State Deputy Report May 2019


Brother Knights”

      The 111th Arkansas State Convention has come and gone. I thank District #1 and all the others for their help to make the weekend successful and fun for all. I appreciate the good attendance by the councils and it was good to see all the friends again. FRATERNITY.

      With only two months left in this fiscal year, I hope all councils that are “Star Council Bound” are getting the final preparations done. Election of Council officers done and all paperwork filled out and sent in. Please remember to fill out the information for the State Directory. This is imperative so the information emailed out gets to the right person, and, the past officer is not bothered with unnecessary emails. Everyone working together makes things go much smoother. UNITY.

      Unity with God helps all of us go thru life much smoother. I recently set up plans on a project and worked out all the details, or so I thought. Half way thru I noticed that things were not working out exactly as I planned and God was steering things in a different direction. Letting God handle the final details of my plan made everything work out better for me and the outcome was much better for all involved. Follow Gods plan for you and you will see how things work out better for you also. You cannot lose with God in your court! Let Him help you when things are not going exactly as you planned.

     Remember your Mother on Mother’s Day! Do something nice for someone every day. It makes two people feel better. CHARITY.

God Bless you all.

Roy Anderle

State Deputy