State Deputy Report October 2019

My Brother Knights:

September has been an awesome month! We dedicated and Blessed the very first Safe Haven Baby Box in Arkansas on September 18th at a fire station in Benton Arkansas

This is a major step for all of us to " Respect Life". which, the month of October is "Respect Life Month". I am very proud of Lloyd Cambre and the Knights in the Benton area that worked so hard for this to happen.

Please remember... Life is from Conception to natural death.

The Knights of Columbus must continue to stand up for "Respecting the lives of all". That is what we "The Knights of Columbus is all about"!

I am also proud to announce that another District is working for a Safe Haven Baby Box in their area and that I also have seen a SHBB billboard on Hwy 270 going into Hot Springs.

All of this is one of the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS THAT THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS IN ARKANSAS NEEDS TO BE FOCUSED ON!!!!! We Are the most leading influence in the State. Let us make sure we are the most influential voice for the rights of those that cannot stand for themselves!!

You are important because, those that you talk to about the knights of Columbus, need to know what we do, and what is important. "WE ARE IMPORTANT". Ask a brother Catholic to join us in our campaign! That is what we need to grow. New voices, new ideas!

Speaking of new members....In the Knights of Columbus, the State of Arkansas had dropped from #18 to #47 in standings in the last month.

WOW! That is even nearly, OR WORSE ,than  the Razorbacks!

We are better than that!

We have recruited 51 members so far this year, which is 15.32 % of our goal  of 333 members. We are 198 members from our goal of 7566 by Convention.

I know that you can do it. Make New Members, New Ideas, New Help, New Knights important in your Council!!

Remember We are Charity, We are the many threads bound together in Unity, we are Brothers in one of the Greatest Organizations in the WORLD. We are the KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS!! 

God Bless you all.

Roy Anderle

State Deputy