check should be made out to Wisconsin KofC Charities, and mailed to:
Bryce Lisowski, Special Olympics Coordinator, KofC
S1345 County Road NN
Alma, WI 54610