Incredible experience
I could never imagine that in just around an hour someone would open before my eyes such a detailed picture of what I needed to do in order to ensure my family future when I am gone. Jim did in a highly professional and at the same time, friendly way. He made me feel like we had known each other for a long time. May God bless you, Brother Knight!
Rodolfo Lorenzo, Council #12846

Exceptional Caring Agent
Although we received our policies many years ago and had an agent check in with us periodically, that seemed to have stopped a number of years ago. Jim picked up the ball and made contact with us and made us feel that he had our back. I have no doubt that he does and will continue to do great things for the Knights and their families. Look forward to continuing to work with Jim
Louie Leitao, Council #8600

Great Field Agent!
Mr. Bertine did a great job presenting my wife an I an overview of our potential financial options with the Knights while also getting us thinking about our overall financial life goals and strategies. He is well versed in financial strategies, and truly cares about the well-being of a young and caring Catholic family like ours. - Franco Reyes
Franco Reyes, Council #12846

Excellent advisor
Jim has been very supportive to help me understand the different options available and walk me through the process.
Jose Da Corte Dos Ramos, Council #9407

Great Saturday morning meeting
Great overview and help catch on social security statement. Always a good cup of coffee too. Haven't had a problem with Jim
James Carslon, Council #12846

Learning Experience
"Jim is an amazing agent. My wife and I had a great experience and gave us valuable information of insurance and savings. We are very thankful for his service and hope to continue to work with him in the future. "
Tyler Fabian, Council #10806

Jim agreed to meet at my house after work. He was even able to change the appointment time at short notice after I called him and told him I would be late due to traffic. Jim is a very nice person and has a solid background in this field of work. He is knowledgeable and very helpful. I look forward to working with Jim in the future.
Gabriel Santillan, Council #10806

Very professional, he went beyond my expectation, he was extremely helpful
Mr Jim, is very professional, helpful and he does everything in very friendly way. Jim made me feel welcomed and as we have been known each other for many years as a Brother. Happy Holidays! Pastory Derthick Muhanyi
Pastory Muhanyi, Council #8403

Incredible experience
I could never imagine that in just around an hour someone would open before my eyes such a detailed picture of what I needed to do in order to ensure my family future when I am gone. Jim did in a highly professional and at the same time, friendly way. He made me feel like we had known each other for a long time. May God bless you, Brother Knight!
Rodolfo Lorenzo, Council #12846

"My wife and I met with Jim as we have both recently retired, and wanted to review our holdings, and discuss changes that might be needed. Jim answered all our questions in a very professional, non-threatening, low key approach. We were very comfortable with the information presented and would recommend Jim again."
PGK Paul DeRosa, Council #12846

A brother knight, not a salesman
"My wife and I have met with Jim a few times now and we always feel like he is more interested in the wellbeing of our family than selling policies and products. He is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful and really listens. "
Ed Becker, Council #6153

Very professional , he went beyond my expectetion. he was extremely helpful
"Mr Jim, is very professional, helpful and he does everything in very friendly way. Jim made me feel welcomed and as we have been known each other for many years as a Brother. Happy Holidays ! Pastory Derthick Muhanyi"
Pastory Derthick Muhanyi, Council #8403

"As always, my wife and I had some questions about our insurance policy and Jim answered them quickly and professionally! His office always gives exceptional service.
Jeff Gillespie, Council #10947

Great job
Jim is extremely friendly and courteous. He is an expert with his products and makes these complex subjects easy to understand. I highly recommend him.

M.S., Council #7369

Annuity and insurance
"Great support and information concerning financial needs and analysis over many years. Knowledgeable and professional"
T.L., Council #6153

A brother knight, not a salesman
"My wife and I have met with Jim a few times now and we always feel like he is more interested in the wellbeing of our family than selling policies and products. He is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful and really listens. "
Ed Becker, Council #6153

Long-term care insurance
"Met with Jim Bertine recently to discuss my long-term care insurance policy as my wife needs to go to a nursing home. Jim was a very big help and advised my what documents I needed to complete and provided me with some excellent advice. I found Jim very professional and glad to know he is a fewllow Knight."
Sandy Stone, Council #4522

Excellent consultation and service.
"Jim, Has is a true and trusted friend for those of us who do not understand or pay enough attention to financial planning for ourselves and our loved ones. Every question is answered so that we may understand the answer and no pressure is put on us to make decisions that we do not understand or completely agree with. We are blessed to have in as a brother knight and a friend. "

Lee Porter, Council #4420

Revied life insurance policies
"Very friendly and knowledgeable. Jim explained many aspects of my policies and gave me good insight into retirement."
John Daly, Council #12846

