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Keith D Roemeling


It is important to remember that the Supreme Knights direction on Safe and Sacred Training is that we follow the lead of our Parish, St. Jude.

If you volunteer at St. Jude, you must complete the requirements for Safe & Sacred, the new online safe environment training. Create an account by going to The program is available in both English and Spanish. When you create your profile, you will be asked to designate your preferred language. Once your profile is completed, all information should be displayed in the language you have chosen. If you have problems, you can contact the provider of the program by clicking on Live Chat. Please contact Ms Julie Rios, new director of Safe & Sacred Environment at 817-473-6709. As this is one of Julie's many duties as Administrative Assistance, please be patient with her, she is dedicated and will help. Contact me if there are any concerns.

First, I ask again that each of you look on the Council 7736 Website:

and check your status which is the last column marked "Safe?" on the Members listing. SET means the status of your Keeping Children Safe Training, and BC means your background check status. (No means not trained, Yes means trained or has a current background check, and EXP means the training or background check received has expired).

Upon completion of the training, please forward Certificate of Completion to me at:

I will then be able to go in and update our Council website to close the loop on your training and reflect your current status.

If you have any questions, comments, please email me at

The training contact at St Judes is:
Ms Julie Rios
Directer of Safe and Sacred Environment
St. Jude Catholic Church
500 E. Dallas Street
Mansfield, TX, TX 76001
Contact Phone: 817-473-6709

Safe Environment Training Schedule

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