As we prepare for the upcoming 116th convention of the State Council of the Knights of Columbus, we look back at what has transpired over this past year. So much to reflect upon and to spend time and space in this column to do justice. One of the big highlights, of course, was the recent beatification of the founder of the Order, Blessed Michael J. McGivney. Now officially recognized and one step closer to sainthood, our holy founder is interceding for us as we begin our deliberations.


All of us are so weary of the pandemic experience, that we long for the return of some sense of normalcy in our lives. It just comes out of our pores. Please, can we get back to normal? Then we hear someone say, “Well, maybe this is the new normal.” That in itself takes time to adjust to. In any crisis, in any emergency, the first thing “first responders” and “therapists” try to do for the “victim” is get them back into a normal routine as soon as possible. This helps make the emergency seem less harrowing. But that has not been the case of any of the “people who are in charge” of this pandemic. They have not seemed to want to help the people get back to a sense of normalcy. But we need that as a society. The society has to have standards and normalcy to survive. It cannot run on adrenaline all the time.


Therefore, in our anxiety, in our stress, in our desire to live with the day to day challenges of the pandemic, we do what we can to make the world in which we live make sense by doing those daily things so that we can seem as normal as possible. So in that light…we go on with the business of the State Council…we hold a convention!


The State Officers and leadership team have been working diligently during the crisis to make things as available as possible to all the family of the Knights of Columbus. The same will be true for the upcoming State Convention. We encourage as many as possible to come in person to the Convention, and know that it will be as safe as humanly possible, but it will also be available on Zoom if you wish to join us through that medium.


So in the meantime, in the joy and spirit of the Easter Season just upon us, let us lift up our hearts to the Risen Savior. Let us employ the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of the Redeemer; let us turn to Bl. Michael McGivney, Bl. Stanley Rother, St. Joseph and all the angels and saints to sing that ever glorious triumphant hymn of all creation: Alleluia! For He is Risen. In Him is our Hope and we shall never hope in vain. I send you my priestly blessings and hope that the Lord will let us see one another in person soon. May the Risen Lord hold you in the palm of His hand and grant you all the graces necessary for your salvation.


Fr. M Price Oswalt, KCHS

State Chaplain