Our annual State Convention for this Fraternal Year is now in the past. I wish to thank those members from across the state who were able to join us. I know I met some new Brothers and I hope others did as well. As the saying goes “There were no strangers there—only some Brothers who may not have yet met one another.” Oregon has yet to reach our assigned goal but credit can be given for “strengthening the foundation” and performing activities that are leaving a Knight of Columbus Footprint. As the Fraternal Year enters the final lap, I wish to note some activities that are or will strengthen our “basic foundation,” leave a Knights Footprint and grow the Order in Oregon.

The Holy Spirit is here to help us grow the Order and evangelize the visions of Fr. McGivney.
The Order has shown positive moves toward more spirituality by adopting a Dedicated Spirituality Fund to assist Councils with future spiritual-related activities.

The State had its first Knights Weekend Retreat led by our State Chaplain. In addition there were at least two separate full day retreats across the state.

Fr. Theo produced five 6-7 minute short spiritual messages for use by Councils at their monthly meetings and all other State or District meetings/events. A thumb drive was made and presented to Council State Convention Delegates or to District Deputies for Councils not present (special thanks to Michael Woody for doing this for each Council).

We need to move forward with responsible growth. Responsible & Sustainable growth!!
Partnering and/co-Sponsoring Activities with other groups of the Parish or the community is an opportunity for high public exposure and indirectly will expand the Knights Footprint.

The Activity to acquire a container of wheel chairs for use throughout the state is occurring, but we need to expand our perspective outside our own Council or parish borders and try to reach out to others in the community who could use a chair. (My special thanks to Kent Purdy who has been pursuing this activity).

Districts joining together for their District meetings and training will expand our brotherhood fraternity.

Are your activities known? Are they in the Parish Bulletin? We need to get a higher grade on our Report Card with the subjects of publicity and reporting!! IT’S “OK” to pat yourselves on the back!!

BROTHERS, your Council Reports help create the Knights of Columbus Footprint.
The Footprint is the impression of WHO we are and WHAT we are.
If you leave a Footprint, the numbers will come.

“The only numbers that really count are souls saved.”

My Brothers, every little bit helps establish a Knights of Columbus Footprint, strengthens our “foundation” and will help the Order to grow in Oregon. The need is just as great now as it was when the Fr. McGivney initiated the Order. As we go forward, I can only repeat what we heard the Supreme Knight mention a few times. ”Be Knights of Charity.” The Order was founded on Charity. “Be Knights of Charity.” Reach out with charity and we can all bring more laborers to work in the Father’s vineyard.

Vivat Jesus
Francis Mohr, State Deputy