July 2018

Jim Coniglio

January 2018

Dick Poirier

December 2017

Gary Minnela

November 2017

Bill Lester

October 2017

"Woody" Woodruff

September 2017

Ralph Garcia

August 2017

Vince Lorenz

June 2017

Ralph Garcia

May 2017

Alex Torres

April 2017

Ken RomanelliI

March 2017

Errol Porter

February 2017

Jamie Jamieson

January 2017

Ron Garvin

November 2016

John Bridges III

October 2016

Rob Reff

September 2016

Tony Contreras

You have been selected for this honor in recognition of your contributions to several of our key Council events. Tony, your leadership in our successful PWID Drive and your on-going participation in Sunday Coffee & Donut activity, have earned you the appreciation of the entire Council.

August 2016

Richard Zorn

July 2016

Jim Zimmerman

May 2016

Tom Smith

in appreciation for your on-going contributions to our Council.Your participation as Worth yAdvocate, and especially, your leadership of our Golf Tournament, have earned you the deep appreciation and gratitude of all of your brother knights.

April 2016

Tony Contreras

in recognition of your contributions to our major Council events.Tony, your participation in Coffee &Donuts on Sundays, and in particular, your work on the Golf Tournament, have earned you the appreciation of the entire Council.

March 2016

Bud Mader

in recognition of your leadership in our Council events.Your efforts on the St. Augustine High School Fund Raiser and especially your taking charge of the 2016 Youth Fest ,have earned you the gratitude and appreciation of the entire Council.

February 2016

Ken Romanelli

in appreciation of your efforts in insuring that our Coffee & Donut Sundays come off without a hitch. We appreciate your contributions,Ken, and thank you for your on-going service to the Council.

January 2016

Randall Ledy

in recognition of your efforts in support the Council’s activities, especially our Pancake Breakfasts. We appreciate your contributions,Randy, and thank you for your on-going service to the Council

October 2015

Steve Surmik

in appreciation of your continual presence at Pancake Breakfasts, welcoming our guests and taking care of receipts.All of us benefit from your on-going commitment to the Council and we appreciate your efforts on our behalf.

September 2015

F. Michael Scherb

in recognition of your diligent efforts with stocking, selling and promoting Just Coffee to the benefit of the whole parish. You are a key member of the Council and we are blessed by your presence.

August 2015

Scott Kohmann

March 2015

Javier Enriquez

In recognition of your enthusiastic participation in our events, your on-going leadership in the Council, and particularly for your willingness to accept the critical role of Worthy Warden.

February 2015

Gerald "Jamie" Jamieson

In recognition of your on-going leadership in the Council, for your active participation in our events, and especially for your professional creation of our new website.

January 2015

John Myers

In recognition of your on-going commitment to the Council , for your creativity as our Worthy Lecturer, as well as for your cooking skills at our Pancake Breakfasts and Special Events.

December 2014


November 2014

Woody Woodruff

In recognition of your positive contributions to the Council , for your commitment to the success of our activities, and for your tireless efforts in securing legal paperwork for our Special Events.

October 2014

Ron Garvin

In recognition of your dedicated attention to our finances. In addition, for your untiring efforts in our Council events - Coffee and Donuts, Pancake Breakfasts & special activities.

August 2014

Ernest Nedder

July 2014

Fred Graf

In recognition of your commitment to our Council and to the parish community. You are a core member of this Council and your contribution over the years is well recognized and appreciated.

June 2014

Pat Stafford

May 2014

Michael Scherb

April 2014

Tom Smith

March 2014

Robert Sullivan

February 2014

Donald Johnson

October 2013

Peter Farruggia

August 2013

Rafael Fanjul

April 2013

Tom Smith

May 2012

Don Johnson

April 2012

Bill Bleisch

April 2012

Fred De Moranville Jr

December 2011

John Bridges

November 2011

Norm Crawford

October 2011

Bob Dahms III

July 2011

Jamie Jamieson

June 2011

Gus Foley

May 2011

Scott Kohmann

April 2011

Mike Scherb

April 2011

Rafael Montano

February 2011

Errol Porter

January 2011

Ron Schlagel

September 2010

Pat Stafford

August 2010

Bob Dahms III

July 2010

Adam Jones

June 2010

Woody Woodruff

May 2010

Vivtor Montijo Jr

March 2010

Ron Garvin

February 2010

Bud Mader

January 2010

Terry Lingrel

December 2009

John Myers

October 2009

Tom Smith

November 2008

John Atkielski

September 2008

Tom Daly

August 2008

Tom Dobiecki

December 2007

Victor Montijo Jr


April 2012

Dick and Carol Poirier

December 2011

John and Colletta Myers

September 2011

Mike and Stacey Lent

March 2011

Tom and Patty Dobiecki

October 2010

Adam and Christine Jones

October 2010

Ivan and Jennifer Olguin