April 2021


“Christ has risen” --- “He indeed has risen, Alleluia”


Worthy Brother Knights,


Happy Easter to you and your Families. I am hoping all is well as can be expected with the conditions we have had to encounter since last Easter. Last year at this time, churches were empty and there was no in-person liturgical observation of Easter, but now churches are almost back up to capacity and restrictions are relaxing enough that we can celebrate back in God’s house. Very soon, I hope we can get back to normal and people will start coming back to Church and filling the pews as before. I saw a sign the other day that said, “The more you miss church, the less you miss church,” and I thought how true that is.


This month on Sunday April 25th, we will have our State Convention, but it will be virtual only. With the restrictions still in place for big gatherings, we are planning as last year’s convention, a restricted agenda lasting about 60-90 minutes. This is not what you wanted or me, but we will except and go on and hope for better things to come.


I would like to let you know we have the Eureka Springs council #6454 back up and running again. WST Tim Malloy and I had the pleasure of attending their first council meeting last month and 15 members were in attendance. I want to especially thank Father Joseph Archibong for his support, and all who had a hand in this over the last three months. So, if you have a chance, welcome your new Brothers back.


Please pray for our Family members that are sick or in distress. As a Family, when one hurts, we all hurt. Blessed Father Michael J. McGivney, pray for our Knights of Columbus Family through your intercession, grant the favor that I have just asked for. Through Christ our Lord, AMEN.


Vivat Jesus!

Alan Halman

State Deputy