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Join Catholic men just like you striving to strengthen their faith, their families, and their communities as members of the Knights of Columbus. Every Knight makes a difference. Each man brings a unique story, a particular set of skills, and a heart that is ready to serve.


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We invite you to take this exciting step and join us today. It’s an opportunity that could define your year and change your life.


Miracle Approved Fr McGivney to be Beatified  Click Here for News Release!


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Into The Breach

Supreme Chaplain's Monthly Challenge



Meet Jon! Help Us Help Him and All the residents at The Center Of Family Love.

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Did you know the Center of Family Love must raise $10,000 annually to meet each of their resident’s needs? The Center of Family Love never charges their residents or their families for the care they provide in the event they cannot afford to live there. Incidentally, 99% of their residents require Medicaid support for their needs.


To assist the the COFL with their mission to provide quality lifetime care to individuals with developmental disabilities, the Knights are embarking on "The Love Challenge". This program aims to challenge Catholic parishes across Oklahoma to adopt one intellectually and physically disabled friend who lives at the Center of Family Love. Parishes are called to designate a Team Champion to assist with The Love Challenge at their local level. Team Champions and parishes will be given marketing and support materials to assist in this challenge. 


Please click here to view a video about The Love Challenge program. Please click here and scroll to the COFL Love Challenge Materials section to view all support materials and information.



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First group of New Brother Knights to be Conferred Under the New Exemplification of Unity, Charity and Fraternity

Last group to be Conferred under the Formation/Knighthood Exemplification in Lawton.

Newest Worthy Sir Knights Exemplified to the Patriotic Degree 1 Feb 20, Lawton.

Blessing Ceremony for the Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe at St. Gregory's University.

Our State Mansion allows focus on Christ.
One reason why Oklahoma is a great State!

Congratulations to Oklahoma's Newest KofC Council 17383 Church of the Madalene, Tulsa.

State Officers and District 9 planning the 2020 Convention.

Oklahoma State Mid Year with District Deputy's.

Supreme Treasurer Ron Schwarz speaks with the DD's during the State Mid Year.

Regional Growth Director Ray Lopez discusses the growth plan with DD's during the State Mid Year.

Oklahoma State Deputy Matt Maly discusses the State Plan with the DD's at the State Mid Year.

Knights On Bikes Leadership with State Officers and wives.

Knights on Bikes Leadership and members participating in the Tulsa Christmas parade.

Okarche Workshop had a great attendance of Council Officers.

The Tulsa workshop had an Awesome attendance of Council Officers.

The Oklahoma Men's Conference was attended by more than 1100.

District Master Fred Crump and District Marshall Rick Miller lead the Honor Guard at mass.

Archbishop Coakley and Fr Brian.

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Upcoming State Council Events

Deadline to Submit Coats For Kids Funds

Thursday, October 1, 2020
12:00 am

State Soccer Challenge

Saturday, November 7, 2020
10:00 am

Knights of Columbus Retreat

Saturday, December 5, 2020
9:00 am

State Council Officers

Current Newsletter

State Deputy's Message

Fellow Knights, it is time to fill God's prescription!
-July 2020

Knights of Columbus Call for National Unity, End to Racism

The Knights of Columbus has called for a novena - nine days of prayer - for national unity and an end to racism amid the unrest following the death of George Floyd.
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The design of a local council involves the use of a system of checks and balances. This design model disperses the duties of the Council Financial Team and insures that no one officer has access to all council financial operations.
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Ending the Scourge of Pornography

A message from our State Chaplain, Fr. Oswalt, regarding our need to address this danger to our spiritual health.

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Oklahoma Lead the Way with Online Membership Success

Starting the new year, Oklahoma continues to lead the way in Online Membership, being the #1 Jurisdiction in the entire Order for online membership intake.
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Finding Online Members in Officers Online

Finding, tracking and transferring online members has never been easier when you use use this training tool.
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God's Courageous Carpenter: The Life of Saint Joseph

A new book, authored by R. Desbrow Stewart, Jr, with theological advice provided by our very own State Chaplain, Rev. M. Price Oswalt, looks at the life of St. Joseph.
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Shrines and Places of Pilgrimage in OK

Our State Chaplain would like to remind Knights and their families of the several shrines and pilgrimage locations within our great State.
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Safe Environment Check List

Part 1 of the State Advocate's message regarding the Safe Environment requirements.
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Safe Environment Quick Reference Guide

Part 2 of the State Advocate's message regarding the Safe Environment requirements.
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