Chris just helped us understand our policies, their worth and what value they will have later in life. He also covered other types of insurance we are evaluating at this time. He has been a big benefit to us as we start our initial preparation for retirement. The personal touch he can add as a fellow knight is great. Thanks so much.
Bob Ruhland, Council #5561

First and foremost, Chris listens! He is attentive and takes the time to fully explain the types of insurance available that will fit your needs. Chris will custom tailor a plan for your immediate need, but will also help you plan ahead for the future. Chris is fully dedicated to helping and protecting all of his fellow Knights. Best agent I have ever had!
Scott Klose, Council #6328

Chris is a solid professional, very knowledgeable, an asset to the Knights. All my insurance needs were met and updated. We are fortunate to have someone of his caliber. I appreciated the results of our appointment.
Jessie Granier, Council #9002

Chris explained our life insurance policies to us and explained our options. He was a tremendous help. We never had anyone explain and help us understand the policies before. He was very pleseant and caring about meeting our needs
Linda, Council #9940

Chris sat down with us to review our current insurance situation. We have a combination of whole life and term. He is very knowledgeable and attentive. He reminded us of term expiration and the renewal considerations. He is helping us find the best solutions for us.
Matthew Hassan, Council #5561

Chris was extremely knowledgeable of KoC history and mission. My wife and I learned a lot. We look forward to working with him.
Vernon Bettencourt, Council #3572

Chris came out to the house again to review our insurance needs. He knows my history and I would also recommend him as your insurance agent. Chris as always is knowledgeable and professional.
John McGinley, Council #6328

Just had a meeting with Chris to discuss insurance needs for my family. Chris was professional, knowledgeable and thorough. He clearly discussed and presented viable insurance options. I would definitely recommend him for your insurance needs.
Bill O Neill, Council #5561

Very thorough and takes the time to make sure all questions are answered. Provides comprehensive advice.
Richard Kurzenknabe, Council #7771

Chris is knowledgeable and thorough. He made sure my new policy met my needs. A wonderful KofC agent.
Ed Norris, Council #3572

Mr. Winston was very pleasant and I would welcome him into my home anytime. He is a dedicated agent, and fantastic friend.
Greg Vossler, Council #3572

First meeting Chris Winston he is a very caring, understanding person. We felt that as a Agent, he presents all the materials in a very professional manner. Answered all our questions very understandable to us both.
Joseph Nallen, Council #1345

Chris really knows the products he is selling and how they will effect you now and in the future. Presented new ways to move forward and where not to change a thing and why. I will have him back soon to go over other options when I'm ready.
John Hackney, Council #3572

Chris is extremely knowledgeable and patient. He presents important information in a way that is easily understood. He explained existing policies, answered all my questions, and made a number of suggestions that would make our future more secure. I can't thank Chris enough.
Stephen Cedor, Council #9002

Chris was very helpful with answering questions regarding my existing insurance plans so that we understood exactly how they worked. With that "new found" knowledge we were better able to make decisions and changes that are more in line with our future goals and plans. We feel that we have a workable strategy in place now that will be affordable and lower risk with the K of C. Thank you Chris.
Thomas Monaco, Council #5561

I recently met with Chris Winston to discuss my current savings plans and life insurance. Chris was very helpful, and very patient. I was able to roll over a current IRA painlessly, and plan to request his help with further planning in the near future.
J.P., Council #14755

Thorough explaination of membership benefits personably delivered. My wife had little exposure to the Knights prior to my joining. Chris' expertly-presented history lesson fascinated her. An enjoyable 1-hour visit to our home. We look forward to a long relationship with this fine man -- and most highly recommend his services!
Charles Flathers, Council #9002

I was recently laid off & had concerns about being able to maintain my benefits. I also had a policy on my daughter who is now married & out of the house. Chris explained all of my options and gladly cancelled the policy on my daughter. I am looking to do some other things with the proceeds of my daughter's policy & with a 401-K that I have. Chris is very knowledgeable & was honest about possible returns on my investments. I would highly recommend that all Brother Knights speak with Chris.
Greg Demski, Council #3572

Christopher was punctual, pleasant and gracious. He was very good at explaining our options and tuned in to our family's needs.I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Erica Fusco, Council #5561

Unlike a faceless agent at the end of an 800 line, FA Chris Winston meets with you and yours in-person. Chris is committed to working for and with you and he will be there for you & your family. Knowing this simple fact gives me great comfort! Having Chris on your benefits team is like having a pro pinch hitter on the bench - he's ready, willing, and able to help whenever you need him. Tim Whitney
Tim Whitney, Council #5561

Agent Chris Winston has visited my home on two occasions and we have found him to be very knowledgable and helpful each time. He even discussed policies with other companies we had questions about. I give him top rating.
Roger Depue, Council #6328

Very helpful. Will be in touch. LTC insurance is a must. Thanks for the reading material. Only regret is I did not meet with you 4 - 6 months ago.
Jim Florin, Council #5561

Chris is not only knowledgeable & competent as an agent, he is a true example of what a Knight should be...concerned, caring, helpful, & willing to strive to make a difference. I'm proud to say he's not only my agent, my brother Knight, but also my friend.
John Mazurkiewicz, Council #5561

Mr. Winston is a dedicated KofC member and a true Gentleman. Our visit was moist cordial and enjoyable..
Deacon Daniel F. Resendes, Council #5561

Chris was prompt, courteous, knowledgeable and to the point. He quickly resolved my insurance needs. When he left, I was very confident in my decisions--no buyer's remorse.
Todd White, Council #9002

Chris was very professional while he visited on Tuesday 10.2.12. Chris answered every question that we asked.
Chris Duncan, Council #3572

Good Agent presents his materials well has us interested in possibly acquiring more products . Very professional throughout.
William McAndrew, Council #3572

Chris came to my home and was very professional and friendly with his presentation. I especially admired his listening skills. We are going to meet again soon to discuss a 401K Rollover and Life Insurance. Chris is a wonderful asset and agent for the Knights of Columbus.
David Nawrocki, Council #5561

Chris is committed to his work and knows his business well. More than just an agent, he is generous with his time in helping you make informed decisions. He does everything he can to make sure you are happy and comfortable with the process and outcome. My family always enjoys having him in our home.
Paige W., Council #7771

Chris came out and explained the founding of the Knights, their history and about their service to our community & country. He talked to both my wife & me about the insurance offered through the K of C & its moral compass. We really liked how all of their investments are in line with the teachings of the Catholic faith & are eager to hear more.
T.T., Council #9002