My Brother Knights:

As we stand on the threshold of a new Columbian Year and in the midst of our 125th year as the First State Council in the Order, I ask, as your newly elected State Deputy, that you reflect upon the past history of your Council’s service to our Church, our priests, the community, and our families, and their impacts that were achieved. Reflect upon them personally and/or as a Council, and hopefully you are proud of the results.


However, we must ask, are we, as members of Councils within the State, still as active in our programs, and are they being guided by our founding principles of Charity, Unity Fraternity? Is our Catholic faith being demonstrated in our actions?


In response to these questions, this year Supreme Council has developed a new program for the Knights of Columbus – Faith In Action. This model seeks to balance all of our priorities as an Order – FAITH, FAMILY, COMMUNITY and LIFE – and offers us as Knights, meaningful opportunities to serve people in need in our parishes and communities. Faith In Action fully integrates Building the Domestic Church programs, and allows councils to concentrate on implementing faith-filled family programs. The goal – Quality over Quantity !


This new initiative will be explained in greater detail in the upcoming months. Another initiative, On-line Membership has been up and running in our State since April. Knights should familiarize with this powerful new tool in the recruitment of new members.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing State Deputy, Michael Benson for his outstanding leadership over the past two years. Councils in Rhode Island were responsive to his outlined goals, most notably the prestigious Circle of Honor Award for membership in 2016-2017. Also, I would be remiss if I failed to recognize a significant member of his team, his wife Lee Ann and thank her for her support of both Michael and our entire membership in RI. Thank you to the District Deputies and Program Chairman for their outstanding service during Michael’s term. Fortunately, many of these same men will remain in place, for which I am very grateful.


Worthy Knights, let us make this our best year and continue the legacy of the Knights of Columbus in Rhode Island.


Vivat Jesus!

Michael J. Dziok

State Deputy

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