“Pride, Service and Responsibility”.  When I took the office of State Deputy, I dedicated my term to Father McGivney and I asked each attendee at the convention to take Pride, in themselves as Knights, renew their service obligation to our Mother Church, our Bishops and Priests, and take responsibility to grow our order by asking each eligible Catholic man to join us.   This past year the state officer team has met many challenges set before them and our watchword “Nunc Coepi” now I begin has been our constant reminder that every time we fell or thought we were falling, we needed to pick ourselves up and keep Father McGivney’s vision alive moving forward.   I hope to explain where we have had areas of success and areas we need to improve upon and give some examples of Faith in Action around our state.  My theme for this weekend is “Conversation to Conversion” a key factor growing the order in Wisconsin and implement Supremes new Faith in Action program model.”  “In closing despite our decline in membership reminding our members that the Knights in Wisconsin is stronger now despite our decline in membership over the years. “those families, we must lead, we must show Pride in our Order, Service to our neighbor, and be Responsible to each other for the growth of our Order and the growth of our Catholic Faith.   WE ARE KNIGHTS!


Vivat Jesus 

Jack V. Wrbanich,

State Deputy

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