State Deputy Report July 2019

My Brother Knights:
We have started a new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
Most New Years resolutions are to loose weight!!
My brothers, we have been loosing weight for the last three years. Are you feeling better?? I certainly hope not!
The Knights of Columbus can only grow with the gaining of new members. So...Let us all step up and gain some weight with new members and family. If we are now growing....we are dying!!
The second most New Year resolution is to spend more time with family and friends.
Not sure to say this any better than.....LOOK AROUND. You are surrounded by family and friends. Get involved...Include your Family!!
My sons used to get off the school bus at the Knights of Columbus hall in Brazoria, Texas. I saw them there every evening helping with the Knights of Columbus projects. I did not "beat them with a whip" for them to be there, I made it fun for them, they enjoyed being involved!! (It also would have been a long walk home for them!!)
Let us make sure we have projects ALL the time to keep our family and friends active.
An Active Knight is a GROWING Knight!
I would have to say that my third resolution would be Fr. McGivneys.....To take care of the widows and orphans!! My Brother Knights, there is no other reason we are here than that. They do not have to be a "widow" in my council or church, they can be the widow across the street, it could be someone across town..... we are here to help those in need.CHARITY!!
I ask you brothers to make some New Years Resolutions.
1) Ask a brother to join the Knights of Columbus.
2) Include your family in your activities.
3) Be a Fr. McGivney...step up and make their life something that they will remember the rest of theirs. It may be something that you remember the rest of yours. Never be afraid to commit yourself to something small that may be much in the end.
I THANK all of my Brother Knights for all you do for your Church, Community and Council. GOD IS WATCHING!!
God Bless.
Roy Anderle.
State Deputy