New St. Brigid Video

Holy Mass and Beatification of Blessed Father Michael J McGivney

My Brothers Keeper: The Birth of the Knights of Columbus

Catholic Education Foundation Interview with Principal Dr. Jennifer Zimmerman

Welcome from Fr. Gary Padgett to our Parishes

2nd Sunday Rosary at St. Brigid March 2021 - Led by Joe Weis

St. Brigid Catholic Church 145 Years

Pipe Organ at St. James Catholic Church

Knights of Columbus December 2020 Rosary - Led by Phil Rich

Knights of Columbus Rosary at St. Brigid January 2021 - Led by Ted Kremer

2nd Sunday Rosary Recitation for February 2021 at St. Brigid - Led by Kevin Brian

Knights of Columbus Last Sunday of the Month Rosary January 2021 - Led by Mark Cecil

Last Sunday of the month Rosary Recitation at St. James February 2021- Led by Ted Kremer

Dr. Thomas Parr - St. Brigid Organist

St. James Catholic Church

Knights of Columbus 2019 Convention

Knights Monthly Rosary - November 2020 led by Ted Kremer

Knights Monthly Rosary - October 2020 led by Mark Cecil

Knights of Columbus History

Knights Monthly Rosary - September 2020 led by Phil Rich

Knights Monthly Rosary - August 2020 led by Ted Kremer

Bardstown Road Aglow! Held the First Saturday Night in December