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Intellectual Disabilities Drive 2017 Gallery

Tootsie Roll Drive 2017 Photos


Betty Brumfield with staff and friends at Murray Center

Cindy Timmermann of Community Link receives a check from Herb P. and Ron K.

Rachel Newsome from the Illinois Center for Autism receives a check from Ron K. and Herb P.

Jan Reinhardt and Dave Langenhorst of Chakota Therapeutic Riding Center receive a check from Council 1382.

Jimmy and Jerry Albers receive a check for Special Olympics of Southwester Illinois.

Kim Karbach receives a donation for Clinton County Advocates for Recreation, from Carlyle Council 1382.

Rob D. collecting a donation!

Todd D. helped at the Posey intersection!

Dave R. likes the south spot at Posey!

Gus and Shelby worked an afternoon spot at Walmart!

Paul K. was a greeter at Walmart!

Steve F. was a greeter at IGA.

Henry almost joined a motorcycle gang! Henry worked two 2-hour shifts this year!

Bob L. worked the west side of the Posey intersection!

Mike K. helped collect donations at IGA!

Pat finds a customer at IGA!

Norb says this is easier than bussing tables!

Bernie worked in the sunshine at Walmart!

Rob D. has a break in the action!

Rich W. dressed for a sunny day!

Dennis H. on the North side of Posey!

Henry has a smiling customer!

Ralph and Bob L. discussing salmon fishing in Alaska! Bob worked four 2-hour shifts this year - slacker!

Kevin tries to shake down Jack for more donations!

Virgil finishes a shift as Dave B. gets ready to take on the heat!

IDD co-chair Herb enjoys stopping traffic.

IDD Co-chair Ron K. works a shift at IGA.