I have been a Knight since 2001 and an "Owner" within the Knights since 2005. My family and I have been clients of the Abbate Practice for over ten years. Each year during our anniversary review of policies, my wife June Marie would mention to Bob that he should hire me, and make me a part of his team. Bob was a solo practice and I was active duty Navy, so the timing to hire me wasn't good at the time. When the opportunity arose for Bob and Julie to move from the Abbate Practice to the Abbate Agency to become General Agent of the Richmond Diocese in April 2016, I received a call from Bob asking me to takeover a portion of his practice. I immediately jumped at the opportunity to become a Field Agent with the best Practice.

I cannot say enough about the assistance and support I've received every step of the way from Bob and Julie, the staff at his practice, and even the existing clients that make up this Agency. They all go above and beyond for the families, Brother Knights who are owners, and even those that are associate members. I cannot be more pleased with the way my "second" career is progressing forward and I owe it all to the Abbate Agency, Thank you very much for all continued support and allowing the Moran Practice to come to fruition.
F. A. Kevin Moran

When I was transitioning from a military career, I had many good and prosperous paths to pursue for a second career. I chose to become part of the Abbate Agency based on wanting to be a part of continuing to build on the incredible reputation Bob had earned in his Practice for over a decade. This has allowed me to continue in a "tradition of service" to the Catholic community. I haven't regretted a single minute.
F. A. Benjamin Salazar

The Abbate Agency offers each Field Agent a "Process" that worked for Bob as an FA and, when properly followed, can work for others as well. It is all about BRANDING Knights of Columbus insurance on a scheduled, consistent basis, which includes finding and developing new clients for yourself and the councils. It is one of CONSULTATION with clients, not just the "quick sale". It's about knowing your products and lending that expertise to help your client arrive at the best coverage to keep his family financially secure.
Regarding Bob, Julie and the staff, they all have clearly defined roles and could not be more supportive with their time, resources and knowledge. The training on Process, Sales Technique and Product, both in Agency meetings and one-on-one gives you the confidence needed to succeed. When you see the Agency leadership working as hard as they do to help you reach your goals, it makes you work even harder!!
F. A. Chuck Popik

"Thank you Julie on recognizing my KofC anniversary. Kevin never did this. I wish that I could start over with Bob and get my 12 years back. But it doesn't work that way. Thanks!" 'Celebrating twelve years as an agent and one year with the Abbate Agency
F.A. John Helfert

"Thanks to all! The last year has been a blast! I appreciate working in the truly professional organization taking care of Brother Knights! Hats off to you Bob!!" 'Celebrating two years as an agent and one year with the Abbate Agency

F.A. Greg Davis

As a Field Agent, we run our own business and are expected to invest in that business. Since taking over as our General Agent, Bob has been an integral part in helping his Field Agents brand our businesses within the Richmond Diocese as a team. Bob continues to invest in us as we are his business. It's a win win situation for us as a Field Agents.
F. A. Todd Curtis

In all my years as a member, I have yet to see a financial seminar put on by the K of C that was as well done and informative as that presented by Bob Abate. If this is ever offered again, I would HIGHLY recommend to the members who did not attend to take advantage of the opportunity. We are blessed with an insurance agent who knows his subject and is more than willing to work with us. The combination of Bob and Greg is out of this world better than it has ever been.


I will soon be the newest member of the team at the Abbate Agency. While there is a lot to learn in a short period of time it has been made immensely easier because the support from everyone on the team. Guidance and mentoring from Bob and Julie; participating in monthly sales meetings and being warmly welcomed by all the other agents; the training my wife has received -- all of this is giving us great confidence that we have made one of the best career and family decisions ever. Thank you to the whole Abbate Agency Team!
F.A. John and Ellen Markham

The whole Abbate Agency has been a great support! They are always there to support me out in the field
F. A. Clyde Moak

The Abbate Agency is functioning at the utmost level of professionality in terms of agent training, competency and marketing efforts It is the new face of the KOFC in VA and is bringing a 21st Century look and feel to the brand of the KOFC. The changes being brought about by the Abbate agency are truly deisgned to live out Father McGivney's goal of financial security for Catholic Families.
F. A. Greg Davis

With out "The Team" the Spechio Practice would not flow has efficient as it needs to be.
F. A. Tony Spechio

To our Council

On a personal note, I'm happy to let everyone know I have begun the journey toward becoming an insurance member in KofC after about five years as an associate member. After going through the meeting with our Field Agent, Max, I can tell you the Abbate Agency can probably offer you much more than you might expect. I encourage every Knight to take the opportunity to discuss your personal situation with Max, and at least find out if the Abbate Agency can offer you a better deal than the one you might currently be in.

Terry Fairman GK


Want to say it is SO refreshing to deal with you as an agent.. You answer my phone calls. You reply to my questions in emails.. You tell me the TRUTH. THANK YOU SO MUCH ...
Joseph Royal

I waited several years before talking to Bob because I already had insurance and did not think he could do anything for me. I finally talked to him and I ended up saving money by switching to Knights of Columbus and Bob.

Bob does not only deal with life insurance; he also can help with retirement planning, long term disability, annuities and probably any other financial product you may need. Knights of Columbus insurance is a top rated insurance that can match or beat any other product out there.
Mike LeMoine, Grand Knight, Council #13467

"... Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to our mission. With your help, Catholic Charities was able to serve more than 6,400 families this past year by..."
Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia

“Hi Bob, just wanted to say thank you for sponsoring the Catholic Charities Mardi Gras. It was a successful event and a beautiful venue. I’m sure Chris and Tracy will send out a final tally, but it was a good crowd and a splendid evening. Please pass along my gratitude to all the folks at The Abbate Agency. Peace!”

James Brown # 12117