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The below link will direct you to an index of unique Arkansas State Council forms.

This includes large and small council of the year,

State Knight of the Year and other forms and documents.  Instructions for

completion are also listed:


Arksansas State Forms & Instructions


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My wife’s grandmother passed away about a month ago and I  have a wheelchair and a lift that goes on the back of a car. I’m looking to donate it to anyone in need of it, one or both.  Would you happen to be able to pass the word to the other councils in the state, or happen to know if anyone in need?  I can deliver if needed also.  Look forward to hearing from you..

Ben Brewer

  Contact: Ben Brewer 

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There are a couple of really inspirational membership materials being released  by Supreme
Here is 90 second video link to which  is  a powerful recruitment item.


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August 24 Joint district Meeting - Hot Springs - Father Bill Elsler

August 24 Joint district Meeting - Hot Springs - State Secretary Alan Holman

August 24 Joint district Meeting - Hot Springs -Randy Schnobolen

August 24 Joint district Meeting - Hot Springs -

August 24 Joint district Meeting - Hot Springs - District deputy Hosts

August 24 Joint district Meeting - Hot Springs - Insurance Rep Dan Ellis

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State Council Officers

Current Newsletter

State Deputy's Message

State Deputy Report October 2019

My Brother Knights:
September has been an awesome month! We dedicated and Blessed the very first Safe Haven Baby Box in Arkansas on September 18th at a fire station in Benton Arkansas
This is a major step for all of us to " Respect Life". which, the month of October is "Respect Life Month". I am very proud of Lloyd Cambre and the Knights in the...

4th Degree October 2019 Newsletter

Arkansas District Master Newsletter
October 2019
Masters Notes
Exemplifications Planned
There are no Exemplifications planned in Arkansas at
this time, however, I have permission to hold 12
Exemplifications this year and...
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Youth Activities October/November 2019

District 3 Newsletter

October 2019 Newsletter
The Pine Bluff Knights are pleased to announce our scholarship awards for 2019:

Kyle Clay, Kayla Jenkins, Madison York, Taylor Boccarossa &
Chase Bryan

Congratulations to each of you!!!...
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Culture of Life Newsletter

State Deputy, Officers, and Brothers,

Some updates on Culture of Life Issues

First, I heard back from Mr. Tyler Lomnitzer, Supreme's Program Manager, Life-Based Initiatives about Supreme's willingness to pay for an u...
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