Insurance Review
"As always, Jim Bertine demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the insurance products. He provided several options, cost options and a way ahead. I am very pleased with the support and services that Jim Bertine provides."
Anthony Garrett, Council #12846

You know not the day nor hour...
"I just met with Jim this week following the death of my spouse at only 54. Thanks to Jim's advice late last year, I am able to manage all of our fiduciary responsibilities with relative ease. Jim also took care of rolling over my husband's 401k into a KofC IRA earlier this year before my husband passed away. Jim is so trustworthy and I am so grateful. He has served as an excellent counsel as well as friend for many years."
Hannah Marter, Council #10947

401k Rollover
"Jim offers excellent customer service and is always ready to meet your schedule. Jim took care of my 401K rollover to my IRA quickly and without delay. "
Larry Saenz, Council #6153

GK, #12846
"Jim Bertine provided the service I really needed, when I was available (after work). He answered all my questions and addressed any concerns. His office is warm, like someone's home. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone I know."
Phil Fick, Council #12846

Always learn something when I meet with Jim
"Jim always has my family and me as his first concern. Great advice and great friend! He is a true treasure!"
Don Loren, Council #6153

Needs of Council 8600
"Jim provided me insight on the opportunities for members of our council to prepare themselves well for the future by learning about the range of insurance, annuity and long term care products that the Knights of Columbus offers. Many of our members don't know enough about their needs to be able to select what their family may need. Fortunately Jim is very good at explaining complex financial products in a straight forward and easy to understand manner."
Brian Prindle, Council #8600

Advice concerning annuities.
"Jim Bertine was extremely helpful in advising us concerning an additional investment. We are both retired and in our late eighties and concerned about additional income "if and when" necessary. "
Pat Murphy, Council #7369

Always a Pleasure
"Jim is a pleasure to work with. He is knowledgeable and clearly explains what the options are and makes recommendations that fit the client and their plans."

Nora McCormick, Council #10947

Great service
"Jim once again did a great job helping me update my insurance policy. He worked through the complexities of getting my most recent medical exam which was very helpful as I just completed a full physical and I wasn't eager to get a new one. When the policy was ready he delivered it to my office. Great service!"
Dennis Kelly, Council #10947

Another great annual review
"Jim is truly sent by heaven! Wish he were my agent 30 years ago. A trusted servant and good friend. All the young knights need to spend time and listen to Jim. "
Don Loren, Council #6153

A servant after the heart of Father McGivney
"It is always a pleasure to meet with Jim Bertine. He took the time to listen to the events that have been happening in my life and gave me some important things to consider when planning out my future."
James Auwaerte, Council #10947

"Brother Jim was, as usual, outstanding in his last visit to our home. He demonstrated his intimate knowledge of the Knight's vision for overall financial support to families within the Knight's mission. He was inspirational in his supportive recommendations for all family members to use their free will to determine the best for their particular and family situation. I highly recommend Jim. "
Chris Smith, Council #10947

Great, caring service!
"Jim always gives his very best to his fellow brother knights. He is kind, compassionate and really cares about those he serves. He's also very smart and up to speed on the latest KOC insurance has to offer. I highly recommend him!"
Dennis Kelly, Council #10947

"I'm smart at a lot of things but not insurance. That's why I'm so thrilled to have an asset like Jim to walk me through a policy my parents opened for me but that had never been explained to me. Jim demonstrated the details to me – which was eye opening. He & Vanessa helped me roll it over to a KofC policy that will not only be secured indefinitely (whereas the non-KofC one had an end date) but he also is helping me save money by not having to pay the premiums on the non-KofC plan.Thanks, Jim!"
Ken Balbuena, Council #6153

Unbelievable Super Agent
Jim always calms my fears and takes care of me. I enter the office in turmoil and leave in peace. I don't know what I would do without him!
Nora McCormick , Council #10947

Initial meeting and policy loan
"I found Jim to be most professional - and someone who listens to what you are trying to accomplish rather than selling you what they have. I called on a Saturday asking about a loan on my policy and at our Monday meeting Jim had all the paperwork ready for me."
E Duggan, Council #10947

Disability Insurance Discussion
"Jim Bertine did a terrific job laying out the range of options available to me and what would make sense for my family's situation. I will most certainly pursue an additional insurance policy through his office. His preparation and support is and has been outstanding. "
R Cheatham, Council #6153

"My family and I had a one hour insurance and financial security review with Mr. Jim Bertine. We've worked with Jim since 2005. We have known many good insurance agents, and Jim is the best and most cordial we have ever conducted business; and, the KofC products and services are extraordinary. Jim used a software program to help us analyze our entire assets, liabilities, financial needs, and retirement plans and provided some great options to chose from. You are in good hands with Jim!"
Leland Suchadoll, Council #6153

