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Intellectual Disabilities Drive 2018 Gallery

Tootsie Roll Drive 2018 Photos, with checks presented to 6 charitable organizations in January 2019.


R. Kordick and H. Pingterhaus served as co-chairs for the 2018 Intellectual Disabilities Drive. Here they present a check to Cindy Timmermann of Community Link Rehab Center.

Herb and Ron present a check to Caylee Cook of Special Olympics Southwestern Illinois.

Ron and Herb presenting a check to Kim Karbach of Clinton Co. Advocates for Recreational Activity.

R. Kordick presented a check to Kay and Dave Langenhorst for the good work they do at Chakota Therapeutic Riding Center.

H. Pingsterhaus preented a check to staff and residents at Murray Center.

Herb and Ron presented a check to Rachel Newsome at the Illinois Center for Autism.

Stephen mans IGA first on Friday morning.

John helped at Posey Friday.

One more job well done on Bob's bucket list.

Andy having fun at the Posey intersection!

Randy helped at the Posey intersection on Friday.

Bob helped at Walmart and Posey Friday, then again at IGA on Saturday!

Skeets helped at IGA on Friday.

Skip had the early shift at IGA on Saturday.

Henry worked a full slot on Friday at Posey, then again Saturday at Posey!

Dan worked a shift at Posey on Saturday.

Robert worked a rainy shift at Posey on Saturday.

Dave worked at the Posey intersection Saturday.

Joe worked at the Posey intersection on Saturday.

Allan worked the last shift at Posey on Saturday.

Braden worked at the Posey intersection on Saturday.

Dave was the last man standing at the Posey intersection Saturday!