May 2021

Edsel Dumanig

Brother Edsel Dumanig joined our council in July of 2016 and is currently a Third Degree member. The Dumanig family are long time members of St. Victor's parish. His wife, Azaleah, plays a pivotal role in the essential operations at the parish rectory. During the past year, as our parish was forced to close our church for in-person Sunday and daily Mass, Brother Edsel unselfishly assumed a leadership role in the planning and execution of live streaming the daily and Sunday Mass via Zoom and Facebook. With his wife Azaleah helping coordinate the many functions required from their home, Edsel provided a professional production of outstanding quality, both in visual art and sound. Many parishioners could now participate in the Eucharistic celebration in spirit in the safety of their homes. As people were allowed to return to in-person celebration in the Church, live streaming continues to this day as one often sees Edsel in the church making necessary technical adjustments to ensure all parishioners can participate in Sunday and daily Mass without any trouble. He has laid the groundwork for a permanent venue so that the infirmed and elderly members of our parish may continue to feel part of the St. Victor community. Through his actions and willing leadership, Brother Knight Edsel Dumanig has demonstrated Charity, Unity, and Fraternity, to our council, parish, and community. Brother Edsel has earned and truly deserves the designation of "Knight of the Month" for May, 2021.


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