"Jim is always prepared and remembers such detail even after many years. He's ready with a plan for our changing needs - from new family to retirement. He's thorough and makes sure not to miss anything. Highly recommend him. "
P.B., Council #12846

Jim bertine and I have been discussing meeting for years. So glad I finally did. Jim makes insurance and financial needs less confusing. I look forward to working with him more in the future
Don Howell, Council #6153

Great agent!
"Jim is very organized when meeting you face to face. His agenda is followed to the word and he explains everything in away too easy to understand. He answer your questions very professional and use good examples. He is also very patient when explaining difficult issues. Thank you!"
M.B., Council #10947

Brother Bertine was, as always, highly professional and was ready with answers to my questions. He made the process very easy. The Knights are blessed to have Jim serving us as a Field Agent. Vivat Jesus! Bob Beebe, PGK, PFN.
PGK Bob Beebe, Council #6153

Prompt and very courteous as usual. Great ideas and very helpful. Answered all questions and gave thoughtful and reasonable advice.
Lee Porter

Jim Bertine has educated me and my family on so many issues dealing with insurance and healthcare. He is a great person to have in your life as an insurance agent, friend, and brother knight. I recommend highly that all brother knights and families use Jim Bertine for his knowledge of how to protect your family in times of need.
Mart Harper, Council #12846

Jim has always gone the extra mile to provide knowlegable, caring financial services to meet my needs.
Michael Johnson, Council #12963

Long Term Care
"As always, Jim did a great and polished job of explaining the Long Term Care insurance and options to my wife and I. On Dec 16th, we listened to the options, completed the paperwork, left a check, and my wife is participating in the phone interview as I type. Great work by Jim."
Bob Walsh, Council #6153

Jim Bertine is the Tops
Jim has been my field agent for close to 20 years and he is always at the ready when I need him. He is knowledgeable, experienced, and blessed with a wonderful personality. I can highly recommend Jim to my brother Knights.
Robert Fells, Council #10947

Jim is the best. Even though I am probably not insurable any longer (due to health related problems), Jim always takes the time to review my coverages and give me guidance. He is also good for a lunch once in awhile - just ask him.
John Tracy, Council #12846

Financial Adviser and friend
"It is nice to call Brother Jim - Friend. Yesterday we sat across each other and chit chatted and then talked about what he knows best. No hard sell. What I like most is that he is a committed Knight. I would recommend every knight call Jim and do something about having insurance."
George Alexa, Council #12963

Awesome Service
Jim Bertine is a very knowledgeable person. He gives you great advice on things to do to help present Knights of Columbus secure there personal and financial future. Any problems that may arise in a Knights Family he is there to help them out to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. I personally recommend Jim Bertine to any and all future Knights of Columbus members for insurance needs and peace of mind. Sir Knight in the 4th Degree, Mart G. Harper.
Mart Harper, Council #12846

Great visit, very informative. Should have done this years ago. The key to successful retirement planning is to start early and put aside as much as you can
M Weiss, Council #12846

Jim Bertine is an excellent financial advisor and is knowledgable in all the financial instruments the Knights of Columbus offers including insurance, disability, long term care and annuities. He is a pleasure to work with and never pressures you. His guidance has proved useful and valuable over the past 10 years. He is a great Catholic, Knight and friend.
Al Grimmig, Council #10947

"Jim has been very professional in daling with my life insurance requirements. He has been instrumental in ensuring that the Knight's have a product to meet my needs."
Jeffrey Crisci, Council #6153

"My first meeting with Jim was terrific! I found him to be very professional and well-versed in his field. He gave me several very good options for insurance and annuities and I am working even now to see where he fits into my scheme of investments. I am looking forward to working with him in the future."
David Milne, Council #12846

Another excellent evening with Jim. Jim and I meet to review my program every year. Always a valuable, insightful and enjoyable evening.
Don Loren, Council #6153

Jim has always gone the extra mile to provide knowledgeable, caring financial services to meet my needs.
Michael Johnson, Council #12963

Policy Upate over Coffee
"Over a cup of coffee, had a great review of my family of six' policies. He provides a very simple breakdown of the complexities and options for each individual. We got our first KofC policy when we were 30 and looking back it continues to be one of the smartest decisions we made - and we were pretty naïve back then!"
F.W., Council #12846

Jim is friendly, knowledgeable and wonderful about providing additional resources to help me better understand the intricacies of insurance and planning. I was definitely left with a better sense of where I was and a better idea of how to plan out my future.
R.B., Council #10947

