State Deputy Report February 2020

Hello Brother Knights:

I have hardly realized we are in 2020 and now we are starting the second month of the year.

At our state mid year meeting on January 3-5. 2020, The new degree ceremonial was shown to your District Deputies and I asked for all feed back by January 31. From all the comments that I have received, the majority of Knights in the Districts are in favor of the new change. Therefore as of today, February 1st, 2020, The State of Arkansas is adopting the new degree. The first will be held in Benton at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church at 4:00 pm on February 16th. Let us make sure we have as many new or current members attend this degree. Shake the bushes and bring in the new members...they will be the first for this degree in Arkansas. Be sure to let Lloyd know the numbers so we can prepare. They may be in the history books for the Knights of Columbus in Arkansas!!

You may continue to use the current 1st degree ceremonial until February 15th. After February 16th, only the new degree will be allowed. We are hopeful that Supreme will have all information for all to proceed with the new degree after then. Our Worthy State Treasurer and Ceremonials Director, Lloyd Cambre will have more information forthcoming.

Many changes have been happening and will be coming forward this last year. I think that it will all be beneficial to the Knights of Columbus and the growth of the order.

Not officially announced, but, rumors are that the Knights of Columbus is close to 2 million members. How would you feel if you signed up the 2 millionth member? Awesome, probably would be a sign up bonus!! Imagine Two Million Knights all over the world doing what we

do every day, CHARITY , UNITY  and FRATERNITY........What could we not conquer??

Let us continue to grow our order, Only 200 new members between now and June 30th and Arkansas will be in the Circle of Honor!

I know we all can do it! I have the faith!! I hope all of you also believe that it is important that we continue to grow and bring in and support the next generation of the Knights of Columbus in Arkansas.

Thank you for all you do  supporting our Church, Community and Council!

God Bless you all!!

Roy Anderle

State Deputy