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Please include those identified below in your prayers. The prayer requests described below have been submitted by brother Knights. Each request remains here for one month.

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Submitted on Saturday, August 8, 2020 for:
Alex Galarza Brother of our Recorder & Sir Knight Luis Galarza

My brother Alex is hospitalised on a ventilator since yesterday fighting for his life; please keep Alex Galarza on your prayers, his two children still need their Dad. Only our merciful Lord by intercession of our Lady of Guadalupe through his Son can help Alex to recover. God Bless,

Submitted on Friday, August 7, 2020 for:
Matthew Brech

Requesting prayers for healing and pain relief.
Thank you.

Submitted on Friday, August 7, 2020 for:
Alejandro Galarza (brother of Luis Galazra)

Please include in your prayers, my brother Alex, he is very sick, hospitalized in Mexico with Covid-19.
Thank you, Luis

Submitted on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 for:
Kris Patrick (Chet Nadolski sister-in-law)

My sister-in-law Kris Patrick, of Connecticut, passed away July 27 at 4PM.
She fought brain cancer for 3 years. She was surrounded by her husband and family. Mary and I just ask for prayers for the repose of Kris's soul and God's peace for her husband Walter and family.

Thank you, Chet and Mary Nadolski

Submitted on Saturday, July 25, 2020 for:
Ron Michelis

07/30/20 update:
Please thank the Knights for their continued prayers and good wishes for Ron during his recent hospitalization.
He has recovered from the pneumonia and back surgery and will hopefully be released this Friday. He will continue to heal while at home.
Due to Covid-19, home visits will not be possible at this time.
Ron and I thank and praise God for his rapid recovery!
Gratefully, Dee Michelis

07/24/20 update:
Due to complications, Ron is having cervical surgery today. Please pray for him.
Thanks, Dee Michelis

07/23/20: update
Just an update on Ron's condition. He is doing well and out of Northside Cumming ICU on Tuesday some time. His pneumonia is still being treated as well as a couple of new-found side issues. He was able to FaceTime with the family last night and looked and sounded pretty good considering. Visitors are not suggested at this time however. He still needs to rest.

Thank you all for the prayers and good wishes, I know they helped him in beginning to heal quickly. Although not "out of the woods" yet, I am hopeful. Please forward this note to anyone the Knights have notified of Ron's condition, and please continue to pray for him.. Thankfully, Dee Michelis

07/19/20: Ron Michelis is at Northside Hospital with pneumonia and is on a ventilator.
Please note that there are no visitors permitted including his wife Deanna.
Let's all pray for Ron & Deanna.


Submitted on Friday, July 24, 2020 for:
Jason Kidwell, Owen & Karsen (Son & Grandkids of JP & Cheryl Kidwell)

07/24/20: Thanks for all of your prayers, our son Jason, grandkids Owen & Karsen, have recovered and are all over COVID-19! His wife Melissa is coming home this weekend to be with her family.

My son Jason has requested prayers for his Brother Fire Fighter Scott Sibenaler who is still in the hospital with crystalized pneumonia in serious condition.

07/12/20: Our son Jason contracted COVID-19 from a Brother Firefighter at Forsyth Station 14.
Please pray for his entire family, son Owen & daughter Karsen, who are quarantined and his wife Melissa who is staying at her parents because she was at work and was not exposed.

Your prayers are requested for Jason's entire family.

Past Grand Knight
JP Kidwell