Knights of Columbus Insurance

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The Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney.

Proud Owners.

The State Council Pew at St. Mary's in New Haven, CT

Our Brother, Bill Davis, recognized as St. John the Apostle, Council 13467's Knight of the Year. Congratulations, Bill! Well deserved.

The incredible support team at our Agency

St. Mary's Church in New Haven, CT...Father McGivney's parish.

Enjoying great company at the St. Benedict's Council (9056) family picnic!

Memorial for KofC members in Korean War

Seminarians taking their 1st Degree as Knigthts!

Going to Saints Ball at St Gregory the Great Catholic Church

The Salazar Boys

Serving in Iraq 2005

Continuing to serve the Catholic community after over 30 years of military service.

A beautiful portrait of Saint Theresa presented to Church of the Ascension by Ladies Auxiliary President Stephanie Gruning.

Council 12117's celebration of the Canonization of Saint Theresa.

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