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2017 10K Raffle & Chicken Dinner


$4K Raffle Winner announced.

Carrol and Gary prepare the chicken for boiling.

Bone and Dan boil the chicken.

Bob and Marvin sell 50/50 tickets.

Joe, Bob, and Ray work in the kitchen.

Rich, Ron, and Jim work in the kitchen. Gary photobombs the picture since pictures of Ralph and Gary making the beans did not turn out!

Picture of one of the unruly patrons.

Bob keeping an eye on another unruly patron.

Herb and Jim ran the show again!

Jim, Paul and Herb.

Paul, Herb, Jim.

Crowd snapshot.

Crowd snapshot2.

2017 $10K Raffle Payouts./Winners: $4000 - Pam Mueller $1000 - Virginia Perry $1000 - Ed Rickhoff $1000 - Melanie Ryterski $1000 - Debbie Hayes $500 - Kent Wiese $500 - Evelyn Diekemper $500 - Doug Gates $500 - Tom Mensing