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2017 Nuns' Picnic

Thanks to all who volunteered at this year's Nuns' Picnic, members from St. Pius X Council, Holy Child Council, Christopher Council, and Star of the Sea Council, along with their wives and family members.

Special thanks to Al Mackey for hosting us at Holy Child and Herb and Evelyn Casalena who made it all possible.


Getting Ready for the Cooks

What would we do without the ladies?

Don't Mess with Doris!

Guarding the Ribs

Respite for Al and Dominick

Tom's Favorite Position

Tom's Least Favorite Position

All Hands on Deck!

Thanks to all of the Outside Crew: Bill Giles, Tom DiLuzio, Al Mackey, Bill Northy, Herb Casalena, Dominick Pileggi, and Felix Spitelle (shown in previous photo, sorry, Felix)

Thanks to the Inside Crew: Isabella, Doris, Lexi, Rosemary, Evelyn, and Sandy (not shown, sorry, Sandy)

Dinner is Served!

Dessert is Served! (gifts and awards were handed out, too!)

Dinnertime for the volunteers (nice legs, Jack... chicken legs that is)

Time for fun with Picture This photo booths. Thanks to owners Dave & Barbara

Bill and Lexi

Lexi and Evelyn checking out their mugs

Me and Lexi (photographer had clown glasses on, too)

Herb and Bishop Malooly exiting the picture booth (I hope I don't get in trouble for this one)