What are you willing to sacrifice to the Lord?


1)Rdg from Genesis: Abraham was willing to offer and sacrifice his son, Isaac to God;


2) Resp Psalm: A servant walks in the land of the living and offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving, calling upon the name of the Lord;


3) Rdg from Romans: God the Father offered us everything and most of all his son Jesus as a sacrifice for our salvation;


4) Gospel of Mark: AfterJesus’ transfiguration, he revealed to Peter, James and John about his death and resurrection, his paschal sacrifice;


5) A final thought: “We may never experience anything as powerful as the Transfiguration. But every day in countless and seemingly small ways God does break into our world and our daily lives. Every time we experience a moment of peace, joy, reconciliation or forgiveness, God is with us. Every time that we reach out to help another person is a moment of transfiguration both for ourselves and for those we help. Each time somebody shows care and concern for us is a moment when God reaches out to us.” (Michael Moore, OMI)


Advise to preachers: “So those who profess to belong to Christ will be known by what they do. For the work we are about is not a matter of words here and now, but depends on the power of faith and on being found faithful to the end.” (St. Ignatius of Antioch, bishop and martyr)



Father Manny R. Guico
State Chaplain