FROM: 1:00 pm UNTIL: 1:30 pm

Event Link: http://uknight.org/CouncilSite/event-detail.asp?ID=11755&CNO=7736

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Edward Brinkman is the Event Chairman for this event

Co-Chair: John Pressley



Outlined below is the monthly schedule for the two Seminarians supported by Council 7736. Both Blake and Brandon need our continuing support and heartfelt thanks as they continue in their journey to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and carry his message of love and salvation for the world.


I encourage you to send cash, cash card or a check. Both Brandon and Blake have indicated all work really well and will allow them to purchase whatever they need the most. An occasional greeting card during the year to thank them for choosing the path to priesthood would also be nice but is not a requirement.


Brandon's birthday falls on November 8th. Blake's falls on November 3rd.


In December, all Council 7736 members will be able to participate in and provide support and recognition for both Brandon and Blake.


The Knights who are included on the list are responsible to access the 7736 Council's website too obtain the information needed to mail their contribution during their designated month.


Also, all Knights who are not on the list and would like to get involved with our Seminarian Support Project can do so by contacting any of the Knights who are on the list and provide whatever they would like to contribute to the mailing that will be sent to Brandon and Blake each month.


For the greater glory of Jesus and in his name, my thanks to all of you for your willingness to participate in this important undertaking.


Blake Thompson

St. Joseph Seminary College

P.O. Box 481

75376 River Road

St. Benedict, LA 70457

Birthday: Nov 3


Jan - Larry Evans

Feb - Pete Gallardo

Mar - Marty Verville

Apr - Jim Connor

May - Mark Von Plinsky

June - Tracy Brown

July - Pete Murphy

Aug - Keith Roemling

Sept -

Oct - Dwaine Sides

Nov - Bill Tillotson

Dec - All Council 7736 Members



Brandon LeClair

2600 W. Woodlawn Ave.

San Antonio, TX 78228

Birthday: Nov 8



Jan - Roger Cosby

Feb - Marvin Sulak

Mar - Dave Tomlin

Apr - Albert Gutierrez

May - Jerry Rodriguez

June - Greg Ipock

July - Steve Sharpshair

Aug - Pat Henz

Sept - John Pressley

Oct - Gary Marcucci

Nov - Larry Ciarkowski

Dec - All Council 7736 Members