I made this extra appointment with Jim when my wife decided to retire so we could check all our finances. As usual, Jim had everything organized and stepped us through all the forecasts and calculations.
Joe A., Council #12846

have known and worked with Jim for well over 10 years. He has always been helpful to my family in all aspects of insurance and planning. Whenever he says that he is going to get me more information on something, the emails are sent to me by the next day.
Anthony P., Council #6153

Jim did a very good job going over all of the insurance and annuity options that were unique to my situation. He also helped me get my membership transferred as I am new to the area.
Michael M., Council #9129

Great Visit
"Jim is an excellent source of knowledge on insurance and other related financial information. A great starting point and good for bouncing ideas off of. Very trustworthy as well."
J.M, Council #6153

Jim is outstanding. He always works hard to know what services would be best for your situation, and is willing to show you as many different products as you are interested in. He provides outstanding guidance and assistance.
John Mansolino, Council #6153

We recently transferred some money from another annuity to KofC. Jim was the most professional and knowledgeable agent I have seen. He advised, and knew what to do when we ran into roadblocks. I thank you Jim for all you do for us and all the Knights. Vivat Jesus!! Paul
Paul D, Council #12846

Jim, has a wealth of insurance knowledge and we give his best effort to match the proper policy with the clients needs and goals.
Jim S., Council #10947

What a pleasure it was to have Jim in my home and have him share his wealth of knowledge and experience.
Frank D., Council #6153

Quick turn-around on a policy update
"I found myself in the position of needing to update one of my policies quickly and on short notice. As always Jim was VERY accommodating. We exchanged details via email and then Jim inserted me into his busy schedule to fully explain to me all of my options and answer ALL of my questions. I am NOT an insurance expert, but Jim is and I value and rely on his vast expertise. The necessary changes were applied and I am VERY happy with the service Jim provides to me and my family!"
Chris Perry, Council #6153

Jim Bertine is the beat all around agent that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is very knowledgeable
James Nally, Council #6153

The Presentation was very plant and the policy had been fully prepared before hand. Over all, a very good experience.
Rev. Jerry Wooton, Council #6153

Would highly recommend Jim for his knowledge and skills regarding financial help and insurance needs. Jim has a great personality and will listen to what is important to you and your spouse.
Philip Bettwy, Council #12846

Cash Flow & LTC Concerns: Jim got right to the point in assisting our efforts as new retirees to adjust to our budget requirements. He has great analysis tools and generated multiple options for our situation. He also got our views on LTC and showed us impacts our decisions could have under several scenarios. Highly recommended!
Joe Sebunia, Council #12846

Jim most knowledgeable & very helpful to me. Would strongly recommend him to others needing life insurance, questions about it, etc
J.D., Council #12846

I would like to say that I learned much more about the Knights and hope others can learn more about this great organization that is worthwhile for people to join.
T.H., Council #12846

Jim Bertine is an outstanding professional insurance agent. His objective review of my current insurance and future needs coupled with his low pressure approach makes it easy to make a decision.
Jeff Crisci, Council #6153

Jim is expert on Knights Insurance plans. He explained the details of the Single Premium Whole Life and the Tax Qualifified Long Term Care Policy alternatives. I signed up for the Whole Life within 24 hours of our meeting. I look forward to working with Jim on our other Insurance needs.
Robert Walsh, Council #6153

Extremely helpful and very willing to help and give advice. The advice that was given was received very well
K.C., Council #12846

Every time I meet with Jim I learn new things that will benefit my family. Thanks Jim. You're a great friend.
Don Loren, Council #6153

Once again Jim Bertine shows his knowledge of the market, my needs and goals, and how to explain things to a person at my level of understanding. Great job again.
James Carlson, Council #12846

Jim is not only a Field Agent, he is s friend. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you, Jim
Nora McCormick, Council #10947

Jim has been great throughout the process. He is always there with great ideas and you can tell that he truely cares about your family and their future. He is a great agenct and a great Brother Knight
Isaias Alba, Council #12846

Met with Jim this week to review my policies. Jim knows his stuff and I completely trust him to keep the best interest of my family in mind.
K.P., Council #6153

Jim knows how to guide you throughout the financial changes of your life. He understands the needs of a young person just starting out, the needs of a growing family, and the needs of those getting close to retirement. He provides guidance as you work through these stages into retirement. And he does all this as a good Catholic. He is a true brother Knight.
Russell Bogacki, Council #12846

As always, Jim is excellent at his job and I feel blessed to have him looking over my family's future.
Josh McCave, Council